Green Emeralds

Emeralds are coveted gemstones and are extremely valuable. However, this particular gemstone belongs to the Beryl family and is of a brilliant vibrant green hue. All Beryl stones are not emeralds though and the deepest ones are known as Emeralds usually. The pale ones are simply called green Beryl and do not fetch a high value in the jewelry market. It is also one of the most precious gemstones. Strangely, an emerald is expected to contain flaws and is rarely perfect. The flaws are minute inclusions that are treated with the aid of certain chemicals and resins in order to fill in the cracks or fissures. The presence of such imperfection makes the emeralds easier to identify the stones and differentiate them from other kinds of Beryls.
Characteristics Of Emeralds
This gemstone is comprised of Aluminum beryllium silicate and measures 7.5 to 8 on the Moh’s scale making it one of hardest gems available for jewelry. It is definitely harder than quartz and apatie while being considerably softer than topaz and spinel. However, the gemstone is much more fragile as compared to other Beryl stones. Emeralds tend to vary from translucent to opaque and the crystal is hexagonal, very similar to a prism. The distinctive color of the gemstone is due to the presence of chromium along with vanadium that can be inspected in natural sunlight. The best way to examine an emerald for authenticity is to check its specific gravity that needs to be between 2.6 to 2.8. Observing the gemstone under strong artificial light will make the fissures apparent thus identifying it as a genuine gemstone obtained naturally.
Emeralds are definitely popular gems for jewelry. While being relatively hard with a high quality brilliance and fire, the transparent gemstone is extremely popular for open settings. A single large gemstone set ring containing an emerald is most sought after by the elite. There is no dearth of availability of emerald jewelry and most local jewelers also stock them as high-end designs. With the stone being brittle, the jewelers need to take utmost care during cutting, setting, and polishing the stone. The gemstone is also affected by heat and pressure so setting it into complex settings is not always possible. The most popular form of emerald jewelry happens to be rings and pendants where just a single gemstone within a setting will do.
The jewelry consultants also advise buying emerald by size and not carat weight as the size-weight ratio varies from stone to stone.

There are many varieties of the Emerald. However, the ones that are qualified as Emeralds and not a green Beryl include:-
• Colombian Emerald – This Emerald is usually thought to be of the highest quality.
• Brazilian Emerald – The term may also refer to the green Tourmaline from the same source.

Beryl, emerald, 5.03 ct.

Beryl, emerald, 5.03 ct.

• Zambian Emerald – These Emeralds have a good color and transparency.

• Cat’s Eye Emerald – Displays a cat’s eye effect. It is extremely rare and only found in pale colored paler Emeralds.
Cat's Eye Emerald
• Trapiche Emerald / Star Emerald – Contains black impurities in the shape of a six-rayed star.

Double trapiche emerald. Round. 1.77 ct TW from Muzo, Colombia.

Double trapiche emerald. Round. 1.77 ct TW from Muzo, Colombia.

Oval Emerald in Halo diamonds engagement ring
Oval shaped Emerald in Halo diamonds engagement ring.
The best Emeralds are found in:-
• Colombia
• Zambia
• Brazil
• China
• Afghanistan
• Russia
• Mozambique
• South African
• U.S. (North Carolina)
• Egypt & Austria are the ancient sources of Emerald.

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The Craze of Colored Diamonds

The Craze of Colored Diamonds
There was a time when the most desired specimen of the brilliant, shimmery and fiery diamonds was the colorless one. But things have changed now, and they’ve changed a great deal. According to diamond experts, the last ten years have decade, the world has seen a rise in the popularity of fancy colored diamonds.
Fancy colored diamonds is the name given to those who are occur naturally in the nature. There are a total of 12 different colors available, with more than 90 shades nine intensity levels. This all, with all permutations and combinations, make a grand total of 234 combinations. So you’ll have a blue diamond, which also gives a red hue. Or a pink diamonds with a slight orangey tint.
The color they get is due to the traces of the elements they are exposed to during their formation. For example, nitrogen causes a diamond to get a yellowish hue, while boron makes the diamond appear blue.
In comparison to the colorless diamonds, the colored ones are found rarely in the nature and thus, come at a premium price. However, scientists and gemologists are now able to increase the color intensity of mildly colored diamonds. Such diamonds are called color enhanced diamonds, and are more reasonably priced than the natural intense colored ones.
What you must keep in mind is that just like other diamonds, colored ones should also be bought from a trustworthy store. And you should always, always go for the authenticity certificate. Uncertified diamonds may lead to buying a synthetic or an enhanced diamond at the cost of a fancy colored one, which is not a good deal, not at all.
Grading Criteria
The grading criteria of fancy colored diamonds are a little different than the colorless diamonds. The four main criteria for determining its value include hue, color saturation, color purity, and availability. The diamond’s color, including intensity of color, and hues are considered the diamond’s most important qualities.
The rarer a diamond is in color, the more valuable it will be. And if the color is more rich or saturated, the diamond will also be worth more. And like a white diamond, a colored diamond’s clarity or purity of the color will also increase its value.
There is another factor while grading a colored diamond, inclusions can sometimes be a desirable trait. Inclusions are generally considered to be flaws, especially in case of colorless diamonds. However, in the case of colored diamonds, some inclusions can actually create distinct tones, making a diamond flash with amazing hues when light enters at certain angles.
As an Investment
Thanks to their unique personality, fancy colored diamonds are also becoming a great investment. So now, they are not just popular, but also a great asset!
According to an article posted by the Forbes magazine, fancy diamonds have seen an exponential rise in their value, and have been considered a greater investment over the last decade. It can be seen easily in the price hike of the colored diamonds. A flawless intense pink colored diamonds used to fetch around $70,000. Now, you get the same diamond for a whopping $500,000.
Where to Buy
Fancy colored diamonds, just like the colorless ones, must be bought from a trustworthy store. There are many online stores that can get you a good quality certified diamond at a good price. Check out
You will get a whole lot of options there. And all their diamonds are certified and sold at wholesale prices.

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Holes Diamond Engagement Rings Come From

Holes Diamond Engagement Rings Come From

I never thought I would, but I am finally getting married. Not because I couldn’t find someone, I just needed to find someone who shared my World of Warcraft habit. Anyway, I didn’t realize that finding a diamond engagement ring would be such a big deal. Pardon me, but I find the idea of choosing a piece of female jewelry the most boring thing this side of a medically induced coma.

I mean c’mon, what’s a diamond anyway? It’s just a piece of carbon, compressed deep inside the core of the Earth and the hardest thing known to man. But when I say it like that it sounds kinda cool.

My previous knowledge of diamonds before this research is the James Bond movie, Diamonds are Forever. I think there was also a Bond villain whose face was embedded with diamonds? Lets not forget the Pink Panther movies, and of course, the last Danny Ocean movie was all based around a diamond heist.

But listen, it’s not just movies that make diamonds interesting, the way they get diamonds out of the ground is also really cool.

Huge volcanic action pushes the precious stones up to the surface of the Earth in what are called Kmberlite pipes. All you have to do then is rip up the ground and dig them out. This means huge open cast mining techniques are used leaving massive, open wounds. As if the Planet developed a huge zit burst by mining and left as an everlasting scar.

World Diamond Production for 2006

South Africa 67,000,000 cts
Russia 23,400,000 cts
Botswana 24,000,000 cts
Canada 12,350,000 cts
Australia 7,305,000 cts
Angola 7,000,000 cts
Democratic Republic of Congo 5,600,000 cts
Namibia 2,200,000 cts
Ghana 780,000 cts
Sierra Leone 360,000 cts
Guinea 355,000 cts
Central African Republic 315,000 cts
Brazil 300,000 cts
Ivory Coast 200,000 cts
Tanzania 195,000 cts
China 100,000 cts
Venezuela 45,000 cts
Liberia 7,000 cts

Ekati Diamond Mine, Canada

Google satellite map

View Larger Map

Ekati diamond mine is one of the biggest in Canada. It is the most recent diamond mine on the Planet. It is both a surface and an underground min. Its location is in the Arctic Circle and has to be supplied by frozen road in the winter, although it does have a runway big enough to take large jets.

Coordinates: 64°42′49″N 110°37′10″W

Official Ekati Diamond Mine Site

Mirny Diamond Mine, Siberia

Google Satellite map
View Larger Map

This huge hole in the ground is so big helicopters have been banned from flying over it because of the down draft sucking down aircraft.

The hole is 1,200 meters across and over 500 meters deep. It is in Siberia and is absolutely huge, notice the contrast of the buildings to the hole. It takes the massive trucks hours to reach the top on the hole, hauling 200 tonnes at a time.

BBC Postcards from Russia

Kimberley Big Hole Diamond Mine, South Africa

Google satellite map
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Kimberly mine is where Cecil Rhodes, the man after which Rhodesia was named (later to become Zimbabwe) made his fortune. It is the biggest hand dug hole in the world, it’s depth being over 1,000 metres.

The mine has given up over 3 tonnes of diamonds and finally closed in 1914.,_Northern_Cape

Diavik mine, Canada

Google Satellite map
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The Diviak diamond mine has produced 8 million carats or about 1,600kg (3,500 lb) since production commenced in January 2003

Coordinates: 64°29′46″N 110°16′24″W

Offical site of the Diavik Diamond Mine

Argyle Diamond mine, Australia

Google satellite map

View Larger Map

The Argyle mine is one of the biggest in the world, claiming to produce a quarter of the world’s natural diamonds. Since the mine opened, over 700 million carats of diamonds have been recovered

Image source

Infomine Argyle mine

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The Love Affair of White Diamonds and Flaming Opals

The Mexican fire opals are gaining in popularity due to their unabashed glow which looks even more prominent when placed in combination with white diamonds in fine jewelry. Diamonds and fire opals are the new glamour combination in the fashion world mesmerizing everybody with their dazzle, fire and brilliance. Fire opals with their fiery hue are also known as the “stone of the bird of paradise.” These gemstones when combined with diamonds offer some exclusive pieces of jewelry items that look like made in heaven. The gemstone has an amazing capacity to establish harmony in fine jewelry items and also radiates a positive warmth or glow.

That is why it creates mind blowing combination with white diamonds which bring an elegant touch to the fiery opals. The jewelry items feel more luxurious when combined with ruby. Like the earring set with pear cut opals encased in full-cut white diamonds which sets new standard in fine jewelry. The beautiful passion necklace is a striking piece with layered diamonds, pearls, fire opals and garnets. This awesome necklace can up the glamour quotient of any ensemble with its striking presence in the form of layers. It has the capacity of being the cynosure in any event or look.

Same is the effect with a pair of honeycomb designed  diamonds and fire opals earrings. It features 77 white dazzling diamonds along with 26.06 carats which appears drop-dead gorgeous and the show stopper at any event. Then there is the fire opal and diamond drop necklace which looks elegant chic in yellow or white gold. This has a completely different aura and charm as opposed to the layered one but is special nonetheless. Hence, the flaming opal with white diamonds has created a magical combination with the right color balance to wow the jewelry lovers.

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Heart Shaped Diamond: The Most Expensive Cut

0306137Heart Shaped Diamond engagement rings make a definite statement. You are telling someone very special just how you feel about her. The ring should be special too, and when you choose a heart shaped diamond there is no doubt as to the intent of the giver. However, you will pay more for these stones and here is important information to know before you shop.

One of the more expensive cuts is the round cut diamond. The reason for this is simple. In order to create a round shape, the cutter must remove a great deal of the stone to achieve the shape. This creates a significant amount of waste. In other words, a lot of excellent sparkle goes down the drain.

Heart shaped diamonds are even more elaborate than round. In fact, many times, a round diamond is used to create a heart shaped stone. Now you must take into account that a great deal of waste was created with the round rock and even more is created in the process of cutting out a heart shape. As a result, you have a very expensive cut.

Saving Money on Heart Shaped Diamonds

Just because these stones are the most expensive shape, does not mean you cannot afford to have a beautiful diamond engagement ring with a stunning heart shaped stone. In fact, there are several things you can do to help you stay under budget.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Most diamonds have minor flaws and this effects how the stone mirrors light. However, some of these stones can be repaired with an enhancement process. The diamond is heated and a special resin is used to make light pass through the flaw, essentially making it invisible. A CE stone is every bit as good as one that has not been enhanced. However, it is not worth as much as a stone with the same clarity rating naturally. But you can buy a larger stone for less money this way.

Go Down on Clarity

Diamond clarity is rated by how flawed (or included) the stone is. FL or flawless is very rare and extremely expensive. Other ratings include VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, I1, I2, and I3. If you choose a VS2 (very slightly included) instead of a VS1 you can save money and the difference in clarity may not be that much.

Go Down on Weight

Perhaps you would like to have a one carat heart shaped stone. This can be very expensive, but if you choose a .96 or even a .91 carat stone, you might save a lot of cash.


Color ratings are important because this denotes how much color your stone does not have. Ideally, it should be perfectly clear, D is colorless and Z contains a great deal of yellow. Check out stones in the “J” grade and you may be able to cut your costs and still get a great rock.

Shop Loose Diamonds for Sale

Maybe you don’t plan to pop the question until next year but you know what you want to buy. Consider buying loose diamonds from Diamonds-USA and have them set into the perfect ring at a later date. This will split your purchase and make it more affordable. Plus, in the next six months or so, diamond prices could go up and you will already have the stone.

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