Engagement Rings to Remember

Engagement rings have a rich history dating back to the time of Archduke Maximillian (of Austria) and his famous ring given to Mary of Burgundy in the 15th Century. Over the years there have been “Engagement Rings to Remember” , as men expressed their love for women. Here is a look at some of those amazing rings from yesteryear and right up to today. All of them have some great stories behind them.


Engagement rings to remember
Engagement rings to remember

In the latter part of the 18th Century, Napoleon Bonaparte gave his beloved Josephine an engagement ring. The band is simple and unadorned, but the ring is special because it has two heart shaped stones, placed side by side. One is a blue colored sapphire and the other is a diamond of a single carat. Although things did not end up well for the couple, the ring still survives.

When the Josephine”s ring was put up for auction in March of 2013, it was not expected to bring a great deal of money. However, it surprised everyone when it sold for almost one million dollars.

Grace Kelly

When the Prince of Monaco asked famous actress Grace Kelly to marry him, he gave her an eternity band containing diamonds and rubies. However, once the prince realized  that others in Hollywood had fancier rings, he bought her something larger from Cartier. The stone weighed in at 10 and one half carats along with two baguettes flanking the large emerald cut rock.

Grace was presented with many fine jewels from her husband before her life was tragically cut short. In fact, in line with the movie “Grace of Monaco”, Cartier has recreated some of these fine jewels just for Nicole Kidman, who plays Grace.

Jackie Kennedy

In 1953, John F. Kennedy gave Jacqueline Bouvier an engagement ring that cost more than one and one half million dollars. With a huge green emerald surrounded by almost three carats of diamonds, the ring is special and unique. Jackie had the baguettes replaced with round and marquis cut diamonds. However, after the death of her husband she had the ring restored to its original condition.

Jackie”s ring is a part of the legend that was Camelot and no one of that era can ever forget that special time. The ring is so well loved, it has been replicated a great deal and many people are enjoying jewelry inspired by this one ring.

Kate Middleton

The engagement ring that Prince William gave Kate Middleton was no ordinary ring. It was given to his mother, Diana in 1981, from Prince Charles. In the middle of the ring is a huge sapphire of 18 carats, surrounded by 14 diamonds. The ring was not custom designed like most royal jewelry, but that is the way that Diana wanted it.

The couple later divorced and Diana died tragically in 1997. Afterward, a grieving Harry (William”s Brother) was given the opportunity to choose something of his mothers and he chose the amazing engagement ring, while William chose a Cartier watch. Later the brothers exchanged possessions with Harry taking his mother”s watch and William, the ring. That is how it ended up on the finger of Kate Middleton.