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Shopping can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have to deal with crowds of people. Whether you are shopping for loose diamonds, diamonds for engagement rings, or other jewellery, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages to online shopping.


Pear Diamond

Pear Loose Diamond

Which would you rather do, go through all the trouble of shopping locally or relax in your favourite chair? The answer to this question is simple if you have been working (or playing) hard all day long. Most people would rather take it easy when possible. To demonstrate, let us look at a typical local shopping experience and then compare it to shopping loose diamonds for sale online.




Before you go anywhere, you want to look your best. You might need to take a shower and go through all of the usual grooming activities, and this can take quite a bit of time. It also can be a lot of work.


Grooming is not necessary when you use the Internet to shop for precious stones. You can wear the most comfortable clothing that you have. In fact, you can wear no clothes at all if you want.


Travel Expenses


After you get all ready to go, you may plan to travel by car. How many times have you sat in the car and realized that you forgot to fill up with petrol? This is not only inconvenient; it is one more thing that you have to do before you can shop.


If you are shopping from your couch, no car is needed. You are not spending any of your hard earned money on extra petrol either. Also, it burns up very little energy to sit and shop, so you can have plenty of energy for later activities.


Diamond Selections


After you arrive at your local jewellery shop you may have to wait for a clerk to serve you. Also, many jewellers carry a limited selection of loose stones on the premises. This can make it very difficult to get the kinds of stones that you really want.


Trusted online jewellers have an amazing selection of precious stones and diamond rings, and there is no waiting to see them. You might wish to choose a traditional round selection or something rectangular like an emerald or princess cut. You also have many different choices when it comes to clarity and colour. There are so many fine choices you may find it difficult to make up your mind.




Most UK shoppers must think about their budgets when they shop. Your local jeweller may have some beautiful stones but you could pay a premium price. There is a less expensive alternative and it is right inside of your own home.


Your online jeweller deals in high volume and can provide some of the lowest prices available. In fact, you may save a lot more money than you think. They also have special promotions and sales, in which the savings can be substantial. Visit a top online jeweller today to sign up for special offers and sale dates, delivered to your email inbox.


When shopping diamonds, it is important to receive the highest quality for the best possible price. That is why so many 21st Century shoppers are choosing to shop online and enjoy home delivery. In fact, home delivery has a great deal of benefits.

Whether you shop for engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, or loose diamonds, buying them online is one of the most secure methods. For example, you can place the purchase on your credit card and not have to worry about personal information.

Top online jewelers have very secure websites, and they use the latest in secure encryption methods. Even if your information was intercepted (which is highly unlikely) it could not be read because it would be completely scrambled.

Engagement ring

Engagement ring

When you shop online and enjoy diamonds delivered to your home, you are free to shop in secrecy. This is an important feature if you are buying an engagement ring or diamond stud earrings for someone special and want it to be a surprise. In fact, you can have your purchase delivered to a friend’s house or your place of business. This insures that the recipient will not have any knowledge of your gift until you choose the perfect moment to spring the surprise.

Not all shipping services are the same and when you choose to go with a top rated online jeweler you will enjoy insured shipping. In addition, you do not have to pay extra for shipping insurance or shipping charges in the US. This can make a big difference in the price.

Many businesses do not mention shipping charges until you are ready to pay, because they want to advertise the lowest possible prices. This can sometimes be frustrating. Also, it makes the shopper feel like he or she has been duped, when important information like shipping charges have been deliberately withheld. The best online jewelers understand this and they offer free shipping in the US, so you will not have to be concerned about “hidden charges”.

You can enjoy diamonds shipped to your home whether you live in the US, UK, or many other places in the world. The best online jewelers offer worldwide shipping services.

Home delivery is important for people with busy schedules and for those that work during normal business hours. This shopping method is very convenient as you do not have to leave your home. You are free to shop at any time of the day or night.

Home shipping is nice but is of little value unless you can get the best diamonds for your money. Make sure to choose a jeweler that offers certificates of authentication. That way, you can be assured that you are getting exactly what you order.

When you choose a top rated online jeweler you enjoy home delivery on a wide variety of perfect diamonds. Perhaps you want loose diamonds for investment purposes. That is not a problem. You also can buy loose stones for diamond rings. In fact, top jewelers let you shop for settings and then choose the perfect diamond to go with it.

When a couple plans to wed they may shop for engagement rings. It is also common to shop wedding rings at the same time, and get a matching set. There are some major differences between the rings, and not everyone is completely familiar with tradition and styles. Yet, understanding the differences is not difficult and here is a brief explanation.

Engagement Rings

Loose diamonds designed into rings

Loose diamonds designed into rings

When a man proposes marriage he may present his bride-to-be with a special diamond ring. However, he also might take the woman shopping so she can pick out exactly what she wants. There are no hard and fast rules on proposals, but if the man wants everything to be a complete surprise, he usually buys the engagement ring before proposing.

When a woman says yes and accepts a man’s engagement ring, it proves to the world that she plans to marry. In fact, this ring is worn before the ceremony. It can be conservative or elaborate in nature, depending on needs and budget.

Diamonds are an important part of many engagement rings. For one thing, they make a piece of jewelry sparkle and shine. Also, diamonds signify eternity and when a man gives his woman a ring with a diamond he is making a promise to be hers forever. After all, when you choose a gift that has been around since the dawn of time, that is something very special.

Engagement rings are some of the fanciest and most expensive pieces of jewelry among the rich and famous. In fact, many celebrities feel like they must outdo others by buying extremely large and gaudy loose diamonds and have them turned into custom diamond rings. All you have to do is take a look at the huge rocks that Jennifer Lopez or Mariah Carey received from their significant others.

Wedding Bands

Wedding rings are not worn until the ceremony. By nature, a woman’s wedding band is plainer and simpler than her engagement ring. In fact wedding rings do not need special stones, whereas some type of diamond is almost always in the setting of an engagement ring.

Many wedding rings are basically bands of gold. However, platinum is becoming popular these days too. You also can shop for matching wedding bands, and they are sometimes referred to as “his and her” selections.

Engagement and Wedding Rings

If you see a woman with just an engagement ring on her finger, that usually means that she is engaged and has not yet married. When you see both rings, that indicates that the woman is already married.

The wedding band is designed to be worn with an engagement ring. That is why many people buy them in sets. In fact, many sets match perfectly and you can tell that they were made for one another.

Although there are many differences between the two rings, they essentially serve the same purpose, and that is to denote a special bond between two people. Both rings have a rich history that dates back thousands of years, steeped in tradition and mystery. When you get married, you become a part of these traditions and your life is changed forever, so make sure that these rings are something special.

If you are shopping engagement rings, you have two basic options. First, take her shopping to get what she wants. Second, make it a surprise and buy the ring before you propose. No matter which method you choose, there are several things to know before you go shopping, and here are some important things to consider when you want to buy an engagement ring.

 Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Diamonds are perhaps the most important feature in engagement rings, so shop diamonds first, when possible. A good online jeweler provides a large selection of stones and you can shop loose diamonds first and then choose the right setting.

Maybe the ring setting is the most important thing to you. Top online jewelers give you the chance to shop for settings first. There really is no right or wrong way to begin, it is all a matter of personal preference and needs.

Perhaps the easiest way to shop online is to visit a good jeweler and simply click on “engagement rings. You will see a large variety of options. For example, would you like a solitaire ring or one that has three stones? Perhaps you want a ring with side stones or you want to shop for bridal sets.


You have many different cuts or shapes to choose from when it comes to diamonds. Round cuts are considered traditional. There are several types of square cuts, and also heart and pear shapes. It is best to check out each cut to see which is best.


Once you know what type cut you want you can now choose the size, and it is determined by carats or weight. Of course, the bigger you go, the more expensive it gets.


When it comes to diamonds, clarity is very important. Clarity is the “clearness” of the stone, and the clearer it is the more sparkle (and higher price). Clarity is determined by the amount of imperfections (inclusions). Grading is in a scale from FL all the way to I3. For instance, FL is flawless, IF is next, meaning internally flawless and each grading describes how flawed or included the stone is.


The purest of diamonds are considered to be colorless. Color is rated in letters from D through Z. D is basically colorless while Z is a pale yellow color. This does not include fancy colors like Sky Blue and chocolate, which are very desirable.


Certificates are an important consideration for diamond engagement rings. Look for EGL, GIA, and also certificates from trusted jewelers.


A good jeweler lets you shop and search what is available by price. This helps you filter out things that you cannot afford. It is a great strategy for staying within a budget.

Design you own ring

Maybe you do not see anything that you are interested in. Top online jewelers provide you with the option to design your own rings. Think about all the features you would love to have and make some drawings. That is all you have to do, as your jeweler takes care of all the rest.


If you have questions about shopping for the perfect diamond rings, you only need to contact your online jeweler. These people know diamonds and jewelry and are there to help you.

Diamond is the gemstone that never goes out of trend. Diamond jewelry is always in vogue and it simply changes its shape to remain a heartthrob and trendsetter. Whether with an evening gown or with a trendy pair of jeans diamond and diamond jewelries add the finishing touch to any dress you wear. Diamond jewelry is most often that outstanding piece of jewelry one wears which becomes the cynosure in any occasion. It adds glamour, elegance and uniqueness to the personality of the wearer.

As mentioned above diamond is for all seasons and reasons and it just changes the shapes, colors, sizes and items to remain constant in any fashionista’s life; we will now see the diamond jewelry trends of  2104.

Diamond Pendant

Diamonds jewellery

Diamond jewelry designs inspired by the Edwardian, Victorian and art deco era have always had their loyal followers and have retained their position in the hearts of diamond lovers. Architectural design and intricate scrollwork from the art deco influence and floral designs from the Victorian era is highly in demand for necklaces, rings and bracelets. From the end of last year through this year, there has been a resurgence of royal designs and forms in diamond jewelry. Large stones surrounded by smaller ones with intricate patterns and multiple layers have become the choicest form of diamond jewelry now, especially for the weddings.

Colored diamonds have become the talk of the season. They are pretty, fun and amazingly trendy. Diamonds ranging from pretty pink to canary yellow are appearing on the rings, bracelets, neckpieces, earrings. Women who love to experiment with their looks and styles are opting for colored diamonds to match with their dresses and their personality. For women who love to make bold fashion statements champagne, chocolaty hued, warm earth tones are ideal choice while the more girly ones can relish their pink diamond.

Speaking of experimentation, diamond has started appearing in brooches nowadays. One of the latest trends in diamond jewelryis the diamond encrusted brooches. Adding more dazzle to a jacket teamed with denim or cashmere, rocking the frock with a stones brooch on your shoulder or tying your hair up with a chic sparkling stone; brooches are just everywhere. It seems like ladies have found a diamond jewelry piece they can use in anyway and rock the look. Whether securing a scarf or adorning a beret diamonds of every color, shape and size are coming with the brooches. It is the perfect blend of antique and modern with designs ranging from simple to combinations with pearls and unique animal and insect patterns. So, next time you find other women talking about your style just enjoy it!

Flowers and moons on diamond jewelry have also caught the eyes of women adorning themselves with diamond jewelry. Sparkly butterflies, leafy designs, fruits, flowers and moon have become the favorite of women who are romantic by nature and that counts majority of women. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets bearing moons, stars, and astrological signs are quickly becoming part of women’s wardrobe. Did I just give you an idea on proposing your beloved?

Not only are the diamond colors going for a change but also the choice of metals for the jewelry items. People these days are opting for diamond pieces with metallic combinations unlike earlier times when only one metal was used for a particular piece. While platinum and silver continue to rule the hearts of people for being the choicest metal for diamond jewelry, a dash of gold in it is adding a zing preferred by lots. Especially with the vintage designer diamond pieces making a comeback yellow and rose gold are quite in vogue now.