10 Reasons to Choose Diamonds USA

If you are shopping diamonds or diamond jewellery you can visit a local store or one of many online jewelers. So, why should you come to online jeweler Diamonds USA? Here are just ten of the many reasons to consider them:

Golden Diamond Ring with small stones
Golden Diamond Ring with small stones
  1. They have been in business since 1997 – That is a long time for any online business. When you see a company that has been around that long, you know they can be trusted. Otherwise, they would have gone out of business a long time ago.
  2. Top quality customer service – Many online jewelers show you what they have to offer and that’s about it. If you like what you see, you can place your order, and there is little assistance. This is not the case with Diamonds USA. Their customer service is there for you from start to finish. You can contact them via online chat, email, or telephone them directly. You also can call them if you have any questions about diamond engagement rings or anything related to their jewelry.
  3. Real customer testimonials – Many online businesses feature testimonials from people like “John S”. However, there is no way to tell who “John S” is and if this person really exists. Diamonds USA provides contact info from actual customers. This gives you the chance to get real information that you can count on.
  4. Return Policy – There is no “fine print” in the guarantee from Diamonds USA. If you are not fully satisfied you receive a refund with no questions asked, and you have ten days to do so, after you receive your order.
  5. Shipping – They ship all over the planet. Plus, shipping is fully insured and free of charge.
  6. Payment options – Many places will take Visa or Mastercard, but Diamonds USA takes a wide variety of payment methods including PayPal, Diners Club International, Discover, American Express, and wire transfers.
  7. Lifetime upgrades – Maybe you would like to have a large stone in the ring that you purchased a few years ago. In many cases, you can trade it in for something of greater value, and this can be done at any time.
  8. Lifetime warranty on clarity enhanced stones – Their clarity enhanced diamond selections are designed to last forever. However, should anything happen, they will be more than happy to make repairs for no charge. To date, there have been absolutely no problems with these stones.
  9. Custom jewelry – Diamonds USA gives you many options for customizing your jewelry. For example, you can shop loose diamonds for sale and have them set into jewelry. You also can choose from a wide variety of cuts and settings for many selections. Plus, submit your plans or drawing for your dream ring, and with the help of modern technology, they will bring those plans to life for you.
  10. No blood diamonds – Some diamonds are mined in very harsh conditions and the proceeds go to terrorists. You will not find any conflict or blood stones at Diamonds USA. They do not support any kind of illegal diamonds in the world.

Trendy Diamond Rings or Old Style?

Maybe it’s time to shop for diamond rings? This is an exciting time of life and with the recent popularity of vintage style rings, which choice do you make? Is it time to go for trendy or something that has a look and feel of days gone by? Here is a look at this common problem that many people face today.

Do you like simple or ornate?

Many modern or trendy style rings are simple when it comes to the settings. For example, they feature plain gold or platinum. However, you can have an ornate look if you choose to have lovely loose diamonds mounted in the setting. Yet, this might be beyond the normal budget.

Many vintage style rings are very elaborate in design. In fact, a lot of them are intricate. This is where you will find scrolling and many other fancy decorations. If fancy is what you like, you may wish to check into old style rings.

What cut do you like?

Gold Engagement ring
Gold Engagement ring

If you are shopping diamond engagement rings and want a princess cut stone, you are not alone. It is very popular. However, this design has only been around for about 50 years, so you might be better off choosing a more modern or trendy style ring and setting, if you want your ring to look authentically antique.

Round diamonds will pretty much work with either choice, depending on the kind of ring you are looking for.

Precious metals

Not long ago, antique style rings mostly had settings in white gold or platinum. However, that is not the case today. Top online jewelers provide old styles in yellow gold also.

Bezel settings

Many antique style rings feature what is called a bezel setting. This surrounds the diamond with a band of gold, usually. You can find a bezel setting in a trendy style, but with solitaire rings, it can provide a “plain” appearance. Some old style rings feature smaller stones in elaborate bezel settings and may be the better choice.


Do you prefer something other than the typical white or yellow diamonds? Maybe you are into chocolate or perhaps sky blue? Most antique style diamonds are traditional and unusual colors may work best with trendy designs.

The Wedding

If you are shopping engagement rings, what kind of wedding do you plan on? Perhaps the bride plans to get married in her mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress. This is a great way to carry on a tradition, and if you plan an old style wedding, it makes sense to go with old style jewelry.

A matter of choice

There may not be a great deal of difference in price, so it can be hard to choose between trendy or old style rings. The best way is to visit a reputable online jeweler and take a look at all of the selections they have to offer.

It may take some time to check out all of the choices, but this will give you the best ideas. After all, when it comes to trendy or old style diamond rings, there is no wrong selection. They are all great choices when you shop the right jeweler. In fact, Diamonds USA provides great customer service that will assist you with your shopping, if you like.

2014 Diamond Trends

Diamonds last forever, but diamond trends come and go. As the years go by, certain cuts and jewelry types go in and out of fashion. Here is a look at some of the latest trends for 2014.

Fancy Cuts

loose diamonds - Pear Diamond
loose diamonds – Pear Diamond

Fancy cuts are still as popular as ever. Although round diamonds are still among the best sellers, other shapes are showing up more and more. For example, hotel heiress Nicky Hilton (Paris’s sister) is sporting a very large engagement ring with an Asscher center cut stone. The five carat sparkler features a solitaire diamond with a setting of platinum and believed to be worth around $350,000 US. It was presented to her by fiancé, James Rothschild, of the European banking family.

Although Asscher cut stones are considered to be rare, they have also been seen on the fingers of Drew Barrymore and Megan Fox. And of course, Jessica Alba’s large ring from Cash Warren also features an Asscher cut stone

Not so ordinary cuts

Although Asscher cut is very special, other “out of the ordinary” cuts are very popular too. For example, the emerald cut does not have all the sparkle and glitter, but can be an impressive sight in the right setting. Have you ever set something on the table with a mirror in front and back of it? That’s called the “hall of mirrors” effect. This gives you a good idea of why the emerald cut is so popular today. The emerald cut gets its name because it is a cut that was commonly used for emeralds in the past.

Cushion cut stones are still in vogue for 2014. Not only is this cut popular but it is also functional. Cushion diamonds are essentially square cut stones with the edges rounded off. And the cushion cut is nothing new, in fact it goes back a couple of hundred years (known as the old mine cut then). Engagement rings worn by Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory) and Naya Rivera (Glee) are two stunning examples of cushion cut diamonds set into fabulous rings.

Loose Diamonds

Not everyone is shopping for precious stones already set in jewelry. In fact, one of the most popular trends is to shop loose diamonds for sale and have them set into the ring or other item of jewelry that you want. This is a great way to impress someone with jewelry that is unique and distinctive.

You don’t have to be a celebrity or financially independent to own custom jewelry these days. Reputable jewelers have many options to consider and also offer custom made items at affordable prices.

Color is still in

Although few things are as beautiful as a fiery clear diamond, yellow and chocolate are becoming some of the most popular selections, and not just for celebrities either. Top jewelers offer a lot of choices in fancy yellow, light brown, and chocolate. Many people want to buy diamonds that are a bit unusual, to make their gifts unique. In fact, if you were to sum up diamond trends for 2014, “out of the ordinary” and “unique” might be the perfect descriptions.

Loose Diamonds Trends & Pricing

Is now a good time to buy loose diamonds? Many people are asking that question and not everyone is getting the answer they seek. For instance, loose diamonds come in a variety of cuts and sizes. Also, you should consider the reason for your purchase. Taking price trends into consideration is important whether you buy diamonds for investment or set in jewelry. Here is a closer look at some of the factors that will affect loose diamond trends & prices this year.

Demand exceeds the supply

Loose diamonds 0- Cushion Diamond
Loose diamonds 0- Cushion Diamond

If you check most market sources today, you will see that the demand for diamonds is slowly increasing and the supply may not be able to keep up, in the future. Taking this into consideration, it would make sense to check out loose diamonds for sale as soon as possible. The longer you wait to make your purchase, the higher the price is likely to be. In other words, don”t expect the price to come down in the near future.

The importance of cut

Most people know that round cut diamonds are the most popular choice. However, princess cut is becoming very popular too. When you shop for loose diamonds for sale, princess cut should be considered if you plan to have the stone set in some kind of jewelry. However, when you buy diamonds for investment, round makes more sense because it is the most popular cut sold, and can be used for a large variety of purposes.

So, is there a difference in price between a loose princess and round cut diamond? Yes, and let”s look at an example. Diamonds-USA offers a lovely round cut stone of 1.01 carats with SI1 clarity, I-color, and EGL certificate of authentication, for $3182 US.

If you check out princess cut loose diamonds at the same jeweler you will find a stone with the same clarity, color, and certification, for a price of $3027 US.

You save money with the princess cut but the round cut will be easier to sell (if you are investing) because it is the most popular. However, if you plan to use the princess stone for a special ring or pendant, you will save $155 US. Also, princess cut stones make excellent solitaire engagement rings. The four corners make it stay in the setting (with prongs), and this provides a very sturdy and stable ring.

Don”t forget clarity enhanced diamonds

Clarity enhanced stones have imperfections removed by a special process. With high tech modern equipment, flaws are repaired and filled with special material designed to last for a lifetime. This is an important consideration if you plan to buy diamonds, and later use them for jewelry. That will give you the benefits of larger and more luminescent diamonds in your rings, and other jewelry. Remember to inform your jeweler if you plan to have your clarity enhanced diamonds placed into your favorite items, so they will not cause any damage by applying very high heat.

To buy or not to buy

To sum it up, prices on loose diamonds should gradually rise in the future. The time to buy is now, and when you choose a trusted diamond supplier, you will save money, time, and headaches.

Diamond Engagement Rings Celebrities Love

Diamond engagement rings and celebrities are constantly making the news, and is it any wonder? They have some of the most fascinating lifestyles and jewellery. Celebrities are people that thrive upon the attention of others. That is why they own some of the most unusual and attractive engagement rings. However, there is no need to simply sit back in amazement. You too can have rings that are unique and attention gathering. Let’s look as some common characteristics of famous engagement rings.

Big is in

Many celebrities have stones in excess of four or five carats. Take Kim Kardshian’s famous 20 carat ring (from Kris Humphries). The marriage did not last long and she downsized on her next engagement, with a smaller 15 carat ring from Kanye West (if you can call that downsizing). Many other famous people are sporting enormous rings and of course, the average person cannot hope to compete with that, but there is a way to buy bigger and get more for your money.

Clarity enhanced diamonds

Trendy diamonds Engagement ring
Diamond rings

When you check out diamond engagement rings, check into the difference between clarity enhanced and non-enhanced diamonds. Some people save a great deal of money, and you definitely get more stone for your pound. Here is an example, when you choose the right jeweller you can buy a one carat diamond with mid grade clarity for 860 pounds or less (clarity enhanced). However, a mid grade clarity stone (un-enhanced) of about one carat could cost you over 1500 pounds.

Also, your clarity enhanced stone will look just like any other ones. You cannot see the repairs, as they are permanent and done with modern technology. For all intents and purposes, they are as good as their non-enhanced versions, especially for bling.


Take a look at some of the more famous engagement rings and you will see the amazing yellow diamond rings of Kelly Clarkson, Adele, and Carrie Underwood. Jennifer Lopez’s pink engagement ring is legendary, as is the one worn by Anna Kournikova.

You don’t have to go with standard white diamonds for engagement rings. In fact, you can find some interesting colours like fancy yellow, sky blue, and even chocolate. These stones will give a ring personality and make it special. This is a good way to stand out from the crowd, the same way that many celebrities do.

Bespoke engagement rings

Many famous people are designing their own rings these days. This tells the world that you can afford the best. Take the amazing ring that Evan Ross gave to Ashlee Simpson. It was custom designed to provide an art deco look from the past. The ring has over 100 white diamonds, with rubies, and an enormous marquis cut stone. Brad Pitt worked with a famous Beverly Hills jeweller to create the 10 carat massive engagement ring he gave to Angelina Jolie.

There is no need to be rich and famous to design your own engagement rings. Contact a reputable online jeweller like Diamonds-USA. They can help you choose the right loose diamonds and settings or turn your dreams, designs, and drawings for the perfect ring, into reality.