The Most Popular and Trendy Diamond Shapes

Engagement ring with side diamonds before center setting.There’s really no way of deny

ing that many fashion trends get their roots in the celebrity world. Farah Faucet started that famous long, blonde, feathered hair trend of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Madonna, The Material Girl, set a fingerless glove trend in motion that spread like wildfire, and Paris Hilton made walking around with a tiny Chihuahua cradled in your arms a trend that not only hit the streets but the big screen as well. Diamonds are no different.

For decades, celebrities have been setting jewelry trends that take off quickly among common folk all over the world. So what’s the latest in trendy diamond shapes among celebrities? You might think round diamonds are a craze of the past, but you’d be wrong.

Round Cut Diamonds

Many celebrities choose the traditional round cut diamond. What’s different is the setting. Fergie’s ring is a traditional round diamond, but the setting has nothing traditional about it. It’s the five-star design that makes her finger candy stand out in the crowd. So is Jennifer Hudson’s 5-carat diamond set in a double halo with a split shank setting.

Emerald and Asscher Cut Diamonds

Can you say big and bold? Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie and Mariah Carey can. These girls are making the emerald and asscher cut, two of the most popular and trendy diamond shapes on the market. These shapes are very similar, but the setting these ladies have for their diamonds are unique and bold.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Making a serious comeback, the cushion cut diamond is fast becoming one of the most popular and trendy diamond shapes among celebrities. Miley Cirus has a dazzling cushion cut diamond adorning her finger which she received from her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. Not to be outdone, Jennifer Garner is walking around with a 4.5 carat cushion cut diamond on her finger given to her by her movie-star husband, Ben Affleck.

Oval and Pear Cut Diamonds

The oval and pear cut diamonds are considered two of the most traditional shapes in the world of diamonds. There’s nothing traditional, however, about how the rich and famous are toting them around on their fingers these days. Salma Hayek, Rebecca Romijn, Katherine Heigl and Katharine McPhee all have these traditional cut shape diamonds, each placed in a unique, eloquent setting they can call their own.

So what do all these popular and trendy shapes say about a girl? Here’s the scoop.


The round shape signifies never-ending love. Woman who wears this shape is honest, slightly conservative, and faithful.


The emerald shape signifies elegance and open heartedness. The woman who wears this shape is confident and doesn’t need the approval of others


The asscher cut signifies drama and vintage style. The woman who wears this cut has a royal sort of air about her.


The cushion cut signifies a daring personality that is very organized. A woman who wears this cut isn’t afraid to take chances.


The oval shape signified creativity and individuality. A woman who wears this shape is traditional, but likes the wild side once in a while.


The pear shape signifies individuality with a draw toward traditional romance. A woman who wear this shape has high standards for herself and sets high standards for those around her.