Diamond Uses

A little known fact is that 4 out of 5 diamond stones that are mined are not used in jewelery. Only 20% of stones that are mined can be cut and used in jewelry. But what happens to the diamonds that are not worthy of becoming jewelry. There are many diamond uses for these stones.

The small stone that makes up the small four tons are industrial diamond.Diamonds are an ideal of mechanical parts that must resist wear and undergo a sudden temperature changes and that must not change size, create friction or rust.

Diamond bearing are used in instruments for laboratoties. No friction is created when rubbing them together because of their hardness.Some machines turn at 90 000 revolutions a minute.No lubrications are needed even at this high speed to keep the bearing from wearing away.The round point on the diamond needs to resist being worn down.In turn, it does not wear out,it grooves on the record.The sound will stay true since the diamond does not rush.

Diamond cutting tools cut much faster and accurately than other tools. Metals can be sliced thinner than human hair by the diamond blade.Some saws have diamond-studded adges that can cut hard material like rocks, concrete and some metals.Diamonds are used to manufacture fine wire, such as the wire used in electric toaster.

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