Engagement ring – how to buy your girlfriend the perfect one?

When it comes to  engagement rings, it should be very clear from the beginning that unless you actually take your girlfriend with you and let her pick her one, it’s going to be hard. So take your time, lay back and do some serious thinking with yourself before actually going to the store on your own. Don’t forget – she is the one who will be wearing this ring every day. The engagement ring you choose has to suit her lifestyle and her personal style, and it might take several trying-on sessions before the prefect shape and kind of diamond will be found.

Don’t be afraid, it might seem to be an impossible mission at first, but you will soon find out that it’s not that hard, really:

1. What’s her style?

Make sure you know what’s your girlfriend’s style. A good thing to do is go and snoop around her jewelry box and see what kind of diamonds she has already, which ones she wears more often than others, etc.

2. Hints

We hope you actually listened when she gave you hints about the things she wants. Some girls spill it out for you, and some only give you minor hints. Yet it’s those minor hints that might save you in the store – she might have mentioned her size, her favorite metal, shape and other important facts that will surely assist you when it’s time to actually purchase.

3. Loose diamonds

If you think you know which shape she loves, consider buying a loose diamond to show her when you ask the big question. The two of you can shop together later for the perfect engagement ring setting. Think about it – it’s original and very considerate of your girlfriend’s personal style.

4. Your budget

When seriously considering buying a ring, you should put your budget above all other decisions involved. You shouldn’t stress out over it, as it’s more han possible to find an affordable ring. All you need is patience, and you will surely find your one.

You can take a look at these, you might find something here that answers to all of your wishes!

Here’s a peak to our diamond engagement rings:

Cartier replica engagement  ring 0,2 carat
Cartier replica engagement ring 0,2 carat
Hand engraved designers solitaire diamond engagement ring
Hand engraved designers solitaire diamond engagement ring
Three princess stones diamond ring
Three princess stones diamond ring
Tiffany engagement ring
Tiffany engagement ring

Good luck and have fun while buying your perfect engagement ring!