Exiciting new blog posts from a 3rd generation diamond cutter

Apart from giving you up to date diamond news and information, we want to give you more insight into the world of diamonds, through the eyes of a diamond cutter.

It is a fine art, handed down through the generations and we at Diamonds-USA.com are

fortunate to have our founder, David Braverman here to share his thoughts as a 3rd generation diamond cutter.

As you can ap

preciate, David has seen many diamonds and knows what to look for in a good diamond. He has many years of experience in cutting diamonds and crafting delightful and luxurious diamond jewelry and his thoughts are priceless, much like his amazing diamonds.

Look out for more feature blog posts from David – his experience is unlike any other and when you have someone as knowledgable as him backing up every single diamond that is sold here on Diamonds-USA.com, you know you are working with a reliable, trustworthy and first class diamond dealer.