Investing In Diamonds

Diamond production is up and that is good news for investors and those wanting to buy engagement rings. When more of something is available you can usually get a better price. However, once demand goes up, prices will eventually follow. One should not wait too long to invest or prices are likely to go up once demand meets or exceeds the supply, and with diamonds that is a strong likelihood. Now may be an excellent time to buy.

Rio Tinto Revenue Increase

23_Lala_Bulbouse_Pics_800x800_White_002This year Rio Tinto announced that its diamond revenue in 2013 was fifteen percent higher than in 2012. That represented earnings in excess of 53 million dollars, which is a significant difference from a 25 million dollar loss in 2012.

Rio Tinto owns a controlling interest in mines in Canada and Australia. They also own the lion’s share of interest in the Zimbabwean Murowa mine. They are predicting similar profits for the year 2014.

U.S. Diamond Market

According to Rapaport Magazine, trading in the US is stable at present. However, more people are shopping wisely and sensitive to prices. Oval shaped and cushion cut diamonds are becoming more popular and demand is increasing. (Reading between the lines, it may not be not a bad time to invest in loose diamonds). Rapaport Magazine is considered to be an authority on diamond and jewellery markets and prices.

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Each year in mid February, people flock to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. This is one of the most anticipated annual events and if you are near that part of Arizona during that time of the year, consider checking it out. Diamond aficionados will be dazzled by all the good things they see.

It is reported that 2014 is special because this marks the sixtieth time the show has been presented. In honour of the occasion one will see diamonds everywhere, and this can be an amazing sight to experience.

Not Just for Adults

Diamonds are not just for adults. Every year in San Angelo, the CAC or Children’s Advocacy Center holds its annual fundraiser known as “Champagne and Diamonds”. During the gala event, one hundred glasses of champagne (at $100 each) are sold, and one lucky winner will find a beautiful five thousand dollar stones in his or her glass. The CAC is well known for its work in the prevention of child abuse, providing many children with safe places to live.

When it comes to investing you cannot go wrong when you shop loose diamonds for sale. You can keep them and take advantage of their gradual increase in value. Of course you can always have them made into engagement rings any time you like. Take a look at this Ocean Blue 0.53 carats in a Tiffany setting. Something like this is not only beautiful but very affordable.

Check out this 14K White Gold-Rhodium Dipped, Eternity ring with 0.64 carat round diamonds. This is an exceptional ring that is highly affordable and will easily fit into most budgets. Ordering online is a simple and easy process.