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Diamonds-USA provides you with discount diamonds and jewelry. Select from loose diamonds, rings, pendants and more.
Diamonds USA.com Inc. is the U.S.A Diamonds and Jewelry sales division of the David Braverman Diamond Cutting Industry in Israel. Diamonds USA.com has a wide variety of diamond jewelry, including, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings and more. David Braverman is a third generation diamond and jewelry industry professional with more than twenty three years experience in the trade.

We begin at the earliest stage with the often difficult search for rough diamonds. The search for these loose diamonds is conducted in some of the most remote parts of the world.

We carefully examine each individual stone and then make our purchases at the lowest possible prices.

We invite you to visit other diamonds and jewelry sales Internet sites, and then return to the Diamonds-USA.com site (bookmark here!). We are small enough to sell at the best prices on the web without sacrificing our assurance of quality. View our testimonial page to see how satisfied our diamond customers are.

You can count on Diamonds USA.com and our outstanding reputation to match or beat your expectations. Select from our wide selection of diamond jewelry today.