Loose Diamonds Trends for 2015

Are you thinking about buying loose diamonds this year? Even though diamonds never seem to go out of style, it’s still best to check out the latest trends, before you shop. This information will help you get the most for your money.

The decline of the princess cut stone

For some reason, the princess cut diamond is slowly losing popularity. However, this can be good news for engagement ring shoppers and those that are in search of a bargain, as prices may drop some.

Loose diamonds 0- Cushion Diamond
Loose diamonds 0- Cushion Diamond

Cushion cut

When buying loose stones, it’s hard to go wrong with round cuts. However, the cushion cut is expected to continue gaining in popularity and many sources report that it may even surpass the princess cut.

Many people are choosing antique style engagement rings and this does not appear likely to change in the near future. As a result, diamonds like the cushion cut will remain very popular, as they are a good choice for many kinds of antique selections. In fact, the cushion cut is very similar to the “old mine” cut that goes back to the Eighteenth Century and Victorian Times.

Asscher cut

As antique type jewelry gets more common, it should increase the popularity of vintage style cuts like the Asscher cut. Also, many people are looking for the unique, and Asscher cuts offer a different look than the cushion or princess.

Fancy colors

The rich and famous have always been trend setters and if you check the fingers of many celebrities you’ll see an abundance of fancy colored diamonds. The huge and fabulous rocks worn by Heidi Klum and Rebecca Romijn are two excellent examples of fancy yellow diamonds.

Other fancy colors may also become popular in the coming year. Light brown and fancy brown chocolate are unique and attracting a lot of attention, and of course pink diamonds are always sought after.

Auction indicators

In recent times, loose diamonds have went for huge amounts at auction. This means that loose stones are still very popular and a good investment. Take for example, the Archduke Joseph” and the “101”. They were auctioned for over 20 million dollars US. In 2013 the “Pink Star” went for an incredible 83 million dollars, but the purchaser could not come up with the necessary funds to take possession of the 59.6 carat pink beauty. Although most people cannot afford extravagances like these stones, you can still find some excellent deals on loose diamonds, whether you plan to have them set into jewelry or just want to buy them for the investment potential.

Online sales

Online sales of loose diamonds have been increasing every year and more and more people are seeing the benefits of shopping with a trusted online jeweler like DiamondsUSA. You can choose from a wide variety of selections and it’s easy to shop in your specific price range. Also, once you find the perfect loose diamond you can have it set into the perfect piece of jewelry. Many people are turning to online shopping for the added convenience as well as the cost savings.