Lose Weight with new Jewelry

Inventor Wendy Barker has created an apparently successful piece of jewelry that claims its wearers will lose weight if worn continuously.  Appropriately named ”The Figure 8 Bodychain” assists people to drop pounds and also keep the weight off.

The chain is worn around the waist directly next to the skin.  The chain can then be adjusted so it stays in the right position as the weight falls off.  The jewelry is almost invisible in its standard model so the owner can continue their normal routine. At a first view, the Figure 8 Bodychain looks like a piece of classy jewelry.  On closer inspection and experimentation the product claims to use a type of behavioral psychology called  “operant conditioning.” Wendy Barker claims the Figure 8 Bodychain is like a personal weight loss coach.

The is available in sterling silver, gold or platinum and in a range of sizes. It is also possible to customize the bodychain with diamond clusters to give your weight loss program an extra sense of bling.