The Most Colourful Diamond Stones

The Most Colourful Diamond Stones

If you have checked out the latest celebrity engagement rings, you’ll see that diamonds of colour are in vogue. Some of these amazing rocks are pink, yellow, and even brown, and their popularity seems to be gaining every year. So, why are coloured stones so well loved and appreciated, and why should you think about colour when you shop for diamonds and diamond jewelry? Here are some answers to that question.

When most people think of diamonds, they visualize white stones that are round in shape. You see this in the movies all the time, as precious round stones are often kept in a special little bag with a pull string. Clear round diamonds have been the “norm” for some time and when something is different (like coloured stones) they are seen as rare.

Yellow colored diamonds
Yellow colored diamonds





Recent auctions

If you have kept up with diamonds in the news, you will notice that some of the finest and most expensive diamonds on auction lately, have been of colour. People are looking for unique when they buy precious stones and many are not willing to settle for ordinary.

Supply and demand

As the popularity of coloured diamonds continues to increase, there will be fewer available in the future, and as supply dwindles prices go up considerably. This could be a good time to check out coloured loose diamonds for sale if you are thinking about an investment, as you could receive an excellent return on your money within a few years time.


Yellow diamonds are not that rare but fancy yellow diamonds are as beautiful as any you can find. That is why they are currently the most popular of the coloured stones. Just look at the engagement ring of Heidi Klum. The huge 10 carat oval cut stone dwarfs her hand and the canary yellow colour makes it a most distinctive ring.


Pink diamonds are rare and you may not come across a lot of them when you shop. If you find high quality pink stones today you will pay a premium price, and those prices are not likely to lower at anytime in the future.


Many people are choosing brown and fancy brown diamonds these days. They offer a most unique appearance and at the same time, they are not priced out of reach from the average budget. Chocolate diamonds not only make unique and beautiful engagement rings, they can be set in all kinds of jewelry to provide a most distinctive appearance.

Where to buy colourful stones

You may not find a large variety of coloured stones when you shop locally, and if you do come across them they may be high priced and already set in a particular type of jewelry. The best place to shop for loose diamonds or diamond engagement rings with fancy colours, is the World Wide Web. Experienced online jewelers like Diamonds USA have a wide assortment of stones for you to check out. In addition, they offer top quality customer service to help you find exactly what you need, and they stand behind their diamonds with an excellent guarantee.