5 Stunning Celebrity Engagement Rings

If you like flashy and fabulous diamond engagement rings, look to the rich and famous. Many celebrities have enormous egos and jewellery to match those egos. Most people have heard of the legendary rings of Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Kate Middleton, and Kim Kardashian, but there are some equally stunning rings that you may not have heard about. Here are five impressive celebrity rings that are sure to make most women (and men) envious.

Olivia Palermo

Celebrity Engagement Rings
Celebrity Engagement Rings

For a long time, no one could get a clear picture of the ring that Johannes Huebl gave Olivia Palermo. However, lately she has made a few public appearances and people have managed to get close pics of the ring. Although it has a rather simple band made from white gold, there is nothing simple about the very large diamond that is attached. It may not be a million dollar sparkler, but the stone is a yellow cushion cut diamond, of at least 3 carats in weight.

Blake Lively

If you cannot imagine a ring worth two million dollars, check out the sparkler that Ryan Reynolds gave Blake Lively, recently. The main feature of this ring is the enormous 12 carat stone that is oval in shape.

When it comes to celebrity engagement rings, you will not see many oval shaped stones. Many of the rich and famous prefer the princess cut, these days. Blake’s ring setting is made from rose gold and contains pave diamonds. At first glance, the large stone appears to be clear, but if you look closer you will see that it’s light pink in colour, and perfectly matches the rose gold.

Victoria Beckham

It is something special when a woman receives an engagement ring from a man, but Victoria has received 13 different engagement rings from soccer player David Beckham, over the past 15 years. The total value of these rings is supposed to be a little over 4 million pounds. Her ring with the heart shaped diamond is said to be worth slightly over a million pounds. All of these rings are stunning and most women would be proud to own any one of them.

Jessica Biel

If you like very large diamonds, you will be enamored with the massive stone that Justin Timberlake gave Jessica Biel. The diamond is believed to be about 6 carats in weight. There are many other diamonds surrounding the large centre stone, and it has an antique appearance. The vintage look is definitely “in”, and the amazing art deco antique diamond engagement ring worn by Scarlett Johansson is a good example.

Amal Alamuddin

Many people have never heard of Amal Alamuddin. After all, she was just a London barrister and activist. However, that all changed when she said “yes” to George Clooney with a huge 7 carat diamond engagement ring. The stone is an emerald cut, so it is not a sparkler, but it is impressive none the less. It also has two baguette diamonds set in platinum and is reportedly valued at about $468,000 pounds.