Perfect Loose Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Buying diamonds can be an exciting time in life. They are some of the most elegant and beautiful things known to man. Many people choose to buy the best stone possible, but you may not be able to get perfection in your price range. Yet, you can find perfect loose clarity enhanced diamonds at a good price, and here are some important reasons to consider them.

You get more


Maybe you want a ring with the biggest stone. You might be looking for a rock of high clarity and about one carat in weight. This could cost you about $4500 for a natural stone that is unenhanced. That might be out of your budget. Yet, if you check out clarity enhanced (C.E.) you could find a one carat rock with the same clarity for about $2800. That is a big difference.


More color selections


Fancy Vivid Pink Emarald cut diamond
Engagement ring with clarity enhanced diamonds

Suppose you are looking for fancy yellow loose diamonds. These can be very expensive if you want something large. However, when you choose enhanced you save a lot of money, and a whole new world of color possibilities opens up, including fancy brown chocolate and sky blue.


When size matters


By taking advantage of an enhancement process, you can afford to buy something that is much larger than normal. The enhancement cannot be seen with the naked eye and will give you beautiful loose diamonds or jewellery.


Real Diamonds

Too many people believe that clarity enhanced stones are not natural diamonds. The truth is, there is only one difference between enhanced and completely natural, and that is the process of enhancement. Otherwise, enhanced stones are every bit as good as their unaltered counterparts. They should never be considered as “man made” or artificial.

Getting the best deals on clarity enhanced stones

Not all sources for loose diamonds, engagement rings, earrings, and pendants, are the same. In fact, there are some ways that you can save a lot of money and headaches.

Shop Online

You have so many benefits with an online jeweler. The selection is better and so are the prices. It is much more convenient and you can find some high quality stones when you go to a well respected jeweler on the Web.

On Sale

Before you check out diamonds, look to see what it on sale. A good online jeweler often has special promotions. You might find some great buys this way. Also, be sure to sign up for email notifications. This will give you the first chance on the latest sales and promotions.

Shop within your price range

When you visit the right online jeweler it is simple and easy to shop within your budget. You can search for diamonds by price if you like. However, you also can search by cut, clarity, size, and color.

Why buy clarity enhanced loose diamonds?

When you choose clarity enhanced loose diamonds you get exactly what you want and need for much less. This can create the perfect engagement ring for someone special and you can have money left over for the honeymoon.