How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Ring Set

Getting married is one of the most important decisions you will make. However, deciding on the rings is also very important because they will be a part of your lives from now on. Here are some helpful tips to consider when you shop for the perfect diamond ring set.


Online Shopping


Consider shopping online for your rings. You will find some great selections. Also, you may be able to save a great deal of money.


As you shop online you may come across a set with the right wedding and engagement rings. However, you may want to buy something that is customized to your needs and tastes, and you can do this when you utilise the right online jeweller.


The Search Method


oct21There is more than one way to create the perfect set of rings. First, visit your Internet jeweller and select “bridal sets”. Next, you can decide what colour gold you wish to have. Gold is not the only option as you also can go with platinum.


After choosing the metal, you now can select the shape of the stone. If you like traditional you may wish to go with a round cut. However, you can also choose pear shaped, princess, heart shaped, emerald cut, and many more.


The next option involves shopping in a specific price range. You can do this at the website and it will return everything that you specify. Set the currency for UK pounds, Euros, or International currencies. If you want to see everything that is available, do not set a price range.


Starting with the stones


If you like, you can design your rings beginning with loose diamonds for sale. Choose the shape that you want and also the size. Clarity is the next selection. You also can select the colour. Choose from clear, yellow, brown, or even blue.


Learning from your jeweller


Perhaps one of the best features of a quality online jeweller is all of the information you receive. You will find some excellent tutorials and videos right there at the website. There you can find out about all of the different grades of clarity and why clarity is so important when you choose diamonds. You also can learn about different types of gold and which ones work best in engagement rings and wedding rings. If you know little about loose diamonds and rings, spend some time at this part of the website.


Bespoke selections


If you wish to design your own ring set from start to finish, that is not a problem. Your online jeweller is there to help you through the process. It is very easy to work with these people, as they are professionals and have been in the jewellery business for many years.


Take Your Time


No matter which method you choose for diamond shopping, do not get in a hurry. In fact, you are free to use every method possible as you shop online. Experiment and select many different options. Also, do not forget to check out what is currently on sale. You might find the perfect set and save all kinds of money in the process.

Most Popular Shapes for Celebrity Diamonds

Most people choose to go with traditional styles, especially when it comes to diamonds engagement rings. However, celebrities usually shun traditional and are drawn to the unique and distinctive. Here is a look at some of the more popular shapes for diamonds among celebrities, with some spectacular (and expensive) examples.


Marquis cut


DiamondsMarque cut diamond engagement rings have been very popular over the past decade or two. As most celebrities enjoy showing off in public, the marquis cut is made for the ego. This shape is like an American football and tends to be narrow and long. It shows off more surface area and “sparkle”.


Perhaps one of the most alluring marquis cut rings is that of actress

Catherine Zeta-Jones. This enormous rock is a full ten carats and in an antique setting. It is believed that Michael Douglas paid somewhere in the neighborhood of one million dollars in 1999, for the ring that is as beautiful as the woman wearing it.


In similar fashion, Ashlee Simpson was seen sporting a stunning marquis cut diamond engagement ring given to her by Evan Ross. Its classic art deco appearance was created by designer Neil Lane. This ring totals five carats and its one hundred and forty diamonds are surrounded by rubies. This is an excellent example of locating loose diamonds for sale and turning them into a work of art.


In April of 2013 Christina Milian said yes to Jas Prince. In exchange, she was given a large marquis cut diamond ring.


Emerald cut diamonds


Anjelina Jolie received a special emerald cut engagement ring from Brad Pitt in 2012. The center stone is seven carats and this also includes another nine carats of rocks on the sides, and the price tag – a mere half a million dollars. However, this is not much compared to the five million dollar emerald cut sparkler that Jay-Z gave to Beyonce.


If you want to see something that is elegant and classic, take a look at the engagement ring on Kate Hudson”s finger. It features an emerald cut diamond of nine carats, and all for only about 200,000 dollars.


Asscher Cut


Perhaps the most famous asscher cut diamond ring is one that Richard Burton presented to Elizabeth Taylor in 1968. At that time the price tag was a little over 300,000 dollars. However, in 2011 it sold for 8.8 million at Liz Taylor”s estate sale. This rock is also known as the Krupp diamond.


Cushion cut is coming back


Although Jennifer Garner tried to conceal it recently, it is hard for one to hide a four and one half cushion cut diamond ring by trying to put your hand in your jeans pocket. Other well known personalities sporting this “back in vogue” cut include Molly Sims, Miley Cyrus, and Giuliana Rancic.


As you can see, there is no one “most popular celebrity diamonds shape”. However, many are choosing the marquis cut and so can you. Whether you buy loose diamonds and make your own creation or purchase something readymade, you have many great selections when you choose a dependable online jeweler.

How Did Diamonds Engagement Rings Get So Popular?

Diamonds engagement rings symbolize something that never changes. In reality, the concept of an engagement ring with a diamond theme dates back only a few hundred years. These fabulous and amazing rings did not see great popularity until the latter part of the Depression Era of the Twentieth Century.


Custom made engagement ringA diamond engagement ring used to be something that a man of great wealth bestowed upon a woman. In fact, the concept of a ring to demonstrate betrothal is alleged to go back to the time of ancient Egypt, yet there is no concrete evidence until the Roman Empire.


A Roman woman usually received two rings. One was made from gold and was reserved for wearing in public. The other ring was iron and saw daily use. In fact, it was a common custom in those days to wear gold in public and iron at home.


During ancient times a woman wore a man’s ring to denote ownership. Although that concept is long gone, beautiful and colorful rings attract a lot of attention and tell the world that this woman is spoken for, and that is something that most men like. Women also appreciate these rings as it gives them something to “show off”.


The first diamond engagement ring


In the year 1477, Australian Archduke Maximilian started the long standing tradition of diamond engagement rings. He presented Mary of Burgundy with a ring to announce their plans to wed. Usually, the masses gradually follow the actions of the aristocracy. However, the price of precious stones was beyond the budget of the average person and stayed that way until modern times.


De Beers makes diamonds readily available


When diamonds were discovered in Africa in the late Nineteenth Century they became less rare and prices gradually began to drop. Naturally, when something beautiful and desirable becomes cheaper, it is likely to increase in popularity. The 1930s brought about the Great Depression and people were more interested in buying the basics, so precious gems and stones took a back seat to the current economic conditions, but this did not deter De Beers.


Recognizing the need for more effective marketing, De Beers became very successful at increasing the popularity of their glamorous and sparkling stones. This is an amazing feat considering the economy of that time. By the late 1940s, the words “A Diamond is Forever” became an icon in the marketing industry, thanks to De Beers.


Popularity in modern times


As time marched on after the 1940s, diamond engagement rings never lost their popularity. In fact, over the past few decades, celebrities have kept the lure and excitement of fabulously expensive and ornate rings, alive. Just look at the left hands of famous people like Beyonce and Angelina Jolie, and you will see examples of unbelievably high-priced engagement rings.


Although the average man may not generate excitement on a worldwide level (like celebrities), he can greatly improve the life of the woman he loves and plans to marry. Beautiful and long lasting diamonds engagement rings can easily be purchased online these days, and at affordable prices.

Coloured Diamonds Shining Bright

When you think of diamonds engagement rings or even a collection of beautiful loose diamonds, you might picture standard white coloured stones in your mind. The truth is, you have several different colours to choose for your precious stones. Here is a look at some of the exciting colours that await you.


A natural diamond is a product of nature that takes billions of years. They form far beneath the earth’s surface from natural material under pressure. As a result, one of the hardest substances known to man is produced. Although these stones can be made in the lab, nothing can reproduce the effect of nature.


4-double-halo-yellow-diamColours in these rocks are determined by impurities that enter during the process of their creation. Certain gases can give the appearance of yellow or blue. Exposure to radiation can cause green and a combination of impurities can bring forth purple, red, pink, or orange.


Coloured diamonds reflect and transmit light similar to a prism. That is why you see the sparkle and shine. These diamonds happen rarely in nature and about one out of ten thousand stones are considered coloured.


When things are rare they often become very expensive and this same is true with precious stones. Thankfully, colour can be enhanced in natural diamonds, making them affordable for use in engagement rings, pendants, and can even sold as loose diamonds.


When a stone is colour enhanced it receives a high amount of energy from an electron accelerator. This produces permanent colour that deeply penetrates the stone. You will never have to worry about the effect wearing off, and there is no harmful radiation left behind.


Some coloured diamonds are referred to as “fancy”. A fancy stone has colour that deeply penetrates and saturates. A natural fancy coloured diamond is far too expensive for most people. However, natural stones that have been colour enhanced are very affordable.


One must be careful when shopping for coloured diamonds as some are not real. Check to see if you are receiving natural stones with colour enhancement, if you want the most for your money.


Diamonds are one of the few things you can give someone that make a complete statement. When you present these special stones to someone it denotes that you care a great deal about them and appreciate them. That is why some people receive gold at retirement, but when precious stones are added to gold or platinum it greatly enhances the statement of appreciation.


Diamonds engagement rings that contain fancy coloured natural stones are highly sought after because they are unique. Not only that, many people believe the elegance is enhanced with the effects that colour adds to their sparkle and luminescence. There is no better way to tell people they are special and unique than to present them with a natural stone of colour.


Thanks to modern technology you can find many excellent fancy coloured loose diamonds for sale and have them placed into all types of jewellery. In fact, you can do your shopping and ordering from home to make the process easier and more affordable.


6 Reasons Why Celebrities Love Diamonds So Much

Celebrities are people just like anyone else, except some of them are larger than life and have millions of adoring fans. They appreciate the beauty in things like diamond engagement rings but of course, those of fame and fortune are far from average (and so are their tastes. Why do celebrities love diamonds? Here are 6 reasons why.


The Perfect Pink1. Beauty – A diamond is one of the most beautiful things that one can experience. When you look into the face of a finely cut stone it is like gazing into another universe. The effects can be absolutely hypnotic. No wonder so many people choose to have items like loose diamonds or diamond jewelry around them. Since famous people can afford to splurge more often than others, they often choose these elegant items.


2. Expression – Fabulous rocks are an expression of wealth and power. It does little good to have a lot of money if you cannot show it off. That is why you see so many women show up on the red carpet with stones almost as big as their hands, or rock bracelets so laden with rocks, a woman can hardly move her arm.


3. Bragging Rights – A lot of people would just love to brag but they feel it might not be polite or it would be “un-cool”. Extraordinary stones make a statement, and someone that has wealth and notoriety can make that statement as subtle or as obvious as they want to. Often times, they choose to invest in diamonds engagement rings that are not only large but spectacular and attention gathering.


4. Appreciation – Many celebrities crave the limelight because they are insecure deep down inside. In fact, they may only feel good when they are in front of thousands of people. A beautiful diamond ring can be appreciated in private as well in public. One can sit and take a look at how far one has come in life, and all of the great achievements one has accomplished. This can all be seen in the luminescence of a sparkling diamond.


5. Investing – Diamonds are a great investment and since many celebrities have the money to invest, they choose expensive rings or go shopping for exquisite loose diamonds for sale. These lovely rocks are not very likely to lose their value over time. In fact, the value can increase a great deal just because a particular stone was owned by a famous person.


6. Distinctiveness – Celebrities love uniqueness, as they do not wish to be part of the crowd or “just average”. In fact, many of these people work very hard all their lives to leave a legacy that is unique to their personality and achievements. It is no wonder they choose to own the best diamonds they can afford.


There are many reasons why celebrities love diamonds. The next time you see a famous person with a fabulous engagement ring, remember, she is just like you, only her fiancé has the money to express

himself more extravagantly.