Loose Diamonds for sale – Buying online guide

Prices for loose diamonds vary from one country to the next. If you take the time to do some online research, you may be able to find the lowest price offers made by different countries. After that, you can arrange to travel to that country to buy it for cheaper and possibly be lucky enough to get a bargain. If you are unable to travel to the country of choice, you could go to a wholesale store on or off the web. However, you will get better price offers online than you would from a physical wholesale store. Why? Well, the physical store has to pay additional operation cost to run the store so their inventory will be definitely more expensive.

Prior to purchasing

Before you buy loose diamonds, be sure to find out whether the vendor provides or presents a globally recognized certificate; if at all possible the GIA certificate. Once you identify and choose the place to purchase your loose diamonds, you now need to know the intricate procedure for buying the best diamonds.

Steps to purchasing

YThe biggest blue diamond foundou must have some understanding of what is good quality. Learn as much as you can about the diamond cut, color, clarity and carat. If you don’t know, find a gemologist to ask or do your research online. Your next step is to decide on your budget. Make sure it is realistic. Thirdly, you should get a quote on the cost. Contact various companies to do a price comparison.

You could consider buying the finished product instead of the loose diamonds, but you save tons of money if you choose the latter. In addition, loose diamonds allow you to have your jewelry custom designed – the exact way you want it. Loose diamonds provides more choices than the actual jewelry itself.

The most common drawbacks

You should try to avoid sales and discounts as much as possible. Most of these tell-tale discounts being offered are done after they are marked up. Most buyers are not aware of this sales tactic. Don’t fall for fractional weights. This means if the retailer tags the diamond at three quarters of a carat, it may really weigh from anywhere between .69 and .81 carats. The difference between these two could run at a higher price than you anticipated.

Therefore when buying, insist on the precise weights. Be sure that the chosen diamond has gone through the laser drilling process. This is a procedure that helps to get rid of dark spots in the diamond. Do consider, though, that this procedure makes the diamond fragile and prone to breaking. Because of this, you may be able to buy these at a lower price. You will find whether the diamond has gone through the laser drilling process or not if you look at the GIA certification.

After shopping for your loose diamonds online, see what payment options are offered. Buy from a secure internet connection. Ask if the company offers free shipping and a dependable exchange or refund policy.