Most Popular Engagement Ring Trend for 2016

13_3030579_Pics_800x800_White_002When you shop diamond engagement rings you may look at some yellow or fancy colored stones. However, this could be a good time to consider black diamonds because they are rising in popularity, and now is the time to buy before prices go up. But what are black diamonds and why are they suddenly chic? Let’s take a closer look and see, shall we?

What are Black Diamonds?

Some people believe black diamonds are real while others say they have been artificially created. In essence, both are right. A natural black diamond is created in nature when deposits of graphite make their way into the developing stone over the course of millions of years.


Natural black stones are considered to be rare and this has led to companies creating them out of low grade diamonds. With a heat treatment, rough stones are turned black, and these are very inexpensive. In fact, they can sometimes be purchased as cheaply as $300 per carat. However, you get what you pay for and the resale value is low and enhanced black stones are not graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

Even though a natural black stone is rare, it is still very affordable. In fact, if you shop wisely, you may find some in the three to five thousand dollar per carat range. In other words, you can shop for diamond engagement rings with large black stones and still come in under budget.

Black diamonds are found mostly in two regions, Africa and Brazil. When shopping for jewelry or loose diamonds for sale, look for fancy black stones. Natural black diamonds are considered to be a fancy color. You need to be very careful when shopping for black stones so you do not pay natural prices for treated stones, as the difference in price is significant.

Shopping Tips

As you shop, you may notice that some stones are labeled as “enhanced”. This is not the same thing as clarity enhanced diamonds. The clarity enhancement process is used to repair tiny flaws in clear type diamonds. This gives them more sparkle and makes them more sought after. In fact, you cannot tell that a CE stone has been repaired unless you are a diamond professional, and the savings can be substantial.

Remember, an enhanced black stone has been treated to turn it black and should never be confused with a stone that is naturally black or one that has had inclusions repaired (clarity enhanced).

Why the Popularity?

These things can greatly enhance precious stones’ popularity:

  • Something new or novel
  • Uniqueness
  • Contrasting colors and designs
  • Price – most people must be able to afford it.
  • Celebrities – when the rich and famous step out, people notice and many want to emulate their favorite people.

Black diamonds are a relatively new sensation and they are affordable. Plus, Carmen Electra has a very stunning black diamond engagement ring and Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie been seen with some very elegant black diamond jewelry in recent years. Of course, if you are a fan of the “Sex and the City” show, you are aware of the stunning black diamond halo engagement ring given to Carrie Bradshaw from Mr. Big.

Shopping Loose Diamonds Online Provides the Greatest Selections

Shopping Loose Diamonds Online Provides the Greatest Selections

You”ll discover many advantages when you buy loose diamonds online. For example, the cost may be far less than what you might pay locally. Plus, it”s very simple to shop securely from the comfort and convenience of home. However, one of the biggest benefits you will enjoy is the amazing selections. That is good news for you as a consumer, and here is why:




You can find a large amount of selections from a good online jeweler because of inventory. They do not have to stock all of their jewelry in one place and customers are not tied down to one specific location for shopping. In fact, an online jeweler may not have to stock any of their goods.

When you do not have to stock your entire inventory in one building, you can draw upon other sources. This provides your customers many more choices than local stores have to offer.


It”s a well-known fact that an online jeweler has much lower overhead than a local jewelry store. For example online retailers have no reason to hire people to take care of a store and wait on customers. There is no need for a parking lot or other facilities to accommodate customers. This saves a lot of money, and that gives online jewelers more capital to invest in a wide variety of products. The end result is greater selections.

Large selection = lower prices

When a store can offer many more selections to customers, they sell more products. This means they can lower their profit margins and charge less for their goods. That can save you a great deal of money when you shop. In fact, you may find comparable items locally that are more than 30 percent higher than online.

Large selection = more choices

When you have more loose diamonds to choose from you are assured of getting the perfect cut, clarity, weight, and color. You can usually find what you need without having to travel all over town checking out jewelers, and burning up a lot of gasoline.

Don”t settle for less

When you shop a jeweler that has many fine selections you can usually find exactly what you need. They have all the loose diamonds USA residents appreciate and want. For example, you won”t have to buy round loose diamonds when you really would like to have pear shaped stones.

More colors

Maybe you are shopping loose diamonds for sale that are blue or black? Many local jewelers may not have what you are looking for. You are more likely to find a variety of colors online, due to the large selections of stones available.

Taking advantage of enormous selections

As you can see, it makes sense to go with an online jeweler like Diamonds USA. You will enjoy a huge selection of loose diamonds at prices that you can afford. In fact, you can usually get much more for your money than if you shop, locally. This is a great way to instantly increase your investment.

Loose Diamonds Trends & Pricing

Is now a good time to buy loose diamonds? Many people are asking that question and not everyone is getting the answer they seek. For instance, loose diamonds come in a variety of cuts and sizes. Also, you should consider the reason for your purchase. Taking price trends into consideration is important whether you buy diamonds for investment or set in jewelry. Here is a closer look at some of the factors that will affect loose diamond trends & prices this year.

Demand exceeds the supply

Loose diamonds 0- Cushion Diamond
Loose diamonds 0- Cushion Diamond

If you check most market sources today, you will see that the demand for diamonds is slowly increasing and the supply may not be able to keep up, in the future. Taking this into consideration, it would make sense to check out loose diamonds for sale as soon as possible. The longer you wait to make your purchase, the higher the price is likely to be. In other words, don”t expect the price to come down in the near future.

The importance of cut

Most people know that round cut diamonds are the most popular choice. However, princess cut is becoming very popular too. When you shop for loose diamonds for sale, princess cut should be considered if you plan to have the stone set in some kind of jewelry. However, when you buy diamonds for investment, round makes more sense because it is the most popular cut sold, and can be used for a large variety of purposes.

So, is there a difference in price between a loose princess and round cut diamond? Yes, and let”s look at an example. Diamonds-USA offers a lovely round cut stone of 1.01 carats with SI1 clarity, I-color, and EGL certificate of authentication, for $3182 US.

If you check out princess cut loose diamonds at the same jeweler you will find a stone with the same clarity, color, and certification, for a price of $3027 US.

You save money with the princess cut but the round cut will be easier to sell (if you are investing) because it is the most popular. However, if you plan to use the princess stone for a special ring or pendant, you will save $155 US. Also, princess cut stones make excellent solitaire engagement rings. The four corners make it stay in the setting (with prongs), and this provides a very sturdy and stable ring.

Don”t forget clarity enhanced diamonds

Clarity enhanced stones have imperfections removed by a special process. With high tech modern equipment, flaws are repaired and filled with special material designed to last for a lifetime. This is an important consideration if you plan to buy diamonds, and later use them for jewelry. That will give you the benefits of larger and more luminescent diamonds in your rings, and other jewelry. Remember to inform your jeweler if you plan to have your clarity enhanced diamonds placed into your favorite items, so they will not cause any damage by applying very high heat.

To buy or not to buy

To sum it up, prices on loose diamonds should gradually rise in the future. The time to buy is now, and when you choose a trusted diamond supplier, you will save money, time, and headaches.

Why Everyone is Buying Loose Diamonds Online

Many people are realizing the benefits of buying loose diamonds. They can serve so many purposes and also be one of your best investments. Lately it has become very popular to shop for these lovely stones on the Internet, and here are some of the reasons for this popularity.

Cost of buying loose diamonds online

Price is the major reason that people choose one shopping source over another. Everyone loves to save money, and receive great deals. Also, most people love to mention how little they paid for something because they makes them appear to be just a little smarter than most. Shopping online can get you lowest prices and excellent bragging rights.


Loose diamond cuts
Buying loose diamonds online? Most popular diamond cuts

If you want the most convenient way to shop for diamonds, the Internet is the place to turn to. Where else can you do all of your shopping from the warmth and comfort of your own home? No need to get dressed up or even take a shower. No need to get dressed at all, if you like.

You might not work normal hours and when you feel like shopping most of the stores may be closed. This is a common problem with people that work afternoon and late night shifts, and many of these shoppers are turning to the Internet, especially for important purchases like precious stones, as these stores are always open.


Once you find a good Internet jeweler you have an amazing amount of choices, when shopping for loose stones. Many local jewelers like to concentrate on things like engagement rings, pendants, earrings, and items of jewelry where the stones are already set. This is not the case when you shop with a large online jewelry retailer.

Go to a good online jeweler and you will find an entire section of the website devoted to loose diamonds for sale. Maybe you would like to have some traditional round cuts. That is just the tip of the iceberg as you can have your choice of many fine stones in princess, radiant, marquis, and many other cuts.


You can find some of the best diamond products from a reputable online jeweler. In fact, because prices are lower, you can afford to get the highest quality for your money.


When you are at home shopping, it doesn’t get more secure than that. Top Internet jewelers utilize the latest in encryption methods to keep your information safe and secure, and you never need to leave home, as ordering, payment, and delivery, is right at hand.


Local jewelry stores have many fine things in their showcases. However, if you are thinking about designing your own jewelry, it all starts with loose diamonds. With a large selection and the right online tools, designing the perfect ring is not that difficult. You may check out the website and choose the perfect stone and setting. You can even preview your selections to see what your ring or earrings will look like.

Adding up all the benefits

When you think about all the good things you receive from online diamond shopping, you will see that the benefits are many. Lower cost, greater selections, more convenience, quality, safety, and creativity, are some very good reasons to go online today.

Get Diamonds at Unbeatable Prices Online

Shopping for diamonds is a great experience. In fact, many people find it totally exhilarating. However, you can make a great experience even better when you get some of the lowest possible prices, and a dependable Internet jeweler can make this happen. Here are some of the ways that you will save money when you shop online.

An Illustration

Suppose you have two stores and they both offer jewellery and loose diamonds for sale. One store (a local jeweler with an actual store front) is in your neighbourhood. The other store (a jeweler that sells from a professional website) is located on the World Wide Web.

Rose Gold Tiffany style engagement ringThe local store has several employees to pay (and this includes on the job benefits like sick pay and health insurance). These people are there to serve you and it is also necessary to hire people to keep the place clean and in good condition. Someone must keep track of the stock and be there to open the store in the morning and close the store at night. This is part of the store’s operating expenses and they must be added to the cost of merchandise.

Your World Wide Web jeweller does not have a local store, so it does not need employees to take care of the building and see to its many needs. As a result, this extra cost is not added to the products, so they can afford to sell their products to you cheaper. However, this is not all of the extra charges that you eliminate when shopping online.

When you own a retail jewelry store, security is an important issue. Someone must make sure the merchandise is kept safe from thieves at all times. In fact, most stores have special security personnel and electronic equipment to see to this matter, and this is another cost that you must pay for.

Transportation Costs

When you shop a local jeweler you incur other costs that you may not think about. For example, gasoline is not free and you will burn fuel when you travel to go shopping. You are also placing additional wear and tear on your car.

Saving Money on Custom Jewelry Design

Today, it is very popular to design your own jewelry, especially when it comes to engagement rings. If you approach a local jewelry store about making your own ring, they may or may not be able to help you. The truth is, they may not have the right kind of tools to assist you. This means you might have to pay a designer to create what you would like to have, and this can get very expensive.

Once you locate a good online jeweler you can easily design your own beautiful pieces. In fact, you can draw up your plans and submit them to your jeweler. With the aid of special software they will send you a 3D representation for your approval. Once approved, you can have the perfect diamond ring with all of the stones and features that you have been dreaming of, and at a reasonable price.