Heart Shaped Diamond: The Most Expensive Cut

0306137Heart Shaped Diamond engagement rings make a definite statement. You are telling someone very special just how you feel about her. The ring should be special too, and when you choose a heart shaped diamond there is no doubt as to the intent of the giver. However, you will pay more for these stones and here is important information to know before you shop.

One of the more expensive cuts is the round cut diamond. The reason for this is simple. In order to create a round shape, the cutter must remove a great deal of the stone to achieve the shape. This creates a significant amount of waste. In other words, a lot of excellent sparkle goes down the drain.

Heart shaped diamonds are even more elaborate than round. In fact, many times, a round diamond is used to create a heart shaped stone. Now you must take into account that a great deal of waste was created with the round rock and even more is created in the process of cutting out a heart shape. As a result, you have a very expensive cut.

Saving Money on Heart Shaped Diamonds

Just because these stones are the most expensive shape, does not mean you cannot afford to have a beautiful diamond engagement ring with a stunning heart shaped stone. In fact, there are several things you can do to help you stay under budget.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Most diamonds have minor flaws and this effects how the stone mirrors light. However, some of these stones can be repaired with an enhancement process. The diamond is heated and a special resin is used to make light pass through the flaw, essentially making it invisible. A CE stone is every bit as good as one that has not been enhanced. However, it is not worth as much as a stone with the same clarity rating naturally. But you can buy a larger stone for less money this way.

Go Down on Clarity

Diamond clarity is rated by how flawed (or included) the stone is. FL or flawless is very rare and extremely expensive. Other ratings include VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, I1, I2, and I3. If you choose a VS2 (very slightly included) instead of a VS1 you can save money and the difference in clarity may not be that much.

Go Down on Weight

Perhaps you would like to have a one carat heart shaped stone. This can be very expensive, but if you choose a .96 or even a .91 carat stone, you might save a lot of cash.


Color ratings are important because this denotes how much color your stone does not have. Ideally, it should be perfectly clear, D is colorless and Z contains a great deal of yellow. Check out stones in the “J” grade and you may be able to cut your costs and still get a great rock.

Shop Loose Diamonds for Sale

Maybe you don’t plan to pop the question until next year but you know what you want to buy. Consider buying loose diamonds from Diamonds-USA and have them set into the perfect ring at a later date. This will split your purchase and make it more affordable. Plus, in the next six months or so, diamond prices could go up and you will already have the stone.