10 Hot Engagement Ring Trends

If you are thinking about buying an engagement ring in the near future, you have a lot of choices to make. Some rings are trendier than others and if you want to be chic, you’ll want something that is definitely “in”. Here are 10 of the hottest trends in engagement rings this year.

  1. Sapphires and diamonds

Ever since Kate Middleton showed off her amazing sapphire engagement ring (once owned by Princess Diana) sapphires have been making a comeback, and you can see them on the hands of many of the rich and famous.

Not long ago, British stage and film star Carey Mulligan received a diamond engagement ring with sapphire side stones, from rock star Marcus Mumford. The ring is as unique as it is stunning. Diamond and sapphire rings are available to everyday people and you can find an excellent engagement ring  with two royal blue side sapphires in the shape of hearts. Plus, you may choose from a large selection of loose diamonds for your center stone. This way, the ring can be customized many different ways.

Cushing Cut Engagement Ring
  1. Cushion cut 

Cushion cut engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. This cut will go with so many settings and styles. In fact, you can buy them as loose diamonds and have them set into the perfect ring.

  1. Halos

Halo rings are some of the most beautiful engagement rings you can buy. Halo engagement rings enhance your center stone and make it appear to be larger. This is a good way to upgrade your engagement ring without spending more money.

  1. Halos with smooth bands

Many lovely halo rings use paved diamonds for the halo effect. However, the band is also paved with diamonds. Some of the most popular selections have polished and smooth bands without paving. This is a unique look that is turning many heads these days, and it can save you money.

  1. Double halos

If one halo is amazing, then two halos must be even better. That is the way that many couples are thinking these days. A double halo ring will greatly increase your bling and sparkle.

  1. Triple halos

If you want something truly unique, try a triple halo ring with a smooth band. Maybe you like contrast. If so, opt for a yellow gold band.

Vintage Style Engagement Ring
  1. Vintage style

Vintage is nothing new. In fact, the concept and design is very old, but vintage is still in vogue this year. Choose from a lovely Victorian style, Art Deco, cathedral style ring, and there are many other choices too.

  1. Split band

These rings are sometimes referred to as “split shank” and they offer a different look. A split band ring has a band that separates as it crosses the center stone. Many people choose this ring because it is a timeless classic, and ten years from now it will still be in style.

  1. Twist

Do you like unique? Maybe the split band is not your style? You should check out the many twisted band styles.

  1. Floral Motif

Many women are choosing engagement rings with a flower design. This is not only unique but you can choose from a number of diamond cuts for the center diamond, for a customized appearance.