Shopping for an Engagement Ring

In my last post I wrote about choosing an engagement ring. I thought I’d continue on this theme, as I am sure that there are some guys out there who’d appreciate some basic down to earth engagement ring buying advice.

Once you have checked out your girlfriend’s personal style preferences, and consulted with her friends and family, why not make up some smart excuse to go to the mall (for example, because you need help buying a shirt). Malls generally have jewelry stores, and this might give you an opportunity to catch her doing some window shopping.

When the time comes to actually make a purchase, you are going to have to gather some information about diamond engagement ring prices.

Princess engagement ring with a side stones setting

One thought on “Shopping for an Engagement Ring”

  1. Yup info on buying diamond rings is CRUTIAL!!! How do you know when you are getting a good deal or not?

    Its all well and good walking in to Zales or your local Diamond Store but i believe when it comes to parting with my cash, i prefer having knowledge on my side.
    In a nut shell, i wouldn’t vouch 100% for the jeweler. Why? He’s in business. So take your time and you’ll get value for money.

    If you rush….well Don’t : ) !!

    Shop smart.

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