About diamonds and how to buy them

You do not need a special occasion or any valid reason to buy diamonds. Purchasing loose diamonds, diamond pendants or even diamond earrings should be considered an investment and not considered frivolous spending.

Purchasing diamonds to create your own personalized pieces is an ideal way to create special memories. A pair of beautiful diamond earrings can be given as a priceless gift for a special event. Diamond earrings can be passed down as family heirlooms.

Engagements are a common reason many men purchase diamonds. Searching for perfect engagement rings can be a time consuming and daunting task if you are not sure what to look for in a diamond.

If you find yourself searching for diamonds and are unsure where to begin, there are a few things you should know ahead of time. Understanding what to look for and why you are looking for these characteristics will help you to choose the perfect diamond, regardless of what you want to use it for.


Diamonds are incredibly versatile and are used for numerous purposes, including everything from fashion to industrial uses. Due to their hardness, they are virtually indestructible, which makes them ideal for use in applications such as abrasives in diamond slurries and drilling bits to drill holes into hard stone.

Due to their natural reflective qualities, diamonds are used in products such as x-ray machines for their high light dispersion. They are also used in manufacturing electronics for their impressively high thermal conductivity.

Aside from jewellery, diamonds are also often used to decorate collectable pieces of art and enhance areas where gold, silver and platinum are the surrounding metals. They are used this way for their high refractive index. Certain diamonds possess the natural quality to move light like a prism, causing it to spread and blend and displaying colors of the rainbow.

These factors are important to understand when you are choosing a diamond for yourself because you will want to make sure the diamond you choose possesses these same qualities of hardness, clarity and light refraction. It is these very same qualities that give a diamond its value.


It’s helpful to know ahead of time the size and shape or grade cut of the diamond you are looking to buy. This will help narrow down your search choices a great deal.

When someone refers to the carat of a diamond, they are referring to the weight of the diamond. Carat size is one of the largest factors on what your chosen diamond will cost. Typical diamond engagement rings can range from .5 carat up to 2 or more carats. The size is up to you.


Clarity is another factor that will determine the cost of your diamond. The more clear the stone, the more it will cost. Diamond clarity is rated on charts called clarity guides that can be found at any reputable jeweler. Diamonds rated VS2 or higher are normally flawless.

Color is another factor that you will need to consider. Although most people cannot detect one color grade from another, the price difference is significant nonetheless. Diamonds ranked in the D-F range are the clearest while stones in the G-I range still offer a colorless look for a much lower cost.