6 Reasons Why Celebrities Love Diamonds So Much

Celebrities are people just like anyone else, except some of them are larger than life and have millions of adoring fans. They appreciate the beauty in things like diamond engagement rings but of course, those of fame and fortune are far from average (and so are their tastes. Why do celebrities love diamonds? Here are 6 reasons why.


The Perfect Pink1. Beauty – A diamond is one of the most beautiful things that one can experience. When you look into the face of a finely cut stone it is like gazing into another universe. The effects can be absolutely hypnotic. No wonder so many people choose to have items like loose diamonds or diamond jewelry around them. Since famous people can afford to splurge more often than others, they often choose these elegant items.


2. Expression – Fabulous rocks are an expression of wealth and power. It does little good to have a lot of money if you cannot show it off. That is why you see so many women show up on the red carpet with stones almost as big as their hands, or rock bracelets so laden with rocks, a woman can hardly move her arm.


3. Bragging Rights – A lot of people would just love to brag but they feel it might not be polite or it would be “un-cool”. Extraordinary stones make a statement, and someone that has wealth and notoriety can make that statement as subtle or as obvious as they want to. Often times, they choose to invest in diamonds engagement rings that are not only large but spectacular and attention gathering.


4. Appreciation – Many celebrities crave the limelight because they are insecure deep down inside. In fact, they may only feel good when they are in front of thousands of people. A beautiful diamond ring can be appreciated in private as well in public. One can sit and take a look at how far one has come in life, and all of the great achievements one has accomplished. This can all be seen in the luminescence of a sparkling diamond.


5. Investing – Diamonds are a great investment and since many celebrities have the money to invest, they choose expensive rings or go shopping for exquisite loose diamonds for sale. These lovely rocks are not very likely to lose their value over time. In fact, the value can increase a great deal just because a particular stone was owned by a famous person.


6. Distinctiveness – Celebrities love uniqueness, as they do not wish to be part of the crowd or “just average”. In fact, many of these people work very hard all their lives to leave a legacy that is unique to their personality and achievements. It is no wonder they choose to own the best diamonds they can afford.


There are many reasons why celebrities love diamonds. The next time you see a famous person with a fabulous engagement ring, remember, she is just like you, only her fiancé has the money to express

himself more extravagantly.