A Diamond for Every Anniversary

Did you really think that last diamond ring you’d ever receive would be either your engagement ring or wedding band? Well, think again, because, thanks to the practice of commemorating your special day with wedding anniversaries, the diamond rings will just keep coming. With every passing year comes a wedding anniversary, but there are some anniversaries that can be more special than others. A long time ago, people began naming anniversaries – such as the 25th wedding anniversary being the silver, and the 60th, the diamond. There are many more in between, and we’ve picked out a few diamond anniversary rings we think are suitable for these special anniversaries.

The names go as followed: 5th Wooden, 10th Tin, 15th Crystal, 20th China, 25th Silver, 30th Pearl, 40th Ruby, 50th Golden, 60th Diamond. Maybe a beautiful diamond ring every 5 years is a little much (you could probably substitute a vacation for a few of them), but certain wedding anniversaries can definitely be celebrated with a new diamond ring.

After 15 years, for the Crystal anniversary, we picked out the Lucida Ring. A beautiful, three stones, round cut diamond ring is the perfect ring to mark the occasion. It will certainly make the statement that the last 15 years have been magical, and you can’t wait for the next 15 years together. With a small sapphire detail on the side, this ring has some personality, making it uniquely an anniversary ring. You can’t go wrong with this beauty for your beauty!

For the Silver anniversary, or the 25th anniversary, we chose something a bit more simple and sophisticated. This band, composed of 7 diamonds and blue sapphires is enchanting and truly one of a kind. Its modesty is good, since she can wear it with her engagement ring and the combination won’t be overpowering.

Finally, we had to search long and hard to find the perfect ring for the 60th wedding anniversary, the Diamond Anniversary. For this, we go back to the basics. Sixty or more years ago, you gave your lovely bride a beautiful engagement ring that marked the beginning of your new lives together. There is no better way to celebrate the Diamond Anniversary than with a ring that shows you are just as much in love now as you were back then. The round solitaire diamond is our ring of choice – a beautiful ring that will make her remember the day you proposed like it was yesterday. You can fall in love all over again with a ring like this.