The Most Expensive Engagement Rings And How To Get A Replica At A Fraction Of The Prices

The most expensive engagement rings are undoubtedly those worn by celebrities around the world. Why would you expect anything else when you consider the salaries these big-name artisans make annually? Of course they can afford big elaborate expensive diamond engagement rings. On the other hand, as beautiful as they are, the odds of you being able to afford one are next to none.

So how does one go about getting an expensive looking engagement ring like those the celebrities give to one another without having to shell out so much of your hard-earned money? It’s call a replica.

expensive engagement ringsA replica engagement ring is a copy of the original engagement ring but at a fraction of the cost. The copy isn’t an exact copy. If it were, you’d have to pay the same amount the celebrity did. A replica mimics the look of the engagement ring without using the exact materials used in the original.

For instance, if you were to want an engagement ring like the stunning 5-carat ruby engagement ring Jessica Simpson has, you could get the same shape and stone, but scale the size of the stone down to a 1 or 2-carat instead of the more expensive 5-carat one she has.

You might also consider purchasing an engagement ring that has similar features of your favorite celebrity’s ring, but not necessarily the exact same features. For instance, you might like the setting of Jessica’s ring, but you can’t afford the platinum it’s made out of. Instead, you could purchase the same setting design, but in a less expensive material such as yellow gold.

Here are a few other ways you can reduce the price of your engagement ring and still have it look like your favorite celebrity’s engagement ring.

You could use a gemstone that’s of a lesser quality than the one your celebrity used. For example, you could still get a 5-carat ruby like Jessica Simpson’s, but instead of having a top-notch clarity rating like hers, you might settle for a lower clarity rating.

You could use the same approach when deciding on the color, or cut of the stone. Using an entirely different style stone can also keep the price of your look-a-like engagement ring down considerably.

If you can’t afford a precious stone like Jessica’s ruby, you might be able to afford a semi-precious stone that looks the same as hers to the naked eye. Or you could change the entire stone but keep the shape and cut. For instance, you could choose a beautiful yellow diamond or a yellow sapphire that has the same cut and shape as Jessica’s ruby, but at a huge cost savings. Don’t be afraid to consider synthetic diamonds as well.

Whether you’re envying Jennifer Anniston’s dazzling 8-carat emerald cut diamond, Drew Barrymore’s stunning radiant cut diamond or Avril Lavigne’s pear shaped diamond, you can have a replica ring like theirs at a fraction of the cost if you know how to go about doing it.