2 Years Blogging about Diamonds

Tomorrow marks our 2 year blogging about Diamonds.  So i’ve been asked to review the archives and pick my favorite blog post from the hundreds we’ve written.

Well, I’ve been thinking hard, and though it was not the most in-depth post, the one that caught my eye and stayed firm in my mind was the post written on October 21st 2007 entitled Bejeweled Bra made of 630 grams Gold and 7.5 carats diamonds.

I have a few hours off work now, and then i’m spending the evening reading each and every post. By the morning I’ll have something more to share with you.

By the way, while I have the window open and finger tips are tip-tapping, I wanted to remind all my readers that at Diamonds USA you can design your own ring with their new CAD system.  It has a comprehensive library of styles and its been improved giving faster responses and greater satisfaction with the final image.