Why Diamonds are Eternal

The popular bond movie “Diamonds are eternal” is one of the most popular movies ever. There is something special about diamonds that most other gifts cannot equal. In fact, many people believe that they have unique properties that make them everlasting.


why these precious stones/ diamonds are eternal:


Blue sapphire & Eternal diamonds
Blue sapphire & Eternal diamonds

When you hold something in your hand that took billions of years to create, you become part of something much larger and greater than yourself. As you stare at the sparkling miracle, you are seeing something that was around long before the dinosaurs walked the earth. In fact, eons ago, the planet was a smoldering mass of hot materials that took an extremely long time to cool off and become earth, and the stone you see was in its infancy.


If diamonds could talk they might reveal well-kept secrets that have been locked deep within the surface of the planet since its inception. These special stones have witnessed life in its most basic and microscopic form. Precious gems may have been in their early stages when the earth was struck by comets and meteors, possibly bringing with them the seeds of existence and self awareness.


Whether you are looking for a unique engagement ring or loose diamonds for an investment, you are purchasing time travelers that bear the imprint of things that happened on earth in the distant past. Is it no wonder these stones are considered to be eternal? They will be here long after you are gone. In fact, when you own diamonds you only temporarily possess them, as one day they will once again belong to the ages.


Because most people recognize that diamonds are forever, your gift will be seen as an eternal promise. In other words, when you give someone special this type of gift you are saying that your feelings are forever and will not change. That is why the diamond is the most popular stone in engagement and wedding rings.


A quality diamond is an excellent financial investment. In fact, you are not likely to lose money when buying diamonds. Fine jewelry can be used as loan collateral should the need ever arise in the future. In addition, it can easily be sold to liquidate assets.


The beauty of diamonds has been appreciated for thousands of years. Think about this, the same stone that you look fondly upon today will someday be loved and appreciated by someone hundreds or even thousands of years from now. There are very few gifts or possessions that you can say that about.


Most people want to be remembered in life because after you leave this earthly existence you cannot be totally certain what will occur. If you want people to speak your name and remember you many years from now, invest in the finest stones that you can afford. Someday, your descendents may talk about the amazing ring, pendant, or other fine jewelry that you once owned or gave as a gift. In this way, you can live on long after you are physically gone, in the form of eternal diamonds.