Secrets of the Gem Trade

It was my birthday two weeks ago (35 years young / old / mature….) For this momentus year my wife bought me a book called ‘Secrets of the Gem Trade’ by Richard Wise.  The book sat on my bedside table for all of the last three weeks until a particularly insomniac night two days ago meant I had the chance to pick it up and starting turning pages.

274 pages, 7 hours and a pack of cigarettes later I finally finished the book, and wow what a book.  Richard has written this book for the connoissuer in every amatuer diamond lover.  Straight non-technical talk guides the reader through how to look at a stone, what the critera for evaluation is in faceted stones, cabochons, stars, catseyes, pearls and opals.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants one of those diamond bibles to place on their bookshelf.  You can find it in all stores including amazon where there are some great book reviews.