Men’s jewelry trends

Men’s Jewelries That Are Yay This Year

The Venn diagram of fashion for men and women shows an incredibly thin slice of common space at the point of intersection. That, in essence, points to how different men and women fashions really are. The things that up in fashion in the ladies’ department has little to do with the artefacts that stand at the upper rung in the men’s section. However, without debating on the difference and dichotomy of the two subjects, let’s talk about what this article is supposed to be about. So, here are the things that are way up in the rank in men’s jewelry this year.

As always, the Hollywood celebs and stylists are the ones to get the trend started with their trailblazing fashion statements.

Safety Pin Earrings

Let’s start with Johnny Depp, who in these days, is one of the figures to look up in contemporary fashion. Though sometimes, some celebs are seen to wear more bling than a Vegas showgirl, Depp keeps it shiny, but easy. Depp practically won the People’s Choice award this year with this Venn diagram that he sported in one ear in the event. The interesting thing about this curiously shaped earrings is that he wore 4 of them, all on his lobes. Now, if you don’t mind an extra two piercings or a little jangle of gold danglers in your ears, this is quite fashionable.

1 safety pin earrings

Pinky Rings

Pinky rings or promise rings are quite a thing of fashion in women’s world. But apparently, this one thing has slipped through a tiny crack in between to make it to the men’s section. Actor Colin Farrell was one of the firsts to be seen wearing these rings, and guess what, they look quite fashionably, in contrary to the common assumptions. Farrell was seen wearing a black gemstone gold pinky ring which was moderately sized and that, beside the platinum band on this ring finger looked pretty darn cool. So, gemstone pinky rings are way up the ranks in men’s fashion this year.

Picture of Promise ring
Men Promise rings

Medallion Pendant

If you are a man all about embracing fashion, these medallion pendants can get you started down that route. Very recently seen on the fashion ramp, Louise Vuitton is one of the prime inventors of this new design. While its models were seen walking the ramp wearing silver and platinum medallion pendants, enthusiasts around the world are already on their quest to finding one for themselves in the stores. The pendants are short enough to be seen from between the parting of your shirt.

Picture of men medallion pendant

Rodeo Tie

Gemstone studded rodeo ties are back in fashion once again, and you don’t have to be a cowboy to wear them in style. Alessandro Michele was sighted wearing a very ornate piece with a pink shirt and a floral jacket at an award ceremony. The actor wore long hair and a beard with it to balance the blush with an element of machismo in it. Gold ties pinned in between the collar is a very in thing this year.

Picture of gemstone Rodeo tie
Gemstone studded rodeo ties are back in fashion once again