Diamond Engagement Rings – From Vintage to Modern

Marriage is something that most people do at least once in their lives. It is a unique experience and since this may be a “once in a lifetime” event, you want to make sure you get it right. When you shop diamond engagement rings you become a part of rich history that dates back many years, and here is a look at engagement rings over the years.


This is was the first recorded time that diamond engagement rings were used. Austrian Archduke Maxmillian ordered a specialTiffany diamond engagement ring ring for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. However, engagement rings were nothing new as they had been used since times of ancient Egypt. Yet, this was the first time diamonds were known to be incorporated.

As the years passed, diamond engagement rings remained extremely rare and were only for the very rich. Rings were mostly made of silver or gold and some men would give their future wives a silver engagement ring to be followed by gold after marriage.

Victorian Times

During the reign of Queen Victoria, (1837-1901) engagement rings became very elaborate with many designs like scrolling, flowers, bows, which were meant to symbolize forever. In the later part of the 19th Century, a large diamond deposit was discovered in South Africa and diamond engagement rings became more affordable. It was around this time that the Tiffany setting from Tiffany and Company came into being. This ring featured a solitaire stone connected by six prongs.

Edwardian Era

Although Edward was king for only nine years in the early 20th Century, this period produced some memorable diamond engagement rings. It was a time of high fashion and it was considered chic to display your wealth. Also, as the Industrial Revolution advanced, more and more people could afford precious stones. These rings could best be described as opulent.  Diamonds are the main feature for Edwardian engagement rings but they also have plenty of decoration and character. They are sturdily made but also present a delicate and artistic appearance.

Art Deco and the Roaring 20s

As the 1920s dawned a new era was here. People were making big money in real estate and stock market investments and times were good. Art deco features an eclectic blend of bold geometric shapes, colors, along with ornate designs, and was popular up until the Second World War.


During this period everyone was rationing and on budgets and diamond engagement rings reflected these frugal times. Synthetically produced sapphires and rubies were very common and precious metals were scarce.


Audrey Hepburn is believed to have made stackable rings popular. Her gift from actor Mel Ferrer featured rings of both rose and yellow gold so she could easily match whatever attire she was wearing.


Bigger was better in the 60s as was represented by the enormous diamond Richard Burton gave Liz Taylor. Jackie Kennedy’s amazing emerald and diamond engagement ring made emeralds in vogue.

1970s to Present Times

The 70s saw the rise of the princess cut diamond and in the 80s, sapphires became very popular after Prince Charles gave them to Diana. As the 90s appeared and everyone went online, all kinds of diamond engagement rings became popular and you can find a huge assortment of vintage and modern rings and loose diamonds for sale when you shop online with Diamonds-USA.