A Guide To Men Diamonds Earrings

More men than ever before are wearing jewelry. Wearing jewelry can compliment almost any attire by adding a touch of fashion. Men rings are popular but the most popular choice for jewelry for men is earrings; and almost all of them select men diamonds earrings. Still, there is a right way and a wrong way for men to wear jewelry.

29The good thing is that diamonds work well with every color under the rainbow, and you can wear them with any attire you choose. The real issue is the size, and shape of the diamond earrings.

Let’s face it, a man wearing heart-shaped earrings is going to get a few stares; and not because they look so good on him. The only two diamond earring shapes that suit a man are round and square.

These shapes work well because they have a masculine quality about them, and they add a touch of style to any outfit. They also look good with any men rings. Another thing to consider when purchasing diamond earrings is the size of the stone.

Large flashy stones aren’t necessarily a good choice for men’s diamond earrings. Younger men mistakenly believe that a large stone makes them stand out, and that young women find them more appealing, but this just isn’t so. Large, bulky stones take away from that masculine look. The same can be said about small diamond earrings.

Tiny diamond earrings, often called chips, are too dainty for men. They are strictly for women, and should be avoided entirely. A good choice in size for men’s diamond earrings are somewhere in the medium range. Color is another consideration.

Simply put…men should only wear white diamonds. Colored diamonds are feminine on too many different levels to ever be worn by a man. Stay away from colored or fancy colored diamonds. The setting, however, is something that offers many options.

Practically speaking, men can wear any setting. Silver, gold, platinum, titanium; they all work. It is wise for men to have a couple of different pairs of diamond earrings in various settings. This is because the setting can really compliment the attire he’s wearing.

For instance, men’s diamond earring in a simple, gold setting works well with casual wear, sportswear and even some semi-formal wear. They also work well if you’re sporting some type of men rings in a gold setting. Platinum or titanium, however, is the perfect choice for real formal attire like business suits, and tuxedos. Silver can be worn with anything, so having a pair of diamond earrings in a silver setting is always a safe bet.

Here are a few more tips for men who currently wear or are considering wearing diamond earrings.

  • You can wear diamond earrings with sportswear, but you shouldn’t wear them while participating in sports or working out. Any jewelry worn during these activities could inadvertently cause injury to you or someone you’re interacting with.
  • It’s important to have your diamond jewelry cleaned regularly.
  • Store you diamond earrings in a place that isn’t accessible by small children or animals.
  • Have your diamond earrings insured so you can have them repaired without cost should they become damaged.