How to choose diamond engagement rings

It can be a daunting task for a man but choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring is important. Actually, whether you’re looking to buy engagement rings, diamond earrings or diamond pendants, the end choice is always an important one. The piece you choose should match the person for whom it is intended.

If your loved one is reserved they may appreciate a smaller diamond, perhaps sparkling stud earrings instead of heavy flowing pieces that dangle. If the person receiving the diamonds is a modern women, then she may love the choice of colored diamonds.

Choosing the right diamond for the occasion is not as difficult at one may think. Give a little thought into the type of person you are buying for. You can decide from there if the engagement ring should be large enough to be mistaken for a nighttime lighthouse, or if a more conservative engagement ring is better suited.

It is not out of the ordinary for modern couples to shop for round engagement rings together. As a matter of fact, it can take a load of worry off the man and ensure the women gets a ring she likes. By purchasing your rings together, you can also choose rings that will eventually match when you are both wearing your wedding bands.

Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Tips to choosing


Cost: It has often been said that a man should spend one or two month’s salary on an engagement ring. This conventional wisdom, although still a guideline for many, is not a rule that is set in stone. It is however, still used as a guideline.


Setting: It is a good idea to select a setting before heading out the door. To do this you can go on the Internet and get a feel for what choices will lay ahead of you at a jewellery store. Common choices include pave setting, classic solitaire, tension setting, settings with sidestones and even three-stone settings. You will also quickly learn that most shops also offer their own take on settings. Truth be told, your choices are only limited by your budget.


The four Cs: You will need to learn, even if only a little, about the all-important four Cs of diamond shopping. This includes cut, carat, clarity and color. If buying a diamond will be a one-time event, you can learn about these things on the Internet or in person at a reputable jewellery shop. Most shops will have charts that are very helpful with the four Cs. You will be able to see the difference in a diamond’s attributes by its shape. Oval, pear, heart shaped, marquise or round diamond engagement rings will each reflect differently due to their shape.


Metal: Having an idea of the type of metal she will like is also helpful and will tone down the choices once you start shopping. Diamond engagement rings are normally made of white gold, yellow gold or platinum, the latter being the most expensive. Platinum has tarnishing resistant abilities, a great quality, but it is also the most expensive for repairs.

No matter what your future wife loves, you can always surprise her with an outstanding Diamond engagement ring that she will absolutely love!