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The Bridal Collection Launched by Danhov Celebrating 30 Years of Fine Craftsmanship

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Danhov introduces the Trenta Collection celebrating 30 years of excellent bridal and fine jewelry craftsmanship. The Trenta collection is dedicated to the 30th anniversary and therefore called as Pearl collection as well. The Trenta collection is marked by some of the ingenious masterpieces of the Danhov House like the stunning ring encrusted with sparkling diamonds and shiny round pearls on a body of rose gold. This awesome combination is ideal for a wedding day. However, the Trenta made of rose gold will be available only as a set and is a limited collection. However, other striking combinations for pearl and gold will be accessible by piece.


Diamond Prices Varying with Shapes in Different Markets

The demand for top quality round cut larger diamonds has reduced and the prices of polished diamonds have also come down. All the top notch diamond exporters including Belgium’s May, GIA are facing this cut down on price according to the RAPI. However, the market for fancy diamonds is growing steadily. Diamond craftsmen are shifting towards cutting fancy shapes due to the higher prices. Shapes like ovals, pears are being received in a better way than princess cut and emerald cut diamonds. Having said that, we can still find the squares are in demand for the under carat sizes. In fact, the demand for 30-point Princess cut has increased.

In the meanwhile, the diamond market in Far East has become receptive to fancy shaped diamonds. Buyers are paying high price for excellent dazzling diamonds. However, the price range for fancy diamonds varies a lot depending on cut wherein poorly cut diamonds are sold with discounts on the price.




Vintage is the Word for the Would Be Brides

Vintage look complemented with vintage inspired jewelry including the engagement ring is the trend now and will continue to rule the bridal look for the next season. So, if you are planning to take the vow, you will be spoilt for choice. Along with the elegant vintage outfits you will have an opportunity to visit the past through the vintage jewelry.

The most elegant of all is the classic 50s look with a puffy satin skirt which will make you appear and feel like a fairytale queen combined with silver embellishments and a classic engagement ring adorning your finger to finish the look. You will be definitely reminded of your favorite classic film’s wedding scene. You can also have the old Hollywood glamour look with stunning necklines on a perfect wedding gown with magnificent Gumuchian engagement ring. If you wish a little more design, pick an intricately designed lacy gown with engagement ring to look your best.