White Gold with Palladium

Did you know that there is no “white gold”?, gold is a yellow metal and will always be yellowish even when using the “white gold” alloy jewel that is dipped and covered with white Rhodium metal coat.

It doesn’t interfere when using regular “white gold” for earrings or pendants but when using it in rings after 6 to 12 months it will scratch off and the yellowish tint will appear and a redipping will be necessary.

We at Diamonds-USA are proud to offer our clients the “18K White gold with Palladium” alloy for all ring bands, this alloy is much whiter than the regular “18K white gold”, it is grayish /white and has no yellow tint at all.

We still coat it with the Rhodium dipping but it is also used without the dipping. This alloy is used only with high end Jewelers and is a good substitute for the Platinum which is double the price.