Celebrity Diamonds and Rings

Diamonds have long been of public interest, especially when it comes to celebrities. A diamond ring on the finger of any public person raises eyes as to a possible engagement. This is because most people associate diamonds with engagements so a new diamond ring that has suddenly appeared on the hand of a beloved celebrity will instantly spark gossip of an engagement.


Cross roads encrusted with diamonds ringOne such example is that of Miley Cyrus. The singer was recently seen wearing a large stone on her left hand during the  Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night XIII. This rock sparked rumors that perhaps her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, presented it to her. She continued to show off the ring when she performed at the event, which raises money for Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital.


Drew Barrymore shared her feelings with a recent Anderson interview where she openly discussed her diamond ring and wedding plans. She said, “The thing that I think we’re the most excited about is … this will be such a nice year to do wonderful things together. We like to spend time with our friends anyway, so on the auspices of this kind of a celebration, even more heightened and wonderful. What a great adventure.” When asked about her dazzling diamond ring, she says, “It’s beautiful. “[Kopelman] picked it out and he’s just got lovely taste, and it’s really fancy. I’m sort of like funky, eclectic girl so I feel like this is very fancy and I’m trying to like, you know, feel comfortable with it.”


Britney Spears announced her engagement and even debut a new diamond ring to go with the news. The couple celebrated their December engagement with loved ones with a lavish Las Vegas party. They arrived via private jet and were greeted at Planet Hollywood in the usual VIP style. After a quick change of clothes, Britney and hubby-to-be dashed to their ring unveiling soiree where she showed off her 3+-carat stone designed by none other than Neil Lane. The Las Vegas trip was more than about just the ring. It was also Trawick’s 40-birthday so the couple, along with an entourage of friends, made their way to several clubs.


Not long after the death of her famed mother, Whitney Houston, came the engagement announcement that Bobbi Kristina was to wed her adopted brother, Nick Gordon. Bobbi Kristina has been seen wearing an enormous diamond ring. The couple has been spotted in various places appearing quite happy, however this union does not come with many happy blessings from Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother. According to Star Magazine, “Krissy has told her grandmother that she doesn’t need her blessing to marry Nick, and the more Cissy objects to the relationship, well that only cements Krissy’s decision. It’s just a very sad situation. Clearly, Krissy loves Nick, but she has just lost her mother, and her entire world has been turned upside down. Krissy doesn’t think she needs to wait, and points to her mom’s sudden death as the reason to marry Nick.”