Celebrities Latest Diamonds Trends

If you want to know what’s hot in diamonds, look to the rich and famous. The trend setters often are the first ones to have the latest in jewelry and fashion. Here are some of the latest trends in fabulous stones from some of the most popular people.

The Fancier the Better

Many celebrities are sporting diamond engagement rings in fancy cuts. You are not seeing a lot of round or even princess cut diamonds these days. Here are some to think about.

Radiant Cut

Drew Barrymore’s radiant cut diamond engagement ring is a perfect example of a beautiful radiant cut stone. It combines the unique features of the emerald cut with the sparkle of a standard round cut stone. Radiant cuts are very durable and produce a stone that has amazing clarity and luminescence.

Pear Cut

Pear Diamond
Pear Diamond

Perhaps one of the most unusual cuts is the pear cut and one of the most dazzling pear cut diamond engagement rings is owned by Avril Lavigne. The pear shaped stone is as stunning as it is massive. It also has two very unique half moon shaped diamonds that perfectly fit into the setting. In total, all the diamonds equal 14 carats and the value is estimated at about $350,000.

Pear cut stones are most unique and unusual. If you wear a ring with a pear cut rock, it is sure to gather a lot of attention. Pear shapes are great for rings with multiple diamonds, as there are many possibilities for design.

Emerald Cut

Kate Hudson’s emerald cut engagement ring offers a unique kind of beauty, just like the actress herself. This cut is so unusual because its main feature is not sparkle but the way that it reflects the light. It is like walking into a booth with mirrors in an amusement park. Several celebrities are fond of this cut and it can be expensive, as flaws are easy to spot and you need a near flawless stone for best results.

Cushion Cut

Cushion cut is quite popular with the rich and famous, and it is certainly nothing new. In fact it goes back a couple hundred years. This cut is appreciated by celebrities like Jennifer Garner’s with her half million dollar sparkler. Famous Indie actress Mena Suvari sports a vintage designed ring with an amazing cushion cut stone over 8 carats in size.

Fancy colors are still popular

As of late, many famous people have fallen in love with fancy and unusual colored stones, whether they are loose diamonds or ones in diamond engagement rings. The amazing yellow sparklers worn by Heidi Klum and Carrie Underwood are only two examples, not to mention the pink diamonds of Jennifer Lopez and Kate Bosworth.

Rare and Unusual

Reese Witherspoon’s rare Ashoka cut diamond engagement ring has many people asking the question, “what is Ashoka?” It is patterned after a famous stone of many centuries ago owned by an emperor of India in ancient times. Not just anyone can own this cut as it is protected by a patent and that makes it even more rare and unusual.