Selecting the Right Side Stones for Engagement Rings

Planning a marriage and a life together is one of the most fun and exciting things you can do. It starts with an agreement to wed and then an engagement ring is essential. In fact, an engagement ring is of the most important things a woman can wear for the rest of her life. Many rings have more than one diamond and if you want something with side stones, it will provide more sparkle and beauty. But how do you choose the side stones?

Diamond Ring

Three stone engagement rings

Would you like to have a three stone ring? These types usually have a large stone with two smaller side stones. One of the first things to remember in three stone settings is to focus on the main diamond. In other words, the side stones should not be too large, so they take away from the main stone and all of its features. Instead, side stones should accent these features.

Color matters

Try to keep the color grades of the main stone and side stones equal. This will provide a ring that is balanced in appearance. In other words, if you cannot afford a high color grade for the main diamond, don’t opt for high color grades for the side stones.


Your jeweler may provide you with many options and you can select side A and side B stones separately. However, it is usually a good idea to keep these two stones of equal size. Otherwise, the ring may appear to be out of balance.

Non diamond selections

How about something completely different? Did you know you can choose a beautiful three stone engagement ring with a sparkling diamond for the center stone and two lovely amethyst stones on the sides? This will give you a most unique looking ring with plenty of bling and you can save a lot on the cost of a standard three stone ring that comes with three diamonds.

Colored diamonds

Many people like rings with contrast. Since yellow diamonds are readily available, you may consider them for the side stones. You can use a clear diamond for the center. You also can try a yellow diamond for the center and clear ones on the sides.
Halo rings

Halo engagement rings are very popular these days. The side or paved diamonds are usually part of the setting you choose. However, there is a wide variety of setting options and you can even choose to have a halo made from pink sapphires for a most unique look.


You may wish to try out many different combinations before you make up your mind. For instance, when you check out all the available selections at a jeweler like Diamonds-USA, go to the website and select the “engagement rings” and then the “engagement rings with side stones” options.

You will be taken to a large selection of rings and you can check out all the available options. For example, you can see what different colored settings would look like and select several different diamonds and make comparisons right there at the website. That gives you the chance to customize your engagement ring just the way you want it. This may help you pick just the right side stones.