Buy Loose Diamonds And Design Your Own Ring

Whether you’re looking for a diamond piece for yourself, as a gift for someone else or you’re going to propose to the love of your life, finding the perfect diamond ring can be overwhelming. There may be a better way of going about it that what you realize. Consider loose diamonds for sale as your number one choice.

What are loose diamonds?

Simply put, loose diamonds are rocks that haven’t been mounted into a setting yet.

Where can you find loose diamonds for sale?

Marquise diamond pictureThere are many dealers out there; many of them on the internet. You can also find loose diamonds for sale at some traditional brick and mortar jewelry stores. Buying rocks from the USA is your best bet as far as price.

Why should I buy diamonds from the USA?

USA diamond dealers have some of the finest quality available on the market today. They also have the largest selection of loose diamonds to offer. This also means USA diamond dealers have the best prices.

USA dealers house large inventories of loose diamonds.  Because of this, they are able to offer them to you at reduced prices when compared to other diamond dealers around the world. When you buy rocks from the USA, you can cash in on these savings.

Are they more valuable than diamond jewelry?

Again, simply put; no. Comparing loose diamonds for sale to diamonds that have been placed in a setting is like comparing apples and oranges. When a price is put on diamond jewelry, the value of the setting (And other diamonds that may be in the setting) are factored in. So comparing the two isn’t feasible.

Are loose diamonds a better investment than diamond jewelry?

With regard to resale value, the answer would be yes. There’s a cost involved to disassemble jewelry in order to get the diamonds set with or on it. This cost affects the price you would get if you resold a piece of diamond jewelry. This is true whether you buy diamonds from the USA or another part of the world.

Why design my own jewelry?

When you design your own diamond ring, you’re able to create a ring that’s not only unique, but a ring that holds special appeal to you. You know you’ll always be happy with it because you were the master designer.

How do I design my own ring?

Most websites have a section that assists you each step of the way in designing your own diamond ring. Many traditional stores offer the service as well.

Can I afford loose diamonds?

Absolutely! Of course it depends on the characteristics of the loose diamonds you purchase, but you can find some great deals on loose diamonds for sale.

Whether you buy loose diamonds from the USA or you decide to make your purchase elsewhere, you should be able to find some great loose diamonds that you can design the perfect diamond ring with. Just take your time, and make sure you are happy with your choices.