Popular Cushion Diamonds Pros And Cons

The cushion cut diamond is not seen too often on the runways or the red carpet. Still, it’s a striking diamond shape that some women find irresistible. It you’re planning to wed and you’re considering cushion cut diamond engagement rings, but aren’t sure if they’re right for you, here are a few pros and cons of the cushion diamond you might want think about.

The pros

One of the biggest advantages of cushion cut diamonds is that it is a stand out cut; meaning it isn’t seen as often as other cut diamond engagement rings so yours would surely stand out in a crowd due to its uniqueness. Another pro of the cushion cut diamond engagement ring is its appearance relative to other diamond engagement rings.

Some people have described this cut diamond as having the attributes of all the other combined. The cushion cut has an extended or bulgy sort of appearance. This unique attribute makes it appear soft and romantic which captures the vintage look and the timely look all in one.

The cons

If there was one con that stood out among the rest it would surely be the price of a cushion cut diamond engagement ring. This cut diamond is quite pricey when compared to other cut diamonds. It can, and more often than not will, cost a considerable more amount of money than other diamond engagement rings.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $4,500.00 to $11,000.00 dollars for a 1.25 carat cushion cut diamond of good quality. That may well be within your price range, but when you compare other cuts you may want something bigger.

The other big con of cushion cut diamond engagement rings is that the flaws these gems have are more noticeable. This is because these gems have fewer faucets than other cuts which make their imperfections (Called blemishes and inclusion) stand out more.

If you’ve got your heart set on a cushion cut diamond engagement ring, but find the price too high for your budget, you may have another option; loose certified cushion cut diamonds.

If you purchase loose diamonds you can design your own engagement ring, and most likely, save a lot of money. There are many online diamond dealers who give you the option to design and create your own engagement ring. Also, be sure the diamonds are certified.

Diamonds that have been certified have been inspected by an independent diamond laboratory; a laboratory that has no interest in the ultimate sale of the stone. This ensures their inspection is honest and reliable. It also insures that the grade the stones have been assigned are true and accurate.

When you purchase rocks that haven’t been certified you take a risk that they aren’t what you think they are. It’s never a good idea to purchase diamond engagement ring that have diamonds that haven’t been certified.