Rules Of Engagement In The Holiday Season

While not many people actually get married during the holiday season, a large majority of them get engaged. It’s estimated that more people get engaged during the holiday season than on the ever-popular lover’s holiday of Valentine’s Day.

It’s a startling phenomenon that can’t be explained with any certainty. Some speculate the holidays are when people get those big bonuses, and therefore they’re able to afford to buy diamonds. Others say most people are saps when it comes to the romantic side of life, and people just can’t control themselves. So what are the rules of engagement in the holiday season? The answer is there are very few of them.


One thing to always remember is to be mindful of others who may be harboring some sad, empty feelings during this time of year. Widowers, and divorcees, especially may be sensitive to your engagement. While they’ll surely be happy for you, the announcement could spark some sorrow for them. Talking with them first may be all it takes to quell any sorrowful feelings that could arise at the announcement of your engagement.

Another thing to bear in mind is that most people are financially strapped during the holidays. Too much gift giving and not enough financial stability to back it up can leave people cash-strapped this time of year. You might want to consider sticking to just the engagement announcement for now, then holding your engagement party sometime after the holidays are over.

Finally, don’t announce your engagement on social networking media. Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites are fun and engaging, but they’re not really the proper place to make such a personal announcement like getting engaged. There will be time to post pictures of your diamonds at another time. Don’t take away from the intimacy of an engagement by posting it to the world.

The truth is that each engagement is unique and special in its own right. Each couple has their own road they’ve walked along and their own personal horizon they’re hoping to one day reach. Because of this, use your imagination when it comes to popping the big question.

Are you a huge sports fan? Propose to her at center court when she least expects it. Is your soon-to-be fiancé a hopeless romantic? Maybe a romantic diner on a brisk, moonlit patio somewhere remote would be the perfect spot to pop the question. Propose in a crown of strangers or surrounded by an intimate circle of family and friends. There’s no holds barred when it comes to making your holiday proposal memorable and special.

These rules aren’t written in stone. However, the holidays should be as stress-free as possible. Following these simple rules of engagement for the holiday season can help keep stress at bay, and make your engagement a wonderful and special time.