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When it is time to shop for diamonds you may have a general idea of what you want. However, once you start looking and see all the options it can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are five ways that you can choose the best diamonds for your needs.


1. Shop by shape


Loose DiamondDo you know what kind of cut you want? You can choose from round, square, brilliant, not so brilliant, pear shaped, and many other types. When you are shopping loose diamonds for an investment, consider buying round cut stones. If you want a stone for a diamond engagement ring, then it may be a good idea to check with the woman about preference. After all, she is the one that will be wearing it and a surprise can be romantic, but it can also be a disaster if you make the wrong decision.


2. Shop by price


You can’t go wrong when you shop by price. That is the best way to stay within a specified budget. You could visit a local jeweller and ask to see everything within a specific price range but it may be easier to visit a good online jeweller and use the search feature at the website. You have the option of setting your top price as low as 250 pounds if you like.


When you shop by price you will get to see all kinds of shapes and sizes, and as you find selections within your price range, you know exactly what kind of stones you can afford. You may see a wide variety of cuts and many different levels of clarity.


3. Shop by colour


Ideally, your stone should be colourless or white. However, you will pay more for these kinds of stones. Of course if you are looking for diamonds that are unusual (for jewellery) you may want to consider a fancy yellow or fancy brown, chocolate stone. This creates some most distinctive jewellery. If you want white stones you need to know about the colour grades. These grades start with D (colourless) and go all the way to Z (a lot of yellowing)


4. Shop by clarity


Clarity is very important because it is all about perfection. The clearest stones are the most sought after and the most valuable. As a general rule, the higher the clarity, the more expensive the stone will be. However, if you choose clarity enhanced diamonds you will save quite a bit of money, but clarity enhanced or C.E. may not be your best bet for loose diamonds if you are buying for an investment. Although enhanced stones are cheaper they are not worth as much than their un-enhanced counterparts.


5. Shop by size


Size matters a great deal in the diamond industry. Naturally, the more carats you receive the higher the cost. Of course, if you wish to buy a stone with a few noticeable flaws or one that has been clarity enhanced, you can get a much bigger diamond. This is something to consider if size is the most important factor in your decision.


If you want a special gemstone that is as brilliant as it is beautiful, consider the many benefits of a Signature Diamonds. It came about from fifteen years of study by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This long study focused on the way diamonds were cut, and using the most modern computer models, they discovered the best ways to cut diamonds. Here is more about these amazing stones and why you might wish to consider one.


When you receive a signature stone you have something that has been precisely cut to stringent standards. These special cutting standards create a gem that that has the most luminescence. Also, because the standards are so strict you can be assured that every stone has the same proportions and symmetry. Most loose diamonds are not cut this way.


Pear Diamond

Pear Diamond

With diamonds, size always matters and the bigger the better. A Signature cut stone delivers the largest possible rock for the cut. In fact, it is not only larger, it looks larger next to a standard cut diamond of similar size. If you want something for diamond engagement rings, this will give you a lot of bling for the money.

Whiter Stones

Because of the special cut of a Signature diamond you get a stone that is whiter than normal, and that is very important. Unless you want a fancy colored stone, whiteness denotes clarity. In fact, your Signature stone can be as much as two color grades higher than its classification.

More Brilliance

When signature stones are cut there is a greater amount of brilliance. In fact, the sparkle and shine is intense. Light is reflected through the top of the stone, and this prevents it from leaking out in other areas, and reducing the sparkle of the gem.

A special cut stone has a rainbow effect like a prism. This is known as fire. Many standard stones may not be cut deep enough, and when this happens you get what is called a fisheye effect. This causes light to be reflected though the bottom instead of the top, resulting in much less fire.

If a stone is cut too deeply, it can alter its color. In fact, deep cut stones appear dark compared to ones that have been properly cut. Of course, the darker the gem the less light is going to be reflected.


Signature diamonds are inscribed with a special laser, and you can see the GIA certification number. There is also a special logo. In addition, many jewelers will place a personal inscription on the stone for you. This gives you a gem that is uniquely yours and very special.

More for your money

There are many good reasons to buy a Signature diamond. You receive a special stone that is precisely cut to deliver all of the most desirable features of precious stones. You can be assured of the highest of quality and one of the most beautiful and elegant looking diamonds on the market today. When you give someone a Signature stone, you are letting them know that they deserve the very best.

Before long, that time of year will arrive and you will have to think of an anniversary gift that she or he will always remember. You can choose from thousands of possibilities but when you select diamond earrings, you may be buying the perfect anniversary gift. Here are just a few reasons to consider this kind of jewelry for such a very special occasion.

Maybe you are thinking about a traditional approach to anniversary presents. If you adhere to beliefs about traditional anniversaries you will have to wait until your 60th or 75th anniversaries before you can give diamonds. That is a long time to wait and unfortunately many couples do not make it that far.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

You could go modern and that usually means diamond jewelry on the 10th anniversary. Yet, there are no hard and fast rules for gift giving. You are free to shop for loose diamonds, diamond rings, and earrings, any time that you like. In fact, birthdays and special holidays are excellent times to give precious stones. They are always loved and appreciated, and are excellent investments.

Many people find it hard to shop for their significant others. Even though you know what he or she needs and wants, you still might not be sure if your gift will be liked and appreciated. Yet, this is not a problem when you choose something like diamond stud earrings. In fact, this may be a foolproof gift for the person that has everything, or very little.

Many earrings have clear and luminescent diamonds that are neutral in color. Women will appreciate sparkling earrings because they go with anything and are universal in appeal. For example, she can wear them with red, blue, green, black, or white.

You can find women’s diamond earrings in several types. Besides stud earrings, hoop and hinge types are also available. They are excellent for the most formal of occasions and also work well for everyday use.

Few gifts are great for both sexes, but diamond stud earrings are an exception. They are becoming very popular among men these days. Some men prefer only one, but many are also wearing them in both ears. Diamonds are a good way to say “I love you”.

Like a good marriage, anniversary gifts are meant to last forever, and perhaps the best way to symbolize eternity is with diamonds. They have been around for millions of years and will still be here after mankind is gone. When you give your spouse diamond earrings, you are telling him or her that your feelings are eternal and will never change.

Shopping for earrings is easy when you use the World Wide Web. The best online jewelers let you shop for settings and then select the perfect diamond. You have a wide variety of selections and prices in which to choose. For example, there is no reason to settle for a standard round stone when you could have something like a princess or emerald cut, if you desire. Also, you are sure to find something that is within your budget.

Cazadores de tesoros de todo el mundo siempre han hecho innumerables esfuerzos para encontrar diamantes. Se cree que las mujeres aman estas piedras preciosas y ante la vista de una ellas olvidan todo lo demás. Los hombres siempre se han sentido fascinados por el precio de los diamantes. A lo largo de toda la historia, la gente ha medido la riqueza de las personas más ricas del mundo en términos de la cantidad de diamantes que poseían. Hay algo en los diamantes que llega a los corazones de todo el mundo y que ha seducido a las personas a emprender peligrosos viajes en pos de minas de diamantes. Esta piedra, cuyo nombre deriva de la palabra griega “adamas”, que significa “irrompible y avasallador” ha, literalmente, lanzado a los hombres a misiones de búsqueda a lo largo de toda la historia.

Si todo diamante es tan encantador y fascinante, ¿cómo se sentirá uno al conocer los 10 diamantes más grandes del mundo? Pues, estos son:

El Jubileo de Oro

diamantesEl Jubileo de Oro con sus 545,67 quilates es el diamante más grande del mundo. Este interesante nombre está basado en un evento histórico. Este diamante fue presentado al Rey de Tailandia en el 60 aniversario de su coronación y, tratándose del jubileo de diamante, fue que recibió su nombre. Este diamante, el más grande del mundo y valorado entre 4 y 12 millones de dólares EEUU, era anteriormente conocido como “Unnamed Brown” (marrón sin nombre). Fue extraído de la mina Premier de Sudáfrica y cortado por Gabriel Tolkowsky, quien también talló el famoso Diamante Centenario.

Cullinan I – también conocido como la Estrella de África

La estrella de África o Cullinan I mide 53mm x 44mm x 29mm y tiene 76 facetas. El diamante tiene la forma de una pera y pesa 530,20 quilates, aportándole encanto y un aspecto distinguido. El nombre de “I” es debido a que este diamante es el más grande de las 9 piedras que fueron cortadas del Diamante Cullinan de 3.106 quilates. El valor estimado de este diamante es de más de $400 millones de dólares y actualmente pertenece al Cetro Real Soberano como parte de las Joyas de la Corona. Cullinan I se exhibe actualmente en la torre de Londres, donde fue colocado por el Rey Eduardo en persona.

El Incomparable

Tal como lo sugiere su nombre, este diamante incomparable pesa 407,48 quilates y fue descubierto en 1984 por una niña pequeña en los escombros cerca de la mina de diamantes MIBA de Mbuji Mayi en la República Democrática del Congo. El peso original de la piedra era de 890 quilates, pero luego fue cortada, afinada y pulida, lo que eliminó también sus defectos internos. Es el mayor diamante marrón que haya sido extraído jamás de una mina. La enorme piedra fue cortada por un equipo dirigido por Marvin Samuels que tardó 4 años en completar la tarea y obsequió a este mundo con una fabulosa pieza de deslumbrante diamante. El Incomparable mide 53,90 x 35,19 x 28,18 mm, es de color amarillo pardusco y tiene un valor estimado de alrededor de 20 millones de dólares.

Cullinan II

La segunda mayor piedra de la familia de diamantes Cullinan, el Cullinan II, pesa 317,4 quilates. La Estrella Menor de África es el cuarto diamante pulido más grande del mundo y ha sido cortado también del Diamante Cullinan original extraído de la mina Premier. El nombre Cullinan se debe a que Sir Thomas Cullinan fue quien abrió la mina. Cullinan II adorna el centro de la Corona Imperial del Estado de Gran Bretaña y, en la escala de colores, pertenece al grado D. El valor estimado de esta magnífica e impecable piedra preciosa es de 200 millones de dólares.

El Espíritu de Grisogono

El Espíritu de de Grisogono cuenta con dos títulos honorarios. El primero, el de ser el quinto diamante más grande del mundo y, el segundo, de ser el mayor diamante negro del mundo. El diamante fue extraído de una mina de la región centro- occidental de África hace unas cuantas décadas y pesaba originalmente 587 quilates. Fue cortado y reducido a 312,254 quilates por Fawaz Grusoi, quien hizo lo propio siguiendo el método Mogul de corte de diamantes. El diamante descansa actualmente sobre una montura de oro blanco con 702 diminutos diamantes blancos, convirtiéndolo en una pieza fascinante.

El centenario

Al igual que muchas otras grandes gemas, también el Centenario fue producido por la mina Premier. El diamante, que en el momento de su descubrimiento, el 17 de julio de 1986, pesaba 599 quilates, fue cortado y reducido a 273,85 quilates por Gabi Tolkowsky y su equipo. Esta enorme piedra tiene 247 facetas de las cuales 83 están en torno a su circunferencia y 164 sobre la piedra, y mide 39,90 × 50,50 × 24,55 mm. Esta gema de color D fue asegurada en el año 1991 por 100 millones de dólares. El Centenario es especialmente popular debido a que tiene el mayor número de facetas, lo que le da el aspecto de una estrella.

El Jubileo

El Jubileo es un diamante incoloro en forma de cojín que pesa 245,35 quilates y fue extraído de la Mina Jagersfontein de Sudáfrica en 1895. Anteriormente conocido como el diamante Reitz, fue extraído como una gema octaédrica de forma irregular, proporcionándole un artesano su forma actual. Como se trataba de un diamante puro e incoloro, lo cual es muy poco común, lo primero que concibieron hacer sus propietarios fue presentarlo a la Reina Victoria en 1897. Sin embargo, dicho plan no fue llevado a cabo, si bien la piedra fue nombrada “Jubileo” en conmemoración del 75 aniversario de coronación de la Reina. Lamentablemente, el valor del diamantes es aún desconocido.

El De Beers

¿Verdad que el nombre suena familiar? Sí, el De Beers fue diseñado y cortado por la Casa Cartier en 1928 tras haber sido extraído en 1888 de la Minas Kimberly. La gema pesaba originalmente 428,5 quilates y fue la piedra más grande extraída en la época en que fue cortada y reducida a 234,65 quilates. El diamante se convirtió en la pieza central del Collar Patiala propiedad del Maharaja de Patiala- Bhupinder Singh, un estado de Punjab, India. El paradero actual del diamante se conoce hoy en día.

El Red Cross (Cruz Roja)

Sí, el noveno diamante más grande del mundo es el Red Cross. Este diamante con su curioso nombre pesa 205,07 quilates y fue extraído en 1901 en las Minas Kimberly de Sudáfrica. Originalmente pesaba 375 quilates y fue otorgado como regalo por la Sociedad de la Cruz Roja Británica para la venta de arte organizada por Christies en Londres. Su nombre proviene de una extraña característica presente en el diamante, una Cruz de Malta. El valor estimado del diamante Red Cross es de £2.000.000 .

La Estrella del Milenio

La Estrella del Milenio es el décimo diamante en forma de pera y sin defectos más grande del mundo. La gema pesaba originalmente 777 quilates cuando fue encontrada en 1990 en depósitos aluviales en el distrito Mbuji Mayi de Zaire (República Democrática del Congo). 3 Piezas fueron cortadas de la piedra original, de las cuales la Estrella del Milenio, con un peso de 203,04 quilates, es la más grande. La Estrella Del Milenio fue asegurada por 100 millones de euros y es un diamante de grado de color D. El diamante incoloro Estrella del Milenio es propiedad de De Beers y fue exhibido como el centro de atracción de la colección de diamantes De Beers Millennium en 1999.

Diamond stud earrings are some of the most popular forms of jewellery today. You can choose from many different settings and stones and they are just as attractive on men as women. In fact, they should be popular for a very long time to come, and there are many reasons why.


Diamond_Stud_EarringsMany types of stud earrings are small and unobtrusive. The earring is on a post and is passed through the ear and attached with some type of fitting. They do not dangle and are easy to wear. Also, their appeal is universal. No matter what kind of ears you have, you can accent them with diamonds, and always look your best.


Another reason for the popularity of this jewellery is cost. A man can go online and order a round diamond earring (good cut) with a 0.16 carat stone and a white gold setting, all for under £200. A good cut stone is colourless and has few flaws, making it excellent for earrings.


To find out what it trendy, you only need to look at what celebrities are wearing and many of them are choosing diamond stud earrings. This jewellery is popular with celebrities even when they are not on the red carpet. If you check out Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron’s recent picture (of her and her son at a Paris airport) you will see the perfect example. Even though she is dressed casually, her earrings make a statement.


When you check images of US First Lady Michelle Obama, you will see some excellent examples of diamond stud earrings for all occasions. So many famous people like American actresses Amy Adams, and Anna Kendrick, can be seen with fabulous examples of ear jewellery.


The world is still abuzz about Rihanna’s dress that was “”barely there” when she attended the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards recently. The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) recognizes contributions to American fashion in all industries. To tone things down a bit, Rihanna used conservative yet smart diamond stud earrings to look demure (and still sexy) at the Spike TV Guy’s Choice awards on June 6, 2014.


Earrings are fast becoming a part of the modern man’s look, and they can be seen almost everywhere in all walks of life. For example, former NFL football player Terrell Owens recently made the news when he allegedly married a woman in California just so he could qualify for a two million dollar (1.2 million pounds) home loan. Of course, Mr. Owens is not concerned about the allegations and is still keeping a smile on his face, and looking good with his two large diamond stud earrings that he is well-known for.


If you want to make a fashion statement and do not have a large budget, consider quality diamond stud earrings. They are easy to buy online and you can save a lot of money over local jewellery stores. Also, they are good investments because they never seem to go out of style, and your online jeweller is an excellent source for loose diamonds, diamond rings, engagement rings, and many fine pieces of jewellery.