What to Buy my Wife for Christmas

It already that time of year where thoughts turn to how best to budget your holiday finances. How much do you spend on your spouse, your friends and then the all important alcohol budget. This year however with the looming gray clouds of financial instability the question and the contemplation takes on a new impetus.

Obviously I cannot afford not to buy the usual crate of Cabernet Sauvignon, bottle of single malt Scotch and case of locally brewed beer. After all Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without at least one good hangover. For my wife, well she’s already dropping hints that she’d like diamond earrings for Xmas.

So that means I’m having to plan my apologies for the cheap gifts my friends, cousins aunties and uncles will receive. I’ve bought a bag of goodies from the art and craft store and between now and then me, my wife and kids will be hand-crafting a range of homemade and hopefully very thoughtful somethings J