Women and diamonds- what is the secret to the attraction?

The relationship between women and diamonds goes beyond their love for jewelry. Diamonds are an important part of our culture for many decades now and we see references to the precious stones in movies, literature and music.
The question is why- what is it about these diamonds that make us go crazy about them every time we hear someone pronounce the magic word- “diamond”?

diamond earrings

Status symbol- It is no secret that diamonds are quite expansive. In our society, especially with the financial recession we have been suffering from for the past year- many people can’t afford a sparkling diamond.
Diamonds, similar to a sports car or to a fancy apartment- are the instant symbols of wealth and riches.
We know that diamonds are a privilege to those who can’t afford it and we long for it so much because it’s expansive and it’s an indication of a successful lifestyle.


“Look at me!”- Every woman loves to stand out in the crowd and be noticed not only by men but by other women as well.
The most instant and the most visible way to draw attention is by the woman’s physical appearance. There’s nothing that says appearance quite like a sparkling diamond. Wearing a beautiful diamonds can assure that all eyes will be on the woman in question and especially on her piece of jewelry.

Heart pendant

Simply beautiful- regardless of how we might choose to analyze our fascination with diamonds, the most legitimate reason for our love for these rocks is the fact that they are beautiful.
Many people, especially women, are automatically drowned to esthetic jewelry and nothing can be more esthetic than a lovely diamond.


Will you marry me?- A diamond is a very solid and expansive foundation and because of that fact, it is being considered that gifting a diamond is a sincere symbol of commitment.
That is also why most men offer marriage with a diamond engagement ring since it appears that nothing spells love quite like diamonds can.


Men love it too!- although it’s considered that diamonds are a territory belonging strictly to women, in the past few decades men learned to appreciate diamonds as well, and nowadays it is more and more common to spot men who are wearing diamonds.

Cartier inspired engagement ring with side diamonds

Weather you wish to buy diamond jewelry to draw attention, to manifest your loving emotions or to prove how successful you are to the world- you should be able to agree that purchasing diamonds can enlighten your day and enrich your jewelry collection.