Exploring the Differences between Engagement and Wedding Rings

When a couple plans to wed they may shop for engagement rings. It is also common to shop wedding rings at the same time, and get a matching set. There are some major differences between the rings, and not everyone is completely familiar with tradition and styles. Yet, understanding the differences is not difficult and here is a brief explanation.

Engagement Rings

Loose diamonds designed into rings
Loose diamonds designed into rings

When a man proposes marriage he may present his bride-to-be with a special diamond ring. However, he also might take the woman shopping so she can pick out exactly what she wants. There are no hard and fast rules on proposals, but if the man wants everything to be a complete surprise, he usually buys the engagement ring before proposing.

When a woman says yes and accepts a man’s engagement ring, it proves to the world that she plans to marry. In fact, this ring is worn before the ceremony. It can be conservative or elaborate in nature, depending on needs and budget.

Diamonds are an important part of many engagement rings. For one thing, they make a piece of jewelry sparkle and shine. Also, diamonds signify eternity and when a man gives his woman a ring with a diamond he is making a promise to be hers forever. After all, when you choose a gift that has been around since the dawn of time, that is something very special.

Engagement rings are some of the fanciest and most expensive pieces of jewelry among the rich and famous. In fact, many celebrities feel like they must outdo others by buying extremely large and gaudy loose diamonds and have them turned into custom diamond rings. All you have to do is take a look at the huge rocks that Jennifer Lopez or Mariah Carey received from their significant others.

Wedding Bands

Wedding rings are not worn until the ceremony. By nature, a woman’s wedding band is plainer and simpler than her engagement ring. In fact wedding rings do not need special stones, whereas some type of diamond is almost always in the setting of an engagement ring.

Many wedding rings are basically bands of gold. However, platinum is becoming popular these days too. You also can shop for matching wedding bands, and they are sometimes referred to as “his and her” selections.

Engagement and Wedding Rings

If you see a woman with just an engagement ring on her finger, that usually means that she is engaged and has not yet married. When you see both rings, that indicates that the woman is already married.

The wedding band is designed to be worn with an engagement ring. That is why many people buy them in sets. In fact, many sets match perfectly and you can tell that they were made for one another.

Although there are many differences between the two rings, they essentially serve the same purpose, and that is to denote a special bond between two people. Both rings have a rich history that dates back thousands of years, steeped in tradition and mystery. When you get married, you become a part of these traditions and your life is changed forever, so make sure that these rings are something special.