Tips to Turning an old Jewel into a New Jewel

There really are few things more exciting than turning an old piece of jewellery into a shiny new hip piece of art that you love. To some, converting old pieces of jewels into new ones may sound expensive or even tedious but with a little know-how, creating new jewellery is easy and affordable.


Cat eye pendantIt is particularly easy to do if you are working with loose diamonds. Loose diamonds can come from old round engagement rings or can even be loose diamonds for sale. You can use these new diamonds to accent the piece you intend to create from an old ring, necklace or even earrings.


When it comes to old jewellery we are lucky to live in such a modern world where converting old to new or bland to funky is easily done. It does not cost a lot or take heaps of time or effort to gather your old pieces and head off to a custom jeweller. The creation of modern jewellery is an art. This means there truly are no limits to what you can design as a finished product.


If you have an old ring with diamond accents on the band, have your jeweller disassemble the ring. The main centre diamond stone can be used to create a new ring such as a solitaire while the surrounding diamonds on the band can be used to make drop earring or even a small diamond studded bracelet.


Using old jewellery to make new modern pieces is a hot trend. It is for this reason you will not have any problem finding a creative jeweller to take on your project. If you have an old piece that you love but it has simply lost its lustre, no problem. Have a local jewellery shop reset the stones in a new ring or bracelet. If you want, keep the stones in their original metal while having the piece resurfaced. Adding a new layer of metal will eliminate scratches, tarnish and any other imperfections you dislike. While you’re at it, you can even change the outside metal of the piece by having it coated with something more durable such as titanium or platinum.


If you wish to reuse the existing metal, that too can be done. When metal is reused, the jeweller will remove the stones from the piece before melting down the metal. Once it has been melted, the metal is reshaped by hand. This will give you a new piece of jewellery while using the original metal. If you want to add strength, this is the time to do it. You can have your professional designer add new metal of your choice to the existing metal for additional endurance prior to recasting.


While recasting, enhance your old piece with a new touch by adorning the existing stone with additional gemstones. Customize your piece by having your designer add your favourite coloured gems to ensure a lovely and everlasting piece of modern jewelry.