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The Most Colourful Diamond Stones

If you have checked out the latest celebrity engagement rings, you’ll see that diamonds of colour are in vogue. Some of these amazing rocks are pink, yellow, and even brown, and their popularity seems to be gaining every year. So, why are coloured stones so well loved and appreciated, and why should you think about colour when you shop for diamonds and diamond jewelry? Here are some answers to that question.

When most people think of diamonds, they visualize white stones that are round in shape. You see this in the movies all the time, as precious round stones are often kept in a special little bag with a pull string. Clear round diamonds have been the “norm” for some time and when something is different (like coloured stones) they are seen as rare.

Yellow colored diamonds

Yellow colored diamonds





Recent auctions

If you have kept up with diamonds in the news, you will notice that some of the finest and most expensive diamonds on auction lately, have been of colour. People are looking for unique when they buy precious stones and many are not willing to settle for ordinary.

Supply and demand

As the popularity of coloured diamonds continues to increase, there will be fewer available in the future, and as supply dwindles prices go up considerably. This could be a good time to check out coloured loose diamonds for sale if you are thinking about an investment, as you could receive an excellent return on your money within a few years time.


Yellow stones are not that rare but fancy yellow diamonds are as beautiful as any you can find. That is why they are currently the most popular of the coloured stones. Just look at the engagement ring of Heidi Klum. The huge 10 carat oval cut stone dwarfs her hand and the canary yellow colour makes it a most distinctive ring.


Pink diamonds are rare and you may not come across a lot of them when you shop. If you find high quality pink stones today you will pay a premium price, and those prices are not likely to lower at anytime in the future.


Many people are choosing brown and fancy brown diamonds these days. They offer a most unique appearance and at the same time, they are not priced out of reach from the average budget. Chocolate diamonds not only make unique and beautiful engagement rings, they can be set in all kinds of jewelry to provide a most distinctive appearance.

Where to buy colourful stones

You may not find a large variety of coloured stones when you shop locally, and if you do come across them they may be high priced and already set in a particular type of jewelry. The best place to shop for loose diamonds or diamond engagement rings with fancy colours, is the World Wide Web. Experienced online jewelers like Diamonds USA have a wide assortment of stones for you to check out. In addition, they offer top quality customer service to help you find exactly what you need, and they stand behind their diamonds with an excellent guarantee.

Traditional or Fashionable Diamond Rings?

Maybe you are checking out diamond engagement rings or you want a lovely cocktail ring. You could go with a traditional selection or you might want to be bold and choose something that is in vogue. The choice is ultimately up to you, but which is the best selection for your investment and personal satisfaction? Let’s take a look at both sides of this quandary to help you make up your mind.

Traditional rings

“Traditional” refers to rings that are popular and have been around for some time. You can find them in most jewelry stores without any trouble. Many traditional rings are solitaire stones with round cut or square cut diamonds and not too much decoration.

Upside of traditional

It’s hard to go wrong with traditional rings. After all, they have been around for a long time. Traditional rings have been tested and retested and are proven winners. You know you can trust them and you should have few problems with these types of rings. However, there can be a downside.

princess engagement ring





Downside of traditional

Some people may see traditional diamond rings as the “same old thing”. For example, you might get something very similar to the ring that your friend, neighbor, sister, or mother, wears. Where is the originality in that? If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, you need to make a bold choice and go with something new and exciting by leaving traditional choices behind.

Fashionable rings

A fashionable or trendy ring represents the latest in popularity among those that love style, and want to look their best. These rings might have unusual designs with colored stones cut into pear or heart shapes.

Upside of fashionable

Many people love to be in the height of fashion, and if you are one of those individuals you may not be happy with something that appears a bit outdated. Not only that, if you are concerned about image and what others think, it is best to go with what it “hot” as opposed to what is “not”. It can be a big boost for the ego when you buy a fashionable ring or unusually colored loose diamonds.

Downside of fashionable

Sometimes the latest things have not been properly tested and they may not be special a few years from now. There is a lot of uncertainty in choosing fashion over tradition and you take a certain degree of risk, especially with engagement rings. However, great risk can bring great reward. In other words, what is “in” today may soon be seen as “passé”, but no one knows for sure.

Choosing what’s best for you

In truth, there is no right or wrong answer to the question, “Do I go with traditional or fashionable?” If you are not a big risk taker and you like things safe and secure, you are probably better off going with something traditional. If you enjoy being on the cutting edge of fashion and are willing to take the necessary risks, go with the latest styles. In fact, you may want to buy loose diamonds online and custom design your own unique ring that is definitely not traditional.

5 Hot Engagement Ring Trends

Diamond engagement rings will never go out of style. They are as popular today as they were many years ago. However, some styles come and go and some types of rings are becoming trendier than others. Here are five trends in engagement rings that are very popular this year.

Halo rings

A halo ring usually has one round diamond in the middle and it is surrounded by a halo of smaller accenting stones that may or may not be diamonds. This creates the “bigger is better” effect. For example, the right setting surrounding a large stone can make it appear much larger and you can have a ring similar to many modern day celebrities. The amazing rings worn by Olivia Wilde, Nicole Richie, and Amy Adams, are just three fabulous examples of halo engagement rings, and the ring owned by Carrie Underwood is believed to be worth in excess of a million dollars. What woman wouldn’t love to have something that resembles Carrie’s halo ring with its large fancy yellow stone in the middle?


Flowers are definitely hot and you can purchase some amazing rings with flower themes, when you shop. Some rings are flower centered like the one that Liam Hemsworth gave to Miley Cyrus. When you go with a top online jeweler you can find some lovely viola flower rings with a lovely stone set in a rose.

Flower motifs are very popular because they represent spring and the renewal that it brings, as two people start a new life together. There should be plenty of fine flower motif selections available for some time to come.







The look of yesterday is a popular as ever and it shows in many of the antique style engagement rings you’ll see on the hands of famous women. Penelope Cruz, Milla Jovovich, and Kate Moss, have some of the most unique antique rings you will find.

Many vintage rings have very ornate settings and are hand engraved, and the Victorian style diamond engagement ring is one of the all-time classics. Currently, there is an abundance of finely produced antique style rings, so you do not have to pay a fortune for old rings.


Although white diamonds represent purity, colored stones are very distinctive and present a unique look that many celebrities are going for. Whether it is the pink sparkler on the hand of Jennifer Lopez or the 5 carat yellow beauty worn by Kelly Clarkson, diamond engagement rings with colored diamonds are extremely popular. You can find a good assortment of colored stones at your online jeweler, and yellow and chocolate are some of the top sellers.

Horizontal Settings

If you want something different, try a diamond engagement ring with the stone set horizontally. This provides a very unique look that so many women are going for this year. This kind of setting works very well for oval shaped stones. Also, remember that choosing jewelers is just as important as rings and loose diamonds, so choose an online jeweler with plenty of experience and the best guarantees.

How to Choose the Right Diamond for Your Loved One

Choosing the right diamond can be difficult, especially since there are so many options. Whether you are checking out loose diamonds for sale or you want the perfect ring for your significant other, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are not sure what to buy. Here are some helpful tips to consider when you shop for diamonds.

Increase your knowledge of diamonds

Before you go shopping, do your research. Learn as much as you can about diamonds. There are plenty of excellent online sources to turn to and the best online jewelers have special website sections with all kinds of information, videos, tutorials, and frequently asked questions with answers. The more you know about diamonds, the better prepared you are, and this makes you less likely to make mistakes.





Be careful with surprise gifts

It is nice to completely surprise your loved one with a gift that is forever. However, it may be best to inform him or her of your intentions and shop together. That way, you are assured that you are providing this person with the perfect gift. If you try to surprise someone, you may make the wrong choice, and this is not good for a relationship.

Go with certified stones

The best stones are certified. This means that a reputable organization has checked out the specifications and you are guaranteed to receive what you are paying for. The top certification organizations are the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the EGL (European Gemological Laboratory).

The benefits of round brilliant cut

If you want diamonds with the most brilliance or fire, you should consider round brilliant cut stones. These are perfect for diamond engagement rings as you get a great deal of sparkle. A round cut offers one of the best deals for your money when you want maximum brilliance.

Develop cost strategies

Naturally, you cannot go over your budget, so choose your stone wisely. Remember, there is nothing wrong with buying a CE or clarity enhanced stone, especially if you want it set in jewelry. These stones have minor flaws that have been repaired. One cannot tell the difference by simply looking, and clarity enhanced diamonds are every bit as real and beautiful as ones that have not been repaired. Plus, you’ll save an enormous amount of money.

Choose the best guarantee and return policy

It is very important to choose a jeweler that you can trust and will provide you with excellent service after you make your purchase. If you desire a refund, the best jewelers have a “no questions asked” policy, so there are no hassles.


Don’t be pressured

Some local jeweler use “hard sell” tactics and will try to hurry you into a decision. Take your time before you buy. That is why so many modern shoppers are choosing reputable online jewelers. You can shop at your convenience and you are never hurried into a hasty decision. Plus, they have helpful customer service reps that are there to see to your needs. They will insure that you find the perfect diamond for your loved one.

In-demand Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Somewhere, every day, a man asks a woman to marry him and he presents her with a special ring (or they go shopping together for a ring). This scenario has been going on for centuries and is likely to be with us for many more years. When you shop for diamond engagement rings, here are some of the hottest selling rings you may wish to check out.





Double halo rings

Halo rings are very popular and many are choosing a ring with one row of diamonds surrounding a large stone. However, the double halo is rapidly gaining in popularity. You can buy halo engagement rings with yellow and even chocolate center stones if you wish, when you visit a reputable online jeweler.

Tulip rings

The tulip setting is perfect for a solitaire engagement ring. It resembles the tulip flower and the petals gently support the center stone. You can have a variety of diamond cuts placed in the center, and this style ring is absolutely stunning in a gold setting.

Art deco

Antique rings are in demand and since there is a limited supply or original vintage rings, many ring designers are coming out with some amazing engagement rings in vintage art deco style. Art deco has become “in-demand” every since Scarlett Johansson appeared with her special engagement ring from Romain Dauriac.

The art deco ring is symbolic of the 1920s and it is an eclectic style that utilizes bold and rich geometric shapes. During the peak of Art Deco popularity, the design could be seen in many works of art and architecture. Now you can bring that time era back to life with your very own Art Deco ring, and they are available with white or yellow gold settings.


To pave something means to literally cover it with a material and paved diamonds are many small diamonds that pave a particular area of a ring setting. When you choose paved diamonds you intensify the sparkle and this can make a plain setting look absolutely fabulous.

Side stones

Although solitaire engagement rings are in demand, the side stone ring is catching up, and many of these lovely rings have sapphires and other colorful stones like aquamarine and amethyst. Side stones can be large and come in three stone settings, and you may choose many small diamonds to provide a paved appearance. This style of ring has so many options, it is very easy to select something unique to your needs and wants.





Rose gold

For a long time, most women wanted yellow gold or white gold for their engagement ring settings, but more are seeing the incredible beauty in rose gold. Plus, if you include the color of sapphires in the ring, it enhances its beauty and elegance. Rose gold rings can be purchased with just about any kind of diamond cut that you wish, and if you have loose diamonds, your online jeweler can create the perfect custom diamond engagement ring for you. In fact, you can submit your own design and they will be happy to turn your wildest jewelry dreams into reality.