Engagement Rings to Remember

Engagement rings have a rich history dating back to the time of Archduke Maximillian (of Austria) and his famous ring given to Mary of Burgundy in the 15th Century. Over the years there have been “Engagement Rings to Remember” , as men expressed their love for women. Here is a look at some of those amazing rings from yesteryear and right up to today. All of them have some great stories behind them.


Engagement rings to remember
Engagement rings to remember

In the latter part of the 18th Century, Napoleon Bonaparte gave his beloved Josephine an engagement ring. The band is simple and unadorned, but the ring is special because it has two heart shaped stones, placed side by side. One is a blue colored sapphire and the other is a diamond of a single carat. Although things did not end up well for the couple, the ring still survives.

When the Josephine”s ring was put up for auction in March of 2013, it was not expected to bring a great deal of money. However, it surprised everyone when it sold for almost one million dollars.

Grace Kelly

When the Prince of Monaco asked famous actress Grace Kelly to marry him, he gave her an eternity band containing diamonds and rubies. However, once the prince realized  that others in Hollywood had fancier rings, he bought her something larger from Cartier. The stone weighed in at 10 and one half carats along with two baguettes flanking the large emerald cut rock.

Grace was presented with many fine jewels from her husband before her life was tragically cut short. In fact, in line with the movie “Grace of Monaco”, Cartier has recreated some of these fine jewels just for Nicole Kidman, who plays Grace.

Jackie Kennedy

In 1953, John F. Kennedy gave Jacqueline Bouvier an engagement ring that cost more than one and one half million dollars. With a huge green emerald surrounded by almost three carats of diamonds, the ring is special and unique. Jackie had the baguettes replaced with round and marquis cut diamonds. However, after the death of her husband she had the ring restored to its original condition.

Jackie”s ring is a part of the legend that was Camelot and no one of that era can ever forget that special time. The ring is so well loved, it has been replicated a great deal and many people are enjoying jewelry inspired by this one ring.

Kate Middleton

The engagement ring that Prince William gave Kate Middleton was no ordinary ring. It was given to his mother, Diana in 1981, from Prince Charles. In the middle of the ring is a huge sapphire of 18 carats, surrounded by 14 diamonds. The ring was not custom designed like most royal jewelry, but that is the way that Diana wanted it.

The couple later divorced and Diana died tragically in 1997. Afterward, a grieving Harry (William”s Brother) was given the opportunity to choose something of his mothers and he chose the amazing engagement ring, while William chose a Cartier watch. Later the brothers exchanged possessions with Harry taking his mother”s watch and William, the ring. That is how it ended up on the finger of Kate Middleton.

Latest Fashion Trends in Diamonds and Jewellery

If you love diamonds and jewellery you will enjoy the latest fashion trends in diamonds. In fact, overall popularity of these sparkling stones is increasing. Here is a look at some of the latest trends for 2014.


Fashion Trends in Diamonds


If you check out some of the elegant engagement rings the rich and famous are wearing, you will see that coloured stones are in demand. They are a bit more distinctive than the usual clear or white, and are trendy and “out of the ordinary” at the same time.


Yellow is still popular


Many celebrities have been showing off engagement rings with large yellow sparklers. Kelly Clarkson”s ring is a perfect example, with its huge yellow centre stone surrounded by many white ones. Rebecca Romijn, Carrie Underwood, and Anna Kournikova, are just three of many famous women sporting yellow stones in their fabulous rings.


Pretty in Pink


The Perfect Pink - Fashion Trends in Diamonds
Fashion Trends in Diamonds

Some of the most exquisite looking celebrity rings are adorned with large pink diamonds. You can see them on the hands of Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively, as well as several other  well-known women. In fact, any colour that is considered “unusual” or “out of the ordinary” appears to be in vogue.


Vintage is “in”


Many people long for days of the past when things were simpler and slower, and it shows in the jewellery that they choose. This is a good time to say “I do” with a vintage ring, and Kate” Moss”s amazing diamond engagement ring is a good example.


Kate”s fiancé Jamie Hince, tried very hard to find the ring that writer F. Scott Fitzgerald gave to Zelda Sayre. It was an art deco design that reflected the style and atmosphere of the 1920s. However, he had to settle for a reproduction that is just as elegant as the original. Even Kate”s wedding dress was reminiscent of that era.


Scarlet Johansson’s ring represents art deco antique jewellery at its finest. The 19th Century ring of Mila Jovovich is classic and colourful. It contains a yellow and pink diamond, along with a white one.


The antique ring worn by Mary Kate Olsen is Cartier of 1950s vintage. The stone is European cut, which was commonly used before the round cut diamond became popular. It has a large stone in the middle, surrounded by gold petals containing melee or single cut stones. Single cut provides fewer facets and is often used as decoration.


Investment Trends in diamonds


If you are looking to invest in loose diamonds for sale, this could be a great time. Famous global management consulting firm, Bain and Company, reports that in 2011 demand for diamonds remained high in spite of economic conditions. In fact, demand for luxury goods has increasing significantly. Even though demand was expected to level off, last year, it continues to increase and is expected to remain high for some time.


World demand for diamonds has risen. This is especially true for third world and developing countries. In addition, the supply of rough loose diamonds cannot keep up with the demand and that means prices should continue to remain strong in the coming years. When it comes to diamonds and jewellery, the future looks bright.


Celebrities and Their Fabulous Diamonds

There is something about celebrities and diamonds that go hand in hand. Wherever you see one, the other is not likely to be far behind. Many of the rich and famous own some of the most unique and spectacular stones in the world. In fact, celebrities and their fabulous diamonds continue to attract attention and make headlines.


Diamond engagement ring

Fergie (singer from the Black Eyed Peas) received a large four carat rock attached to an engagement ring from fiancé Josh Duhamel. It is a most unusual looking ring with a brilliant cut stone. Brilliant cut produces a cone shaped diamond with a high amount of radiance. The ring is very wide with a 4 carat stone in the middle of a star (surrounded by many other stones).

Reece Witherspoon

Have you ever heard of an Ashoka cut diamond? When Jim Toth proposed to Reese Witherspoon he gave her an engagement ring with an enormous four carat Ashoka cut stone. The rights to this cut are owned by jeweler William Goldberg and he designed the stone from a famous diamond (of over 40 carats) owned by emperor of ancient India, Ashoka Maurya. Legend has it that the stone possessed the power to take away sadness.

The Ashoka cut is a type of cushion cut, but it is longer and requires longer rough diamonds to create. With rounded edges and a full 62 facets, it produces a great deal of luminescence. However, due to the rarity of the rough stones needed, it is an expensive cut. Yet, for those with the funds, it offers unique features.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is sporting one of the most unusual looking engagement rings you will find. It is a round shaped structure with a round stone in its middle, and the diamond is surrounded by a halo of emeralds. Comedian Jason Sudeikis gave her the ring but there is nothing funny about it. This ring has some serious bling.

Rebecca Romijn

If you love yellow diamonds, you will be enamored with the ring that Jerry O”Connell gave to Rebecca Romijn. It is a full six carats and absolutely dwarfs its setting. In fact, it is so large that it dominates Rebecca”s left hand.

Hilary Duff

If you would like to see what a million dollars looks like, check out Hilary Duff”s engagement ring. A few years ago she received the 14 carat ring from hockey pro Mike Comrie. The main feature of the ring is the enormous princess cut stone. Unfortunately the couple is no longer together, but the ring remains legendary.

Take Heart

Many people love to read about fabulous diamonds of the rich and famous, but they are saddened when they “return to reality” and take a look at their own finances. The truth is, you might be able to afford much more than you think. A good online jeweler works with you to help you find the best rings, pendants, and loose diamonds for sale. You can custom design your own creation and have something that is uniquely yours, all for an affordable price.



Celebrities and Their Favorite Diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, celebrities often spare no expense when they shop. The average celebrity prides him or herself on uniqueness and you will often see diamond cuts that are not round traditional stones. Here is a look at some of the cuts that are making the news and creating a lot of sparkle in the process.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut is not flashy but is certainly different from all the other cuts. Kate Beckinsale’s engagement ring from Len Wiseman has a large emerald cut stone. This is a unique ring set with stacked bands, perfectly matching the wedding ring. Valued at about $50,000, it is as stunning as it is impressive.

Asscher Cut

Beautiful diamond

If you check out the ring that Chris Martin gave Gwyneth Paltrow, you will see a great example of an Asscher cut stone. This $150,000 sparkler is as unique as it is beautiful. The frame is made from a series of small diamonds and referred to as “micro pave”. You can appreciate the craftsmanship in the structure which supports an amazing 8 carat stone.

Cushion cut

If you would like to see what a million dollars looks like, take a look at the amazing cushion cut ring that Giuliana Rancic recently wore. It is a full 18 carats in size and created quite a stir at the Emmy Awards in 2013. However, there is no need to be too envious dear readers, as she could not afford such luxury either. It was loaned to her by Forevermark.

In the Pink

Celebrities love precious stones that are unusual, and pink is something that you do not see every day. When Nick Cannon asked Mariah Carey to marry him, he gave her a stunning engagement ring with a 17 carat pink rock. The emerald cut sparkler is also accompanied by an amazing 58 smaller pink stones, and that is not all. There are two crescent shaped diamonds on the sides and all at a mere 2.5 million dollars.

Just as impressive, tennis pro Anna Kournikova received a fabulous pear cut pink diamond ring from longtime boyfriend Enrique Iglesias. This ring is said to be just as valuable as Mariah’s.

Yellow is in

Yellow colored diamonds
Yellow colored diamonds

Many celebrities choose to be different and yellow diamonds make that statement. Paris Hilton received a huge yellow (21 carat) diamond ring from Paris Latsis, a few years ago.

Other celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have sported fantastic engagement rings with the main stones being yellow in color. The list also includes Adele, and Rebecca Romijn. Not long ago, Kelly lost her engagement ring but she found it after an extensive search.

Rarity and beauty

Famous people love diamonds, and that is for sure. In addition, they like cuts that are uncommon so they will attract attention. They also love colors like yellow and pink. However, you do not have to spend millions of dollars to enjoy fine custom made jewelry. Your online jeweler is there to help you create the perfect ring for your occasion, and you can find something that fits your budget as well as your tastes.

Celebrities and Their Love Affairs with Diamonds

Most famous people crave the limelight and all the things that fame and fortune can bring, and this includes fabulous jewellery, precious stones, and the lifestyle that goes with these things. In fact, many celebrities love diamonds so much, they often go to extremes in their quest to own some of the most attractive and impressive rocks. Here are just a few examples to prove that point.   The King of Rock and Roll   rare triangular blue diamondElvis Presley was well known for his love of fine things like diamonds. He gave is fiancé Priscilla, a diamond engagement ring with a large 3.5 carat rock surrounded by many other diamonds. Elvis also bought himself and his bride custom horseshoe style wedding rings, and the King spared no expense.   Material Girl   Madonna has been wowing audiences with her opulence for decades and her love of precious stones is well documented. In fact, she loves diamonds so much that she owns a custom made pair of mink eyelashes that are encrusted with diamonds. You too can have a pair like the Material Girl if you are willing to pay out about ten thousand US dollars (six thousand pounds) for a pair of Shu Uemura lashes. However, replica lashes are available and will only cost you about fifteen pounds.   J-Lo   No article on celebrities and diamonds would be complete without mentioning the beautiful and talented Jennifer Lopez. Although she has received a total of four engagement rings, the six carat pink sparkler from Ben Affleck remains the most impressive to date.   In 2009 J-Lo was reported to love diamonds so much that she decided not to return some that were loaned to her for a fashion show. At first, stories surfaced about her boldly choosing to keep 30,000 pounds worth of jewellery from well known Billionaire Robert Mouawad.   After the story broke it was reported that there was an arrangement between Ms Lopez and Mr Mouawad beforehand. She understood the arrangement to include the jewels are reimbursement for her endorsement of the fashion show. This was considered to be a great bargain by Mr. Mouawad, and there were no hard feelings.   You can see Ms Lopez in a wide variety of coloured diamond jewellery. She has many shades of stones in her collection to match her outfits, and she also has her own line of jewellery.   The Universal Attraction of Diamonds   So many famous people are fond of diamond jewellery. It is a great way to tell the world that you have accomplished something in life. No words are necessary as beautiful stones tell the whole story and they are universally loved and appreciated.   You do not have to be famous or a celebrity to enjoy the beauty of the finer things in life like diamond engagement rings, bracelets, pendants, and other items. Thanks to the many fine selections from quality online jewellers, you too can give unique and beautiful gifts to those that are special to you. If you wish to custom design a ring, that will not be a problem, and it may be more affordable than you think.