Make your wife feel special this Christmas

If your wives are anything like mine, then you’ll not get away with a box of chocolates or pair of pink fluffy slippers for Christmas. Whilst my wife does not have expensive or lavish demands, she has an unmistakable glow when I splash out to buy her something really special. Whilst gifts do not maketh the marriage, there’s nothing like a little materialism to fast track some joy and glee around this time of year.

My favorite gift to buy her is earrings, for her it’s not shoes to collect (which is fortunate because we just don’t have the space for them) she loves earrings, drawers full of them. In every color, design shape and size. In one particular drawer she keeps her ‘special’ earrings, all bought by my and all sporting a sparkling diamond.

This are the diamond earrings I picked out for her for her last Christmas present, this year it may be something similar.