Loose Diamonds for Sale Online – Buy Them Separately and Save

Diamond shopping is a fun and exciting time. There are so many selections and so many beautiful stones to check out, especially when you shop with a top quality online jeweler. However, did you know that you can save money by buying loose diamonds? Here are some of the many benefits this strategy can provide.

Picture of Asscher cut diamond
Beautiful Asscher cut diamond

Lower prices

Have you checked out prices on loose diamonds online and then compared them with local jewelers? You may be surprised at the difference in prices that you find. Remember, when you check prices, compare diamonds of the same quality.

Why is online so much cheaper?

An online jeweler has far fewer operating expenses to be concerned with. For example, when you go to a website, you can help yourself and check out everything that is available. A local jeweler has to pay a salesperson to show you what they have. This is an added expense that is part of your purchase price.

The retail store you visit has a lot of operating expenses like upkeep and stocking inventory. This is added on to the price of the goods you buy.

Big online jewelers can afford to buy their loose diamonds in large amounts. This can greatly reduce the wholesale cost of loose diamonds and the savings can be passed on to you. Many local jewelers have limited inventory and stock and you usually pay more for their items.

Why loose diamonds?

Buying diamonds loose is an excellent strategy. For one thing, it allows you to purchase just the stone, which is much cheaper that buying an engagement ring, wedding ring, or other piece of diamond jewelry. In fact, you can buy a loose diamond now and then choose to have it set into jewelry at some point in the future. This essentially breaks the cost down to make your diamond jewelry more affordable.

Shopping online for loose diamonds

One of the best ways to shop the Internet for loose stones is to check out a jeweler like Diamonds-USA. Go to the search box and select “loose diamonds”. Next, choose the type you are interested in. This could be a specific shape, color, or even clarity enhanced diamond selections. You also can search by budget and stock number (if you have the number). Once you select your search parameters, you only have to click “go” to be taken to all the available selections.

Here is an example. Maybe you are interested in a .83 carat stone, with “J” color and “SI1” clarity. Click the “view” link to see your selection. You can also check out the stock number and other important information about your loose diamond, like certificate type and measurements. You can save even more money with extras that top online jewelers provide, such as:

  • Free shipping anywhere in the world
  • Free wrapping and jewelry box
  • No charge appraisal upon request
  • Live customer support

There are many ways you can save when you shop for loose diamonds with the right online jeweler. Online prices are naturally lower and you have far more selections than with many local jewelry shops. When you include a no hassle return policy and excellent guarantee, there is no reason to not visit your online jeweler today, to check out what they have to offer.