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Many UK residents have gift shopping on their minds, these days. Maybe it is the holidays in the near future or a gift for someone special. If you want to stay trendy and fashionable, you can always count on diamonds. In fact, you may want to shop loose diamonds for sale this year. Here are just a few reasons that loose diamonds will be in vogue.

Unique and different is “in”


diamond engagement rings

Take a look at some of the many celebrities in the news today. You won’t see any mundane or common diamonds or jewellery. In fact, most of the rich and famous buy their stones loose so they can place them in bespoke jewellery. Yes, custom-made shows the world that you or the person you love is something very special.

Anyone can visit a jeweller and select an item from a case. However, you could run across someone with the exact same piece of jewellery and that is not a good thing. It’s not that hard to buy rings and other items that are uniquely yours. In fact, it may be a lot easier than you think.

Why loose is better

Loose diamonds are very easy to buy when you find a good online jeweller. In fact, it may be best to buy your stones this way for several reasons. You will find a very large assortment of prices, and this is a good way to buy diamonds that are well within your budget.

You also receive some of the best prices available when you shop at a reputable online jeweller like Diamonds-USA. You can shop by cut, clarity, shape, size, and find just what you need. Also, prices are available in British pounds and many other types of currencies.

Loose is better because you have so many different options. You can find great loose diamonds for sale at an online jeweller and have them set into the perfect ring or other piece of jewellery. Choose from several types of settings and maybe you want yellow gold, white gold, or even platinum. That is not a problem.

Loose diamonds for an investment

Perhaps you would like to invest in something that is relatively safe and also very trendy. Consider all the possibilities available with fine loose diamonds. Diamonds are a popular and trendy investment for several reasons.

  1. Easy to liquidate – No one wants to liquidate an investment, but in times of emergency, it is nice to have something easy to sell or use as loan collateral.
  2. 2. The current market for diamonds looks strong – Check out all the latest financial forecasts. You’ll see that the demand for diamonds is expected to exceed the supply in the coming years. That is a good thing for the investor that chooses loose diamonds.
  3. Simple and easy to store – Diamonds can easily be stored or hidden, as they take up very little space. You also can place them in a safe deposit box or a personal safe, with few problems.

If you would like to be involved in the latest trends, consider loose diamonds. They can become the perfect engagement rings, or a great way to safely invest your money. It’s hard to go wrong with an investment like that.

Diamond engagement rings and celebrities are constantly making the news, and is it any wonder? They have some of the most fascinating lifestyles and jewellery. Celebrities are people that thrive upon the attention of others. That is why they own some of the most unusual and attractive engagement rings. However, there is no need to simply sit back in amazement. You too can have rings that are unique and attention gathering. Let’s look as some common characteristics of famous engagement rings.

Big is in

Many celebrities have stones in excess of four or five carats. Take Kim Kardshian’s famous 20 carat ring (from Kris Humphries). The marriage did not last long and she downsized on her next engagement, with a smaller 15 carat ring from Kanye West (if you can call that downsizing). Many other famous people are sporting enormous rings and of course, the average person cannot hope to compete with that, but there is a way to buy bigger and get more for your money.

Clarity enhanced diamonds

Trendy diamonds Engagement ring

Diamond rings

When you check out diamond engagement rings, check into the difference between clarity enhanced and non-enhanced diamonds. Some people save a great deal of money, and you definitely get more stone for your pound. Here is an example, when you choose the right jeweller you can buy a one carat diamond with mid grade clarity for 860 pounds or less (clarity enhanced). However, a mid grade clarity stone (un-enhanced) of about one carat could cost you over 1500 pounds.

Also, your clarity enhanced stone will look just like any other ones. You cannot see the repairs, as they are permanent and done with modern technology. For all intents and purposes, they are as good as their non-enhanced versions, especially for bling.


Take a look at some of the more famous engagement rings and you will see the amazing yellow diamond rings of Kelly Clarkson, Adele, and Carrie Underwood. Jennifer Lopez’s pink engagement ring is legendary, as is the one worn by Anna Kournikova.

You don’t have to go with standard white diamonds for engagement rings. In fact, you can find some interesting colours like fancy yellow, sky blue, and even chocolate. These stones will give a ring personality and make it special. This is a good way to stand out from the crowd, the same way that many celebrities do.

Bespoke engagement rings

Many famous people are designing their own rings these days. This tells the world that you can afford the best. Take the amazing ring that Evan Ross gave to Ashlee Simpson. It was custom designed to provide an art deco look from the past. The ring has over 100 white diamonds, with rubies, and an enormous marquis cut stone. Brad Pitt worked with a famous Beverly Hills jeweller to create the 10 carat massive engagement ring he gave to Angelina Jolie.

There is no need to be rich and famous to design your own engagement rings. Contact a reputable online jeweller like Diamonds-USA. They can help you choose the right loose diamonds and settings or turn your dreams, designs, and drawings for the perfect ring, into reality.


Maybe you are shopping diamond engagement rings or you want loose diamonds for investment. You might be thinking of special earrings, pendants, tennis bracelets, cocktail rings, or other things. When you check out the amazing Diamonds-USA collection, you will find all these things and much more.


Shopping for diamonds is perhaps one of the most important things you can do. This is especially true if you are thinking about engagement rings. You’ll enjoy one of the finest selections of stones available, when you visit the website of Diamonds-USA.

So many options

Diamond Ring

Diamond engament ring

With many jewelers, you see what kind of jewelry they have to offer, and you either buy what they have or you check out somewhere else. This does not happen with Diamonds-USA. You can choose the kind of setting your want, the diamond, and the metal, to give you exactly what you need. Not only that, you also have the option of designing your own jewelry. Diamonds-USA will take your plans or drawings and (using modern computer technology) bring your ideas to life.

Wedding rings

Don’t forget to check out all the wedding rings available. This is the best way to make sure that they perfectly match their engagement rings. You’ll find great selections with round cut, princess cut, pear shaped, and many other options.

Not just rings

You can shop for many more things than rings. Suppose you would like to buy a diamond necklace. First, check out all the different settings like star shaped, heart shape, and others. Next, select the metal (white gold, yellow gold, and platinum, for example). You also can check out pendants and tennis bracelets.

Loose Diamonds

Diamonds-USA has a large selection of loose diamonds. They come in many different cuts and sizes. This lets you find the perfect selection for investments or setting into fine jewelry. Choose from a wide variety of colors and clarity ratings too.


Earrings are becoming very popular with men and women these days. As you shop, you can choose just the right diamond and the perfect metal for your earrings.


The more you know before you buy diamonds, the better off you will be. Go to the “information” section of the website for an FAQ section, videos, or tutorials. You have the chance to learn about diamond clarity, cut, and all the certification methods. You also can find out the difference between clarity enhanced diamonds and non-enhanced.

Shopping by price

Finding beautiful jewelry is not much good if you can’t afford it. Diamonds-USA gives you the chance to shop by price range. That is the best way to stay within your budget and get the most for your money.

Shopping convenience

A top online jeweler like Diamonds-USA offers one of the most convenient ways to shop. Stay at home and use your computer to browse all the selections. When you find what you want, you can easily pay for your purchase over a secure server. You also can contact them via email or telephone if you want more information.

Return Policy

Their policy for returns is straight forward. If you are not satisfied, you will receive a refund, no questions asked. When you feature one of the best selections and top customer service, you have an unbeatable combination.

When it comes to diamond jewelry, individuality is very popular these days. That is why some of the best jewelers provide the opportunity to build your very own diamond jewelry. The process is much easier than it sounds and provides you with a large number of exciting options.

Diamond ringThe first step is to find a good jeweler that you can trust. Make sure to go with a company that has been in business for at least ten years and has a good reputation. For example, a trusted online jeweler like Diamonds-USA has been around since 1997 and has an established reputation of excellence. You can tell by their certificates of authentication and real customer testimonials at the website.

After you find a trusted jeweler you only need to visit the website homepage to start the creation of your very own diamond jewellery. Check out the special section called “design your own jewel” and click on it. You will see many different options. For example, you can choose the perfect diamond stud earrings or maybe you are looking for engagement rings. You also can check out three stone rings and pendants too.

Once you click on your selection, you now have the option of choosing the loose diamonds that will be set into your jewelry. Yet, you may want a specific setting for your ring and you can shop by settings also. Take your time as you shop as you will find many different options. For instance, you may shop pre-set jewels or browse loose diamonds for sale.

Maybe you would like to design a man’s diamond stud earring. Traditional round cut stones are very popular these days, but you might want something different. A princess cut is rectangular and you might want to check out emerald cut also. Emerald cuts are unique and they have a different kind of brilliance than standard stones. You also have the options of white gold, yellow gold, or even platinum.

You may want to completely design your own ring. Check out the section “Custom Jewelry Using CAD” CAD Stands for computer aided design and it uses cutting edge technology in modern jewelry design. Not long ago CAD was only available for automotive and aerospace industries, but today anyone can take advantage of this amazing technology. Simply create images or drawings of what you want. Make sure to include descriptions too. Your jeweler will create beautiful three dimensional images of your diamond jewellery creation. Next, sophisticated equipment carves out your images into molds, so your jewelry can be perfectly created.

You can buy diamonds like so many people, and simply take what is available. However, you also have the choice of creating your own unique diamond jewellery. Different is definitely “in” these days. Just check out some of the amazing jewelry that your favorite celebrities are wearing. It doesn’t take a lot of specialized skill, training or knowledge, when you contact the right jeweler for the job. You can order your creation from items available online, or the jeweler will work with you to create a completely customized design that is unique to your needs and wants.

When you shop for diamonds you will see a vast selection at many jewelers. In fact, there are so many fabulous stones in which to choose, you may wonder where all these great diamonds are coming from. Most come from a legitimate source but not all. In fact, some have a dark story behind them and it is important to know this story before you shop loose diamonds or diamond engagement rings.

Blood Diamonds

Blood or conflict diamonds are mined in parts of the world that are experiencing civil war with factions trying to overthrow governments. Precious stones are mined and sold and the proceeds are used to purchase weapons of war. Most conflict diamonds are coming from Africa. In fact, seven countries on the continent have been involved in civil war as of late. Even though the stones are not sold legally, not long ago they represented about four percent of all the diamonds sold in the world.

Four percent does not seem like a large percentage but it is much more than most people realize. In fact, a group of rebels in Angola received more than three and one half billion dollars in illegal sales of diamonds. These militant groups get most or all of their funding from diamond sales and that is why it is so important that blood stones be boycotted.

Human suffering

“Conflict stones” is just a term but it means much more to many people in Africa. Thousands of innocent victims of civil war suffer because of the illegal diamond trade. In fact, many people have been enslaved by military groups and forced to work at mines under the most harshest and brutal of conditions. Men, women, and children, have no modern mining tools and many must dig with their hands into river bank mud and rock, and the rebels care nothing for the well-being of their slave labor force. They see them as a disposable asset.

Kimberly Process

In May of 2000, states in Africa that produce diamonds got together to do something about the horrible injustices surrounding illegal sales of diamonds. They were intent on putting a stop to this process once and for all.

In December of 2000, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution to create an international scheme for certifying diamonds in the rough. After two years of negotiations between the international diamond industry, civil society groups, and governments, the Kimberly Process was created. It has strict requirements for certifying the origin of rough diamonds shipped from Africa.

Every diamond shipment must contain information on the origin of the stones, exactly where they were taken from and who cut them. All parties involved must be listed and the eventual destination of the shipment also. Countries that have joined the Kimberly Process will not be allowed to do business with countries that are non members.

Doing your part

When you shop for diamonds, check to see if the jeweler offers only conflict free stones. The best jewelers maintain a zero tolerance policy on blood stones and you can be assured that you are getting quality stones from legitimate sources.