Diamond Tutorial: What is Dispersion?

No matter what you want when it comes to diamond rings there’s something out there that will certainly meet the needs that you have. Take the time and effort to learn about the gem your buying and you’ll be sure to find something that you’ll appreciate even more than it’s brilliance, today we discuss ‘Dispersion’.

Diamond Tutorial: What is Dispersion?

Dispersion: Arranged around the table facet on the crown of the diamond are a number of smaller facets which are often angled down at differing degrees. These facets, and the angles they’ve been cut have been likely been designed to break apart the brilliant white light as it meets and reflects from the surface. As the diamond is tilted, this stunning effect appears as a play of small twinkles and glimpses of color across the entire surface of the diamond. It’s this effect that’s referred to as the diamond’s dispersion.

Dispersion is also sometimes referred to “fire”.

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