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If you want to know what’s hot in diamonds, look to the rich and famous. The trend setters often are the first ones to have the latest in jewelry and fashion. Here are some of the latest trends in fabulous stones from some of the most popular people.

The Fancier the Better

Many celebrities are sporting diamond engagement rings in fancy cuts. You are not seeing a lot of round or even princess cut diamonds these days. Here are some to think about.

Radiant Cut

Drew Barrymore’s radiant cut diamond engagement ring is a perfect example of a beautiful radiant cut stone. It combines the unique features of the emerald cut with the sparkle of a standard round cut stone. Radiant cuts are very durable and produce a stone that has amazing clarity and luminescence.

Pear Cut

Pear Diamond

Pear Diamond

Perhaps one of the most unusual cuts is the pear cut and one of the most dazzling pear cut diamond engagement rings is owned by Avril Lavigne. The pear shaped stone is as stunning as it is massive. It also has two very unique half moon shaped diamonds that perfectly fit into the setting. In total, all the diamonds equal 14 carats and the value is estimated at about $350,000.

Pear cut stones are most unique and unusual. If you wear a ring with a pear cut rock, it is sure to gather a lot of attention. Pear shapes are great for rings with multiple diamonds, as there are many possibilities for design.

Emerald Cut

Kate Hudson’s emerald cut engagement ring offers a unique kind of beauty, just like the actress herself. This cut is so unusual because its main feature is not sparkle but the way that it reflects the light. It is like walking into a booth with mirrors in an amusement park. Several celebrities are fond of this cut and it can be expensive, as flaws are easy to spot and you need a near flawless stone for best results.

Cushion Cut

Cushion cut is quite popular with the rich and famous, and it is certainly nothing new. In fact it goes back a couple hundred years. This cut is appreciated by celebrities like Jennifer Garner’s with her half million dollar sparkler. Famous Indie actress Mena Suvari sports a vintage designed ring with an amazing cushion cut stone over 8 carats in size.

Fancy colors are still popular

As of late, many famous people have fallen in love with fancy and unusual colored stones, whether they are loose diamonds or ones in diamond engagement rings. The amazing yellow sparklers worn by Heidi Klum and Carrie Underwood are only two examples, not to mention the pink diamonds of Jennifer Lopez and Kate Bosworth.

Rare and Unusual

Reese Witherspoon’s rare Ashoka cut diamond engagement ring has many people asking the question, “what is Ashoka?” It is patterned after a famous stone of many centuries ago owned by an emperor of India in ancient times. Not just anyone can own this cut as it is protected by a patent and that makes it even more rare and unusual.

Whether you are a man surprising his significant other with a proposal, or a couple shopping for the perfect diamond engagement rings, there are a few things to know before you lay down your hard earned pounds. This is a special time of life that calls for some very special jewellery. Here are some helpful tips for creating the perfect ring that she will wear forever.


Budget concerns


Marquise Diamond

Marquise Diamond

You probably have a good idea how much you can spend on a ring. Make sure to keep that figure in mind during the entire shopping process. This is very important as you have several options to consider and you do not want to spend your entire budget on the diamond and have nothing left over for the setting.


Setting choices


You need to decide if you want a solitaire, three stone, antique, or a diamond with side stones. An online jeweller has perfect examples of each selection for you.


Metal selections


Do you want yellow or white gold? Maybe you want platinum or two tone? Pick a metal and then see what it will look like. You can always change your mind as you shop with an online jeweller.


Choosing the diamond cut


Cut is perhaps one of the most important features to consider. Often times, it is simply a matter of preference. If you have no specific preference, take the time to browse all the many different types of cuts. You could visit your local jeweller but they may not appreciate it if you want to look at every possible cut they have. In fact, that could take all day.


The best place to learn all about diamonds is with a reputable online jeweller. In fact, the top ones have a special section that provides a great deal of information about diamond cuts. This will help you make your decision.


Enhanced clarity or not
When you shop diamond engagement rings, you will see a “C.E.” beside some stones. This stands for clarity enhanced. You can get a better looking stone for your money if you choose one that has been enhanced. The process is permanent and it fixes many common flaws.


You should familiarize yourself with the clarity code of diamonds. Flaws are called inclusions. FL means flawless, VVS1 and VVS2, then VS1 and VS2, and then I1, I2, and I3 is the most flawed.




Stone size will be determined by your budget. However, remember that a clarity enhanced diamond will stretch your budget farther and let you purchase a larger stone for the same money.


Know where to shop


A top online jeweller makes it very easy to create your own diamond engagement ring. You can click on “design your jewel” and go through the steps. You also can select “engagement rings” and check out all the many options. In addition, you can contact a good online jeweller and discuss designing your own setting and stone. They will show you exactly what you need to do, and work with you to develop something truly unique and beautiful.

Wouldn’t it be great to travel back into the past to a time where life was much simpler? There would be no rushing around and busy schedules to worry about, and no computers, smart phones, or World Wide Web but what about the daimonds trends would they be any different? Antique style diamonds and diamond engagement rings offer a glimpse of how things used to be, and perhaps that is why they are becoming so popular. Here is a look at some of the great rings you can own that are reminiscent of days gone by.

Victorian era diamonds trends

Similar diamond ring from

Similar diamond ring from

The time of Queen Victoria saw some amazing changes to the world. By the late Nineteenth Century the horseless carriage appeared and the wonder of electricity was fascinating many people. Bathrooms were moving inside of homes and a mini renaissance was under way in industry, fashion, and science. All of these things had a profound effect on diamonds and jewelry.

During the late 1800s diamonds became more plentiful in Europe, as India was part of the British Empire and a source for diamonds. In fact, South Africa and Australia were also a part of the Empire. In the mid 1800s floral design was very common in jewelry.

You will find excellent examples of Victorian diamond engagement rings at your online jeweler. A typical model includes a pave setting. This kind of setting contains many small diamonds surrounded by a lovely round solitaire stone. The main difference between antique style and modern is the attention to detail and intricate work.

Art Deco diamonds trends 

After the First World War, the world entered a time of change and the Roaring 20s saw women getting more freedom and more people taking time to enjoy life. Art deco rings have some amazing geometric shapes and bold designs. Platinum was very popular then and is an excellent choice of metal for your vintage ring. However, you also can choose white gold for that vintage look.

Edwardian diamonds trends

The Edwardian period was in the time of King Edward VII in the early part of the 20th Century. Diamond engagement rings from this era are very ornate and intricate in design, including the bands. This was before the geometric shapes and designs of the Art Deco era. Everything about this kind of diamond ring says, “elegance”.

During this period, extravagance and luxury were in vogue and it shows in the way the diamond jewelry was made. Great care was taken to produce some of the most beautiful and elaborate designs. Filigree design was common in those days. Filigree utilizes metal work to form small and detailed artwork. You can see beautifully made flowers and climbing vines along with other intricate details in the jewelry, and this work is not easy to reproduce today.

Diamond trends and cuts of yesteryear

Most diamonds of the past were round brilliant cut. However, square cut Old European and Old Mine Cut were also popular. Although you will not normally see these cuts, today’s reproductions feature round and princess cuts, and you can choose from many different cuts in some selections. This will make your vintage ring, most unique. You have many options for vintage diamond engagement rings when you shop at your online jeweler.

Most people love and appreciate diamonds and for so many reasons. They are some of the most valuable items on the planet. Two famous diamonds are said to be priceless so they can be considered to be number one and number two. However, recent auctions have drastically altered the “top ten most expensive diamonds in the world” list. Here is the latest as of mid 2014.


Heart Diamond

1. Koh I Knor – Koh I Knor means “mountain of light” and this rock is so valuable that it cannot be priced. At one time it was the largest of the loose diamonds on the planet before it was cut in the mid Nineteenth Century. Mined in India, it has seen many dynasties. It was taken from India by the British after they conquered the country. There are many legends and stories surrounding this amazing stone that is currently in the British Crown Jewels.

2. Sancy – This stunning yellow stone has changed hands many times since the mid 16th Century. At one time it was part of the Portuguese Crown Jewels. Purchased by the Astor family in 1906, it was sold to the Louvre is 1978 where it still resided.

  1. Cullinan – The Cullinan stone has a present value of 400 million US dollars. It is also known as the “Star of Africa” and is part of the British Crown Jewels in London.
  2. Hope - The Hope Diamond is valued at 350 million dollars. Once owned by Louis XIV, this steel blue stone is magnificent to behold. After passing through many hands it was purchased by an English banker, Henry Thomas Hope, where is got its name.
  3. Pink Star – This fabulous pink stone is flawless and nearly 60 carats. In late 2013, it was auctioned at Sotherby’s for an amazing 83.2 million dollars. This set a record for the most money paid for diamonds at auction.

6. Graff Pink – This is a fancy intense pink stone and is set in a ring. Little is known about the rock as it did not even have a name when it was purchased at auction by Laurence Graff in 2010 for 46 million. Before that, it was owned by a private party that bought it from jeweler Harry Winston in the 1950s.

7. Princie – The intense pink 34.6 carat stone sold for 39.3 million dollars in 2013. You will find it in the Iranian Crown Jewels.

8. The Orange – It has no name other than “The Orange”, and is one of the rarest and most magnificent stones on the planet. Most people never heard of this stone before it sold at auction in 2013 for $35 million dollars.

9. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond - Laurence Graff purchased this fancy deep blue 35.5 carat rock in 2010 for 23.4 million. It has a rich history that begins with King Philip IV of Spain in the 17th Century.

10. The Perfect Pink – An anonymous buyer in Hong Kong paid a little over 23 million for this rare 14.2 carat beauty, in 2010.

Although the average person can only dream about these amazing gemstones, you can own some truly amazing diamond engagement rings and clarity enhanced diamonds when you shop with a reputable online jeweler.


When it comes to diamonds, clearness or clarity matters a great deal. Clarity refers to the amount of flaws that a stone contains. Naturally, the fewer flaws, the more the stone is prized and this makes the value go up considerably. If you were to buy a perfect natural diamond, the price could easily be over your budget. However, there is a way to own perfect stones, when you go with clarity the Perfect Clarity Enhanced Diamonds.


What is Clarity Enhanced?


DIamondsClarity enhancement means that the stone originally contained flaws and they have been repaired. Of course, an enhanced stone is not as valuable as a similar one that naturally contains few or no flaws. However, repairing a stone does not lower its value. In fact, it usually raises the value because it becomes more attractive. The average person cannot tell the difference between a quality enhanced stone and a natural one.


Do not be confused


Clarity enhanced diamonds are just as real as untouched natural diamonds. They are not to be confused with manmade or synthetic stones. In fact, they come from the same source. The only difference is the enhancement process, so do not let someone tell you that enhanced stones are fake or synthetic, because it simply is not true.


Enhancement Processes


Diamond flaws are often referred to as “inclusions”, and many are small fractures known as feathers. During an enhancement process the stone s drilled and a special filling is used. The filling is permanent and should last as long as you own the stone. In fact, the best jewellers provide lifetime warranties with their stones, so there is nothing to worry about.


Another enhancement process utilizes lasers. A laser drills a tiny hole in the rock and then an acidic solution is used to remove the flaw. This procedure works best on colour inclusions.


Only some stones can be enhanced. In fact, about two out of every 1000 diamonds can be successfully repaired. However, once done, it can increase the clarity grade substantially.


Why Clarity Enhanced?


Clarity enhanced stones are great for diamond engagement rings. For example, you may see a beautiful stone that is around one thousand pounds. A similar size stone with the same amount of clarity may be more than 300 pounds less. In fact it is not uncommon to see some enhanced stones as much as fifty percent cheaper, and the larger the stone the more you can save.


So why buy a larger stone for a ring? You get more bling for your money. This will give you a bigger stone that is sure to make an impression on family and friends. After all, what good is a beautiful engagement ring if you can’t show it off.


Caring for your enhanced diamonds


There is no special care needed for your clarity enhanced diamonds. However, some kinds of enhancements can be affected by heat. If your ring needs repairs in the future, the jeweller must be aware that the stone has been enhanced. Keep these stones away from acids or ammonia as it may affect the enhancement.