Why You Should Buy Diamonds In The USA

Most of the diamonds that are mined around the world originate from Africa. Still, there are other countries that mine ; Russia, Australia and Canada to name a few. In spite of the fact there are no commercial active  mines in the USA, there are some great reasons why buying diamonds from the USA is a wise choice.

Diamond PendantIn actuality, there is 1 commercially active  mine in the USA. However, this mine operates exclusively as a tourist attraction, and not for any retail or wholesale purposes. Even though this is the case, it’s still worth it to purchase  from the USA even though these precious gems originate from another country. Here’s why.

Finest Diamonds

It’s well known that  retailers and wholesalers in the United States deal almost entirely with quality laboratory-graded diamonds. As such, the product you get when you purchase from America are quality stones that have been fairly inspected and graded.


Another reason why you should buy  from the USA is because almost every stone sold in America has been inspected and graded by the most reputable gemological institution in the world; the Gemological Institute of America.

The GIA is known around the world as the top  laboratory. This non-profit institution is the leader in diamond grading knowledge. It sets the highest standards in the industry, and is the go-to organization for anyone wanting to reliable inspection.


Another great reason to buy  from the USA is the vast selection you’ll have available to you. American  retailers and wholesalers are thought to have the hugest collection of diamonds anywhere in the world.

This vast stockpile of gems means that you, the consumer, have thousands of  engagement rings and other  jewelry pieces to choose from. You also have a large pool of loose diamonds for sale to choose from .


Because the United States has the largest collection of rocks, it also has the most competitive prices. There are millions of diamonds, and  jewelry pieces for sale in America. All this stock means you can find some great sales as retailers compete to get your business.

Because the competition is so thick, the sales are abundant. Knowing this, retailers will offer some of the best discounts on their products you’ll find anywhere in the world. When you buy  from the USA you can reap the rewards as each retailer tries to outdo other retailers.

Whether you’re searching for that perfect  engagement ring for your loved one or you simply want to invest in some loose diamonds, you would be at a great financial advantage to buy it from the USA.

You’ll find quality , you’ll get great prices, and you won’t find a better selection of loose diamonds or  jewellry anywhere else in the world.