Most Expensive Computer Mouse – Diamond Encrusted

Today we bring you the worlds most expensive computer mouse. Encrusted in diamonds, this item would / could make a perfect gift for a 60th wedding anniversary, as diamond is the traditional gift for this event, it is also a great choice for a 50th wedding anniversary, as Gold is the traditional gift for this event!”

The manufactureres allow customers to personalise each order mouse with diamond initials or pattern of their choice.  Customers can choose from yellow, red or white gold with white or black trim.  Each mouse is made to order and you will need to allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Pat Says Now is a Swiss manufacturer of individual computer mice. They design and produce mice in all shapes and colours. Pat Says Now combines Swiss quality with innovative ideas and creative designs – they bring colour into office life and make working truly fun!  Their innovative design makes Pat Says Now mice a perfect gift for anybody working with a computer. Attractively wrapped in a specially designed box, these trendy “desk pets” are a temptation not many can resist.

Diamonds-USA does not make diamond encrusted mice, but we’re happy to share these weird and wacky news items with our readers.  To learn more about the diamonds on offer at Diamonds-USA, visit the site and browse the diamond catalog.