How to Buy an Engagement Ring

If you are shopping engagement rings, you have two basic options. First, take her shopping to get what she wants. Second, make it a surprise and buy the ring before you propose. No matter which method you choose, there are several things to know before you go shopping, and here are some important things to consider when you want to buy an engagement ring.

 Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

Diamonds are perhaps the most important feature in engagement rings, so shop diamonds first, when possible. A good online jeweler provides a large selection of stones and you can shop loose diamonds first and then choose the right setting.

Maybe the ring setting is the most important thing to you. Top online jewelers give you the chance to shop for settings first. There really is no right or wrong way to begin, it is all a matter of personal preference and needs.

Perhaps the easiest way to shop online is to visit a good jeweler and simply click on “engagement rings. You will see a large variety of options. For example, would you like a solitaire ring or one that has three stones? Perhaps you want a ring with side stones or you want to  shop for bridal sets.


You have many different cuts or shapes to choose from when it comes to diamonds. Round cuts are considered traditional. There are several types of square cuts, and also heart and pear shapes. It is best to check out each cut to see which is best.


Once you know what type cut you want you can now choose the size, and it is determined by carats or weight. Of course, the bigger you go, the more expensive it gets.


When it comes to diamonds, clarity is very important. Clarity is the “clearness” of the stone, and the clearer it is the more sparkle (and higher price). Clarity is determined by the amount of imperfections (inclusions). Grading is in a scale from FL all the way to I3. For instance, FL is flawless, IF is next, meaning internally flawless and each grading describes how flawed or included the stone is.


The purest of diamonds are considered to be colorless. Color is rated in letters from D through Z. D is basically colorless while Z is a pale yellow color. This does not include fancy colors like Sky Blue and chocolate, which are very desirable.


Certificates are an important consideration for diamond engagement rings. Look for EGL, GIA, and also certificates from trusted jewelers.


A good jeweler lets you shop and search what is available by price. This helps you filter out things that you cannot afford. It is a great strategy for staying within a budget.

Design you own ring

Maybe you do not see anything that you are interested in. Top online jewelers provide you with the option to design your own rings. Think about all the features you would love to have and make some drawings. That is all you have to do, as your jeweler takes care of all the rest.


If you have questions about shopping for the perfect diamond rings, you only need to contact your online jeweler. These people know diamonds and jewelry and are there to help you.