Five Ways to Choose Diamonds

When it is time to shop for diamonds you may have a general idea of what you want. However, once you start looking and see all the options it can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are five ways that you can choose the best diamonds for your needs.


1. Shop by shape


Loose DiamondDo you know what kind of cut you want? You can choose from round, square, brilliant, not so brilliant, pear shaped, and many other types. When you are shopping loose diamonds for an investment, consider buying round cut stones. If you want a stone for a diamond engagement ring, then it may be a good idea to check with the woman about preference. After all, she is the one that will be wearing it and a surprise can be romantic, but it can also be a disaster if you make the wrong decision.


2. Shop by price


You can’t go wrong when you shop by price. That is the best way to stay within a specified budget. You could visit a local jeweller and ask to see everything within a specific price range but it may be easier to visit a good online jeweller and use the search feature at the website. You have the option of setting your top price as low as 250 pounds if you like.


When you shop by price you will get to see all kinds of shapes and sizes, and as you find selections within your price range, you know exactly what kind of stones you can afford. You may see a wide variety of cuts and many different levels of clarity.


3. Shop by colour


Ideally, your stone should be colourless or white. However, you will pay more for these kinds of stones. Of course if you are looking for diamonds that are unusual (for jewellery) you may want to consider a fancy yellow or fancy brown, chocolate stone. This creates some most distinctive jewellery. If you want white stones you need to know about the colour grades. These grades start with D (colourless) and go all the way to Z (a lot of yellowing)


4. Shop by clarity


Clarity is very important because it is all about perfection. The clearest stones are the most sought after and the most valuable. As a general rule, the higher the clarity, the more expensive the stone will be. However, if you choose clarity enhanced diamonds you will save quite a bit of money, but clarity enhanced or C.E. may not be your best bet for loose diamonds if you are buying for an investment. Although enhanced stones are cheaper they are not worth as much than their un-enhanced counterparts.


5. Shop by size


Size matters a great deal in the diamond industry. Naturally, the more carats you receive the higher the cost. Of course, if you wish to buy a stone with a few noticeable flaws or one that has been clarity enhanced, you can get a much bigger diamond. This is something to consider if size is the most important factor in your decision.